I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more for $10

I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more

I can do photo editing. I have a one year experience. I can do remove background and retouching face Image. Teeth whitening, remove pimples of Image and I can create a logos. Poster making, banner making. 


ios – Can I use iCloud Photos on an iPhone without every new photo being uploaded to the cloud?

I will be switching to an iPhone soon. At the moment, my best photos reside in a nice folder structure in iCloud Photos. When getting the iPhone, i still want to be able to view those images but not clutter my iCloud Photos library with every single trivial image I take on the phone camera.

Is it possible to keep the iPhone’s Photos app connected to my iCloud photo storage and not have every image I make with the iPhone’s camera end up in iCloud as well?

How do I change the iCloud Photo location in Win10

The iCloud settings allow me to change the location of my Shared Albums, but not the location of my iCloud Photos. How do I change it?

enter image description here

Where is this photo taken in Paris?

enter image description here

according to description, it’s in Bouvelard de S√©bastopol, but I reckon it’s inside.

Black and White to Colour Photo Conversion for $10

Black and White to Colour Photo Conversion

As beautiful as black and white photos can be, there can be no denying that they come to life when they are colourised. When you supply me with a black and white photograph, I will convert it to a colour image for you and you can see this for yourself.


Sharing photo without losing EXIF GPS coordinates

I have images in another phone which has EXIF data including coordinate. But when I share the images through e-mail, coordinates get vanished. So how to share images without losing exit coordinates

macro – Difference between photo mode vs video mode on iPhone

I take 2 images with the same position.

Photo mode:

Video mode with the flash is on:

Why the image that I get from the video frame is more narrow and not blur than photo mode?

And can I take the image like the Video mode with Photo mode? I tried and I cannot take the image like that in Photo mode, if I move the iPhone closer, it cannot focus on the subject.

I will Draw Vector art for your photo for $5

Dear sir madam,
Thanks for visit. I will Draw Vector art for your photo.

Basic Order > Vector Art ” only face” + High Quality + unlimited revisionHave a nice day

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sunlight – Can it damage eyes and camera when taking photo from Nikon Coolpix B500 during 90-95% solar eclipse?

This previous answer should answer most of your questions. Regarding your comment:

It’s just a display and not an optical viewfinder so it can’t damage your eyes. LCDs don’t get bright enough to cause damage.

Coolpix B500 is a mirrorless camera, so this sentence from the linked answer applies:

For mirrorless cameras, though, the sensor is almost always exposed just as it would be for a very long exposure and more care must be taken with regard to the sun.

The linked answer also mentions that it’s preferable to shoot wide-angle when photographing the sun to avoid overheating the sensor.

architecture – Photo Library Service: What should be right way of photo library using AWS S3 and Java

I want to make a service that is supposed to upload Photos in S3 and make them available using a link.

I have few design plans for my service.


Upload photo to my REST API which will update details like id, size, type, etc in a db table and upload file in S3 before updating in db. The db table will have s3 link to file. I am using a table for more requirements like attaching thumbnails which are processed and updated after the photo is uploaded, asynchronously.

Get Photo API will provide s3 bucket file link in response.

Plan 2:

Upload photo directly to S3 bucket and then make a rest API call to update db with photo details.

Get Photo API will provide s3 bucket file link in response.

What should be a suitable approach? Suggestion are welcome even if it doesn’t belong to either of the above two but totally new idea.