Can someone use your bluetooth for music without knowing thier phone numer on a smart phone [closed]

Can someone use your bluetooth for music without knowing thier phone number on a smart phone

If someone hacks your phone, can they use your internet and subsequently your IP?

As the title says……………

automation – Mute Phone Mic when Headphones are Plugged In?

I saw a question similar to mine but it was 7 years old so I’m hoping there may be an update to the answer

I would like for my Note 9 running Android version 10 to mute the mic on the phone when I have my headphones plugged in. It seems like it takes sound from both areas and I have my phone setting right next to my keyboard. When I am typing while talking, the sound of the keyboard clicks are extremely loud to the listener. I cannot move my phone as the conversations are typically video calls and I am using a wired headphone connection. Additionally, when I talk while in a somewhat noisy area, the phone mic seems to be more sensitive to the background noise and quiets my voice via the headphone.

applications – Does Roblox have viruses and does it ruin my phone if I download it on Aptiode? Please answer anyone

Does Roblox contain viruses and do you reccomend using Aptiode for apks? I’m not really sure because apparently my old gmail account has vanished and when I do my password to sign back into Google Play Store, it doesn’t let me in so I have to make a new gmail account to download games/apps again. And when I try and download Roblox, it says sign back in or whatever into my old account but i have tried to sign back in with every password ever but it says ‘account not found’ although my old account is still visible in my gmail app. Have I been hacked or what? Someone please help.

samsung – Trouble connecting phone over usb-c

I just got a new samsung phone. It came with usb-c to usb-c cable and no adapters. I tried connecting it to my laptop, which thankfully has an usb-c port. The phone connects at first, starts charging. Then, whether I choose the option to “send files” or “send pictures”, the phone disconnects after a few seconds or so.

It’s really troubling.

My specs (just some of them, I will list more I missed anything important)
Laptop is a 2017 gaming Asus. It has Windows 10 and usb-c port.
Phone is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Some facts:

  • The phone is brand new, from a store, all sealed up.
  • It charges perfectly fine using the cable and a charger.
  • Connection over usb-c does NOT work – it keeps disconnecting, usually after a few seconds.
  • However, I can easily connect a pendrive using an adapter I had before. (I can send data both ways)
  • Using an old usb-c to usb-b cable to connect to my laptop through a different port ALSO works.
  • I get no messages or anything when it disconnects.

What could that mean? Is the usb-c port on my laptop possibly busted, or is there some driver / permission / program I need to use it?

how to convert android 10 phone to a software access point

I have an android 10 device which I would like to use use as software access point. I have broadband connection landline in my home. There are some corners where signals dont reach. So I want to use my spare android phone to convert it to a software access point. If this is some how possible then please let me know. I want my phone to be connected to the exisiting wifi network at a location in which signal is comming and at the same time want to convert the phone to work as an AP.
The phone is already connected to Wifi network in my ADSL router.

whatsapp – What can someone do with my phone number?

I wrote few messages with girl on (something like tinder and badoo). Girl is from Nigeria. She gave me her whatsapp’s number (based in Nigeria). I downloaded whatsapp and wrote 1 message. Now I think it was silly and very, very irresponsible!

What can be done with my number? Can someone use it for something?

hardware – How to disable “phone functionality” in Samsung S4

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505), Android 5.0.1, Kernel 3.4.0-5978264, which I wish to use as a PDA without phone/cell functionality. The unit is not “rooted”.

The problems it is causing is general irregular behaviour, unforeseen reboots, reboot loops/hangs.

The “phone/cell” part of this unit is causing problems, and I have removed the SIM card, I have preformed a “delete cache” and “wipe data/factory reset” on the device.

This allows me to boot the device, go to airplane mode, and and by enabling this disable all networks. At this point, I am able to only enable WiFi networking, and the device is stable to use.

However, I would like to disable all Phone/Cell related software so I don’t have to enable airplane mode, and further stabilize the unit. Only WiFi is the only external network protocol which I like to use. (not GSM, not 3G/4G, not bluetooth)

So my question is: how do I disable all Phone/Cell functionality ?

Zoom meeting phone camera issues

I am trying to give lectures using Android phones back camera. The camera quality on zoom is low. Is there any advanced camera settings on zoom such as locking focus,exposure? tia

cellphones – Do I need to register my phone in Turkey if I’m using a UK SIM card?

In Turkey, people are required to register their mobile devices they brought from abroad. If a new device is not registered within 120 days, its IMEI number is blocked (official source in Turkish).

I’m a Turkish citizen living in the UK and occasionally travelling to Turkey. The official source assumes that short-stay visitors never come back after 120 days.

Do I need to register my phone even if I’m using a UK SIM card?