to change the speed of the photo screensaver?

Is there a way to change the speed of photo transitions in the Apple photo screen saver? Right now they're changing too fast.

I would also like to show the exif information.

Otherwise, I'd like to get a third-party screen saver that does this. Does it exist?

post-processing – How to make the foreground of a photo brighter while making the background darker?

I suggest you start by trying to get your main light source as close as possible to the book so that the light fall reduces the person's illumination (due to the inverse square law).

You may need a second light, placed behind the person, to provide some separation from the background.

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google drive – A better photo / backup management strategy?

(I'm not sure this is the right battery exchange site to ask this question, if I'm wrong, tell me.)

My current backup strategy for all important files (documents, photos, videos, music, scripts, workspace) on my computer is to have a copy in my Google Drive. Since I'm on ArchLinux and Google doesn't provide a Linux client to sync Drive, I use OverGrive to sync my files (I tried InSync but it crashes while syncing files, I need to restart every few files). I am satisfied with this backup strategy because even if my house burns down, I will still have my children's photos on Google Drive.

The problem is with photos on Google Photos. The photos on my computer are older, all of the last few years are on Google Photos only. I would also like to have a backup for them (Google can also crash). I could download them all from time to time on my computer, but then they would be synced to my Google Drive and take up double space in my Google OneDrive storage.

I'm looking for advice on a better backup strategy for my photos. These are the requirements I am trying to fulfill:

  • It would be nice to have all my photos in one place. Currently, some are on my computer (and saved to disk), some are on Google Photos and some are in two places (even 3 places with the backup on Google Drive).
  • On my computer, they are in a folder structure, on Google Photos, there does not seem to be a folder structure. When I join the two storages, it would be nice if a tool could recognize two images as being identical, even if they were not in the same structure.
  • I would prefer to have the same backup strategy for my photos as for the rest of my files (easier to control).
  • I should have 2 copies (no more) of all my important files: one on my computer and one in the cloud.
  • When I take a photo with my Android phone, it is automatically synced with Google Photos and I like the functionality of Google Photos, so I would like to keep them.

Do you have any advice on how to better manage this?

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i can't find or mix a background for this photo

i use blender for rendering and Photoshop for editing but I can't really find a background for this rendering and I don't know how to mix a background with the subject in Photoshop
all i need is help finding and mixing a background for this rendering
if you can put the bottom for me it would be nice too

astrophotography – Stacking more images will produce more detail in this galaxy photo?

In my limited experience (back when Astrostack was the hot element, and using video captured in 640×480 with a webcam – call it 1998), stacking more images would decrease the noise appearance by averaging it, but would not increase detail beyond double the actual pixel resolution of the image (you only get that because the image image moves a little on the pixel field and the stacking software performs a sub-pixel alignment).

What you need in the image above to see more details in the galaxy is probably a higher magnification. If you can add a teleconverter to this lens without degrading the image quality, you may see some improvement, but if not, just invest in a telescope and a polar tracking mount, or to get a longer goal. for your current configuration. A high quality lens over 300mm will likely cost as much or more than a small refractor, so it's probably a jet-up – ideally, you would have the option to test the telescope before buy, because some will get the resolution you need, and some won't.

Photo caption in SharePoint 365

I am working on migrating my company's "classic" SharePoint to a new modernized SharePoint intranet. We have a photo gallery in OG SharePoint

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