What is this icon? I saw it on the phone of a grandchild

I have no idea what this icon is and I have failed to search in Google Lens. Thank you.
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Are you addicted to your phone?

Honestly, I believe there are those who are really addicted to their phones. For example, the other day, I was driving my SUV when a young woman holding a baby under her arm with headphones in her ear suddenly crossed the street in front of me. In her other hand was her phone which she was staring at. I slammed on the brakes, she couldn't hear me because of the headphones and also didn't see me because she was looking at her phone. She continued to cross the street with the baby under her arm! She was not even aware of me and had no idea that she had missed out on being bit hit.

I see this in airports, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. There seems to be a segment of the population who seem desperately addicted to their phones. In fact, I personally know people who just can't do without them. What annoys me is when I see people talking on the phone or even texting while driving. In my many jurisdictions, this is now illegal.

I did my best not to exaggerate my need to use my phone. Sometimes I even stopped the thing for an hour or two just to have some peace. And you, any addiction there?

How to change the aspect ratio of the phone?

I have a phone that has a 16: 9 display. Can I turn it into 21: 9? I have LG V20. It would be an interesting thing.

What is a good YouTube to MP3 converter for a phone?

What is a good YouTube to MP3 converter for a phone?

Mobile phone number lists – An easy way to get detailed information on any phone

Is it safe to say that you feel suspicious that your accomplice of worship could undermine you? Is your accomplice showing signs of infidelity? Is it true that you become irritating list of telephone numbers regular or night calls and when you answer, do they hang up the phone? Thanks to the Web, you can now put an end to your doubts by recommending the publication of mobile phone numbers.

In the event that your doubts are overly solid and your accomplice denies doing anything wrong, you can try to access their phone and search for all numbers that are dialed multiple times or that accept calls. Don't just remember them. Save them and then do a versatile web number search.

Perhaps your need to hunt down the phone number is not as radical as an unfaithful accomplice. Perhaps you just need to refresh your mailing list as you are planning a wedding or special occasion and you need to make sure that everyone receives their requests.

Despite your objectives, you can discover a ton of data on the Web and, in particular, feel comforted that this information is extremely precise and avant-garde.

Among the data you will get are name and address, the type of phone they use and the carrier with which they are contracted. Work status and other foundation data.

All of what you can do at home or in the office and all you need is a PC and access to the web. From this point on, things are going very well and you will just need to include the phone number you have on the site and you will be able to access the PDA number displays for all intents and purposes in a fraction of a second.

Lighting – Can I get clear details and dark background photos using a phone camera and a basic edition?

Can I get clear details and dark background photos using a phone camera and basic edition?

Answer the question literally, no. The key element of this type of photography is not peculiar to a camera technology (be it a camera phone or a professional medium format camera), nor to a particular type of post treatment.

The key feature of this type of photography is lighting. More specifically, this is an example of discreet lighting. The term is somewhat counterintuitive, as it refers to the high ratio from lighting the brightest elements of the scene to the darkest elements (usually the background) of the scene.

So can you get that look with your phone's camera and post processing? Sure, but only if you control the lighting from the subject, some distance from the background. With a sufficiently strong key light, the background doesn't even have to be black – the key light will dominate any light hitting the background. However, to make your job easier, and probably cheaper, it allows you to control as many elements of the stage lighting as possible: strong key light, dark background, gobos to block incident and reflected light .

put a function in the cloud and run from anywhere cell phone or tablet or laptop

Above all, I would like to have a small chain produced after entering a few whole …

anyway the functions are:

pw(j_Integer, nd_Integer, sl_Integer, oeo_Integer) := 
 Style(StringJoin(" ", 
   Map(ctec((# + 1)) &, 
    First(RealDigits(N(1/Prime(j*sl + oeo), (j*sl + oeo)*10*5), 
      Length(ctec), nd, -sl*oeo))), " "), FontSize -> 25, 
  FontColor -> Red, Bold, Background -> Yellow)

where ctec is a list of all key characters in Latin-kb

4 Go-To apps for review and exam preparation

After so many weeks writing essays, reports, end-of-term articles and other academic work, it's high time to start revising the exams. This period of student life is really difficult, especially for those who weren't serious enough with classroom activities. Students who have not taken notes during class have a hard time preparing for exams. As a rule, their memory is not clear enough to keep in mind all the details that their teacher said. Learners have a lot of trouble before their exams. They have to spend long hours in libraries reading a lot of sources and doing extensive research. Don't you want to be one of those students with their hands full? Get the most popular academic help apps that will make revision more effective and less stressful. Download them to your mobile phone and revise them for university exams like a pro.
Study Blue
If you are a fan of memory cards, consider a Study Blue study app. It is a free application, so you can download it to your device and get quick help from the outsourced material library. This app can be used to create and share memory cards, to add sound and images to your study material, to check subject knowledge by taking tests and continuing to progress. After downloading this app you will have access to an impressive library of study materials and helpful guides created by the students.

SpeedyPaper Advisor
Another useful application for all students is SpeedyPaper Adviser. This writing app will help you increase your grades and prepare you for exams more effectively. By having SpeedyPaper Adviser on your phone, you will have unlimited access to the huge database of college and university documents. You will be able to consult examples of various academic works. Find the essays, reports, research articles, coursework needed and increase your grades. Students will know how to create, structure and quote assignments. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, so if you're having trouble finding the required paper, you can contact managers and ask any questions. Many positive comments about this app prove that it is really great and worth a try. To find out all the features, download an application on your mobile phone or visit their website.

This app was created to help students have a smooth review. Undergraduate students can use Gojimo both online and on mobile devices. An app contains useful content for learners and some quizzes. You can select an exam for which you want to revise, and it goes with a list of questions that may be asked. If you haven't found a required subject, you can contact support via instant messaging.

This is another useful application for students who are going to prepare for exams. It's free, easy to use, and a good choice for self-study. Having Quizlet on your device, you can learn using memory cards, share them with your peers, learn foreign languages ​​and get more information on coding, math, science, history and other academic subjects. Many students benefit from Quizlet and leave positive feedback on this study app.


Office mode in WordPress also in a mobile phone having a role of editor in the site

I have an editor role in a wordpress site, can I force the desktop mode on a mobile phone?

My Android phone has been hacked, what should I do?

they can read my screen, listen to my microphone and even control my notification. my phone rooted and not rooted. It happens when I just moved into a new rental place, it was a bad neighborhood.