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Macro Extension Tube Sizes – Photo Stack Exchange

I am looking for extension tubes for macro photography and I do not quite understand how the length of the extension tube works, combined with the actual lens (for example, the standard 18mm-55mm ).

I may not be able to explain it perfectly (because I'm confused about it), but hold on to me …

So basically, if you have the normal lens set to 18mm and add a 21mm extension tube. What effect does it have?

I realize that there is a point where the camera will not be able to focus if you match an x ​​length extension tube with the standard lens of length x. Can any one summarize that?

I apologize if this sounds like a simple question and I've already read quite a lot about it, but I'm still puzzled about this part.

Any help appreciated.

ios – How to get the date when the photo is clicked on an Android phone and is transferred to iPhone via Xender?

I've clicked on some pictures of my Android phone a few months ago. Today, when I transferred these photos to my iPhone, the creation date is the same as today. Is there a way in the iPhone to get the actual creation date (the date on which the user clicks on a picture from an Android phone)?

Why Godox xpro + x1r-n ttl mode produces an overexposed photo

Hi, I do not know why sb900 + sb700 produce the underexposed. The result varies on iso.

F4 speed mode 1/125 ttl

Iso 100 -> ok

Iso200 -> a bit overexposed

Iso400-> moderate on

When I use Nikon TTL, there is no problem at all.

photo editing – How to take a photo of transparent objects and photograph it on a white background?

I do not see a white background attempt either.

Pure white is quite easy to obtain, have a white background (far enough) behind the subject and blow on it with a flash (which is itself behind the subject). The trick is to whiten without the edges of the subject being bloomed; so use the histogram to see when you are bleaching and do not go farther. Your bottom will be pure white from the box.

Lightroom or another PC support for Live Photo post-processing?

By importing "live photos" from an iPhone to a PC, we get an image (in JPG or HEIC format) and a MOV file, the latter consisting of a video of a duration maximum of a second and a half recorded either side of the keyframe.

When editing a live photo directly on an iOS device, it appears that the combination of data in these files allows us to "scroll through the time" and extract n & rsquo; Any image of the MOV as a full resolution image. This can be useful, for example, if someone blinks during a photo: we can simply move the live photo to one side of the blink and get a frame with the subject's eyes open.

As far as I know, the temporal scrolling of a live photo does not exist in Lightroom. Am I wrong? If so, are there powerful postprocessing PC software packages that support it?

Singapore visa application by mail, included with a single photo

I am an Indian citizen residing in the United States. I sent the Singapore visa application by mail to VFS, which processes visa applications for the consulate in San Francisco. I forgot to paste the photo on my form14a, but I included a photo in my package, as shown in the checklist at the address Singapore / USA / pdf / VFS-checklist.pdf.
Would my application be considered incomplete?

How to change the starting view of a panoramic photo on Facebook?

I just uploaded some panoramic photos (360) on Facebook. I would like to change everyone's view of departure. I did it in the past, but I'm not able to do it anymore.

When I see one of the photos and I click on Options at the bottom, I see the following:

enter the description of the image here

When I click the Edit button, I see the following:

enter the description of the image here

None of these allow me to change the starting view. I have tried both Firefox and Chrome. I've also tried the Facebook iOS app (by this link) and I could not do it either.

canon dpp – How to migrate DPP4 photo collections to another computer?

I have some collections of images created in Digital Photo Professional 4. I switch to a new computer and wish to migrate my photo library.

The question is where does the DPP4 store the information about the collections so that I can migrate them to DPP4 installed on the new computer.

Thanks in advance!