wifi – Can someone create a fake phone number and impersonate my IP address?

I’ll try to keep this short. I am involved in a defamation civil lawsuit. I did not author the posts, but the plaintiff believes I did and seems to be doing everything in their power to make it seem like I did.

Every time there is an event in the case in my favor, I get some sort of notification – reset request for a social media account, a verification code for various dating apps, etc. I only began receiving these when the case began. Perhaps trying to dig up dirt on me, but unable to.

Yesterday was a case event and this time, a masked phone number texted them in the middle of the night threatening to post embarrassing photos/videos of him/her being cheated on by their spouse. Again, NOT me or anyone I know. Something is very suspicious about this and I’m afraid of being set-up on their end. They do know my address and IP address. They do not know the new WIFI password. Maybe this is someone legitimate, but the timing is highly suspicious which makes me think there is foul play on their end.

So my question is, could they set me up? I mean, could they have set-up a fake number and made it look like it came from my Wifi? Or really me in any way? I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired a hacker (they are these types of people). If someone on my network accidently clicked a suspicious link, could they get in? Is there a way for me to tell? I want to be ready for the worst when the subpoena comes back.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Can phone be set to only make sound for calls (not even text messages)? Can it only make sound for certain numbers?

I work on call and need to have my ringer on for phone calls. But I would like everything else silent for when I sleep. How can I set it so not even text messages make a sound? I’m using Lineage OS 16. It would be even better if only certain numbers can make the phone ring. Is there an app or setting that can do this?

What does the phone plus sign mean next to a contact name on WhatsApp?

a contact showing the symbol of phone and a plus sign

Usually, there is a video and a phone symbol.So what does this phone and a plus symbol mean next to a contact’s name, after selecting the contact?

cache – How to make an Android app “forget” that it installed on my phone before?

Some apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder, etc. seem to have a mechanism to remember which Android phone installed their app. So if a user is banned on these apps, the next time somebody creates an account on the same Android phone, that account is flagged or even banned automatically.

What is the way to make sure the app forgets that my Android phone was used previously with a banned account? I tried to clear cache and delete app data, then uninstall the re-install the app but it still remembers! I tried it on different IP addresses but the same issue is there.

Does the app have access to the IMEI of the phone!??

I am on Android v10.

Some one installed spying app on my android phone ( android rooted), How to get rid off it? This can be a breach to my Business

My android phone is installed with spyware (spying app) android rooted. This can be a breach for my business leaking out passwords. How to clean wipe android OS and freshly install Android OS again cleanly.

How can I add fonts to my Android phone to view characters that are appearing as X boxes?

I am frustrated with the apparent inability to figure out which charset or language I need to install to view characters that appear as “X”s on my Samsung GS6 phone.

For example: On Twitter, when I use the app on my phone, someone’s name appears entirely in Xs. I assumed it was a multichar language like Korean or Japanese (both of which I have installed) but it turns out it’s just bold face Roman. (Which I see when I pull up the user via Twitter’s web interface on my computer.)

Other times, I am sure it’s an emoticon or such that someone sends that doesn’t show properly.

How can I know which languages or icon sets to install so I can view these?

(Note, my computer, a Lubuntu machine, usually displays things fine. So this is a phone question.)

Thank you so much for helping with this. Driving me nuts.

gmail – Certain (mainly Google) apps crashing on phone after Google app disabled and re-enabled

The Google app was taking up half a gigabyte of storage even though I never use it, so I cleared its data and disabled it. After I did this, Gmail and Outlook crashed, so I re-enabled the main Google app. Gmail and Outlook were still failing, however.

Since the main Google app was now an earlier version, I thought maybe I should update it. Although I can open the main Google app, it crashes as soon as I switch to the “Update” tab, so that’s not an option. I also tried clearing my Gmail and Outlook data to see if that would help, as well as disabling and re-enabling Gmail, but neither had any effect.

I’ve also cleared all data from Google Play Services and restarted my phone to no avail. If I try to visit Google settings from the Settings app, then the Settings app freezes. What can I do to make these apps operable again? Note that not all Google apps are afflicted. For example, I can still use Drive, YouTube, and the Play Store.

For a little more detail, the Gmail is receiving data. I can see new messages for the half-second that the app is open before it crashes. If I try to send a crash report, the crash-report-sending services crashes too.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 8.0.0.

Android Studio FlyingPengueenView.java doesn’t work on phone


You can find the project on github

wi fi – Android phone: suddenly unable to connect to wifi

I’m having trouble connecting to a wifi network on my android phone.

I was connecting just fine for the last few months, but today it just stopped connecting.

It’s not airplane more, and I haven’t run any updates.

I tried “forgetting the network” and reconnecting again, but it keeps saying “Couldn’t connect to network”.

Have I been blocked? Is there anything I can do?