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6.0 Marshmallow – What reasons would the network radio of an Android phone disactivate sporadically?

I have an Android phone that is experiencing a problem that I suspect to be hardware related. At random, the service will no longer work on the phone and the only solution I have found to temporarily solve the problem is to dial the number. *#*#4636#*#* and turn on the radio manually. This will restore functionality, but only temporarily. It seems to be undetermined when it stops working again.

I can not think of a good methodology to pin down the problem, so any idea would be helpful

Basics on photography – How to click the night on the photos of a cell phone?

I find it difficult to click on a photo of a hill station at its altitude at night because its lights are not well captured and become blurry if you zoom in. So, how to click on mobile?

I want a picture similar to the one I see through my eyes.

Thank you in advance.

samsung – Find a secure phone (Android) 2019

I just changed my phone and want to turn my old phone (Samsung A7) into a secure phone. I notice posts. However, I am not sure that the same thing applies in 2019.

I already have a VPN (kill-switch) turned on permanently. Tor could be the solution, but I'm sure there are more compromises on other aspects. Maybe a Tail-Android would work. Theoretically, disabling the cellular signal avoids triangulation from the signal tower. I do not think it's as easy / established as a laptop operating system.

Enjoy all directed sites / tutorials.

spoofing – My personal phone sent an SMS that I did not send

In an SMS conversation, my friend received a text message in our SMS message thread that was clearly not sent by me and that did not appear in my SMS message thread. They took a screenshot and it is in Chinese characters.

Could this be just an SMS spoofing, or could it be worse as a sim card swap attack?

Solve the problem of downloading Kindle on the Kindle Support phone number – advertising, offers

The Amazon Kindle Reader offers many new and exciting features that no other electronic device could compete with, let alone a classic paperback. For an avid reader who loves to read on the fly, the Kindle e-book reader is perfect for such purposes. If you have a problem with your Kindle device, just pick up your phone and dial the number. Kindle Support Phone Number 1-866-947-8499. This is a toll free number for US customers. The user can call this number at any time.


iphone – How to make Siri audible to another person on the phone?

When Siri reads something, I hear it well.

But someone on the other end of the line never hears it. This is a good defect.

But how to make sure that a caller hears what Siri reads for me (not always, but only when I want it)?

Material: iPhone 6

iOS: 12.4.1

USB on the move – Unable to switch from USB control to phone control .. Samsung A9

I'm trying to transfer photos from my samsung A9 to the sandisk dual storage drive. And it goes into charging mode. How can I change role on phone and adjust the settings on MTP. When trying to change roles, it is impossible to change roles. And that happened suddenly, until now, many times, I copied the photos to the USB stick of my phone. But suddenly, this error appears. Pls help with samsung A9 specific settings.thank.

InnoHosting – High Quality Web Hosting – 24 Hour, 7 Day, 7 Day Phone Support – $ 7 –

InnoHosting – High Quality Web Hosting – 24/7 Phone Support with Phone Support – 4.25 USD

Hello WebHostingTalk members!

InnoHosting would like to introduce its range of cpanel web hosting packages for those looking for a safe, secure and reliable web hosting service.

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With so many web hosting companies in the world, horror stories ranging from data loss to rude or even non-existent customer service, it's not uncommon for you to constantly skip d & # 39; 39, one host to the other. With so many choices and variety, you do not know who you are going to be with who will keep their promises.

This is where InnoHosting comes in. InnoHosting is known and has been running for over 6 years. Provide consistent, above-average service and multi-year customer testimonials to prove this statement.

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Does your host ignore you? Do you find it difficult to contact your host? Do you think that any business rests on the shoulders of a person sitting in his room? Then it's time to move on to InnoHosting. We have a full team of engineers available to assist by helpdesk, live chat and phone (toll-free) 24×7. We do not limit our telephone assistance to emergencies either, we also invite you to call for the most basic questions.

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InnoHosting does not invest in clever software that claims to improve performance (after all, software can only work as well as its hardware). We do not borrow the easy and inexpensive way. Instead, InnoHosting invests in high-end hardware that delivers significant performance improvement over any software solution. Multiple 15,000 rpm SAS drives, IBM eServers, 8 GB of RAM, hardware-based RAID, to name a few. Not only is the hardware high-end, but all servers are lightly loaded, ensuring fast and seamless loading of all websites.

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Web Space: 1,000 MB
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Web Space: 5,000 MB
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All packages include
99.9% uptime guarantee
16-day money back guarantee
IMAP / POP3 email
MySQL DB & # 39; s
Cron Jobs
Custom error pages
Directories protected by password
Automatic answering machines and mailers
PHP support
FTP accounts
CPanel Control Panel
Fantastico Deluxe
Professional Website Builder

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audio – Can not set phone ring

I want the best help from you. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone a few days ago when I upgraded to the Android 6.0 version and I lost all the ringtones. When someone called my phone turned off, I looked in the ringtones section and it was strange that it disappeared.
I tried everything I knew to recover and it was impossible. If you can recover a lost ringtone, help me, or refer to a reliable supplier.