macos – Why do I get notifications about new memories photos from ten years ago?

From time to time, I receive a notification from Photos (on macOS) informing me of my new memory. But this is not recent events. I just received a new memory that includes photos that I took and imported into my Mac almost 10 years ago.

Why do I suddenly have these new memories for such old photos? Does Photos simply scan my memories when I have extra processing power and analyze them?

image quality – How to make fruit photos more interesting?

I very much like the photographer Joachim Froese so I decided to try to take some of his techniques and use them in a fruit shot. But what are some other ideas to make fruit photos more interesting? camera techniques I could play with?

Not sure that my tags are correct.

ios – iPhone: game app able to access Photos without permission

I have downloaded a game from the App Store on my iPhone. From what I understand, applications must request and be granted or denied permission to access iCloud, a photo gallery, and so on.

But in this game, there is an option to change the profile picture, and when I tap it, it accesses my photo gallery and I can change the profile picture from the pictures in my gallery.

In Settings, I do not see permission to access the photo gallery for this app.

What exactly is happening in the background? Does iPhone treat gaming applications differently than normal apps?

The application in question is a game called Word Domination.

Google Photos app Android question sync

I have installed the Google Photos app on Android 7.0. I have a simple question. I have a lot of files in my photo gallery. The gallery application I use is f-stop. I do not use the default Samsung application.
So, there is a folder that has about fifty large videos, I mean more than 100 MB.
I use the gallery application sharing icon to select all videos and share them using the system share dialog with the Google Photos app.
show that Google Photos is starting to download these videos and invariably, it will only download about 5 before the end of the application
So my question is the next time I'm doing the same thing, she should not download downloaded videos again. Is it possible to keep a tab indicating that some video is already downloaded and that this should not be done?
When I open the application, the interface is extremely confusing. By opening the application, I have no way of knowing that some video transferred to the Googe photo application belongs to a certain folder because even thumbnails created by Google photos and those locally on my device may differ.
I'm trying to understand this. What I want to do is understand how the Google Photo app knows that some video is already downloaded and that it should not be duplicated.
I know that there is a folder sync icon, but I do not want to sync all my folders automatically. I want to do it manually for a folder and in this folder only for some videos.

comparison – How do the photos of the same subject compare between the Nikon D700 and the D70?

In my opinion, the best tool for making such a comparison is Here is a link for the tool you need to invest a little time to find similar cameras.

If you want to see the specifications, use this other comparison page

The problem is that the D70 is too old for these tests. But you can probably dig to find the old comparison test page.

In your particular case, you need to take into account whether you really need or want to opt for a larger sensor, as no DX lens will be usable on an FX format.

If you only have one DX lens, there is not much to lose.

But I would not go for an oldie full frame camera, in my opinion a new DX camera will have better features. You probably do not think you want or need video, better battery performance or more megapixels.

I like Nikon, my first camera was an FM2. But since you seem not to have already bought Nikon hardware (lenses), you can consider other brands to meet your specific needs. Canon, Sony, Fuji?

By reading the comments you posted, the real problem is probably low light. Do not forget that you can opt for a faster, noise reduction software. But in all cases, a newer sensor will work better in low light than an old sensor.

In some other cases, having a 24MP image with good enough noise will be much smoother if you resample to your mentioned 6Mpx. In this way, with a 24 Mpx sensor, you can push your maximum ISO that you are normally willing to accept.

image quality – Best photo storage without compression of photos or videos on the server

Personally, I use Amazon Prime. This package comes with Amazon Photos, which offers unlimited storage of images. And by images, Amazon includes not only JPEG, PNG, TIFF, but also PSD, CR2, ARW and many other RAW formats. And in the same package, you have 5 GB of storage for other files (I use it to store XMP files :))

In addition, I store a second copy of my photos on a local NAS storage with the RAID5 configuration.

backup – Can you simultaneously back up a photo on iCloud Photos and Google Photos on iPhone when you take it?

It would be easy to test that. Simply set up backup for both services, then connect to a computer and see if your large images are in both locations.

The Google Photos app does not start downloading new images until you open it. If you are concerned about the timing, be sure to open the application before taking the pictures, which should allow you to get the fastest answer.

Note that Google Photos will not necessarily download your original. Anything above 16MP is resized to 16MP. (See I do not know if they have a paid subscription that removes this restriction. I believe that they also apply JPEG compression. Test it to see if you are satisfied with the results before considering it a real backup.

copyright – Can I use professional / store photos on my personal blog

My personal blog is talking about family events in my community. Can I use images on a company's website for my blog?
For example, if I write an article about my city's museums, I go to the museums website and retrieve photos?
I do not take advantage of these images directly. I just want to create a sense of consciousness in my community.

Thanks in advance!

mac application to download instagram photos

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history of operating system names mac
Mozilla Firefox for iOS 8 Download
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mac application to download instagram photos

problems downloading photos

I click on "Upload a photo" and this message always appears "Grant external permission to SD to continue".
If I click on "Take a picture", this message always appears "Grant the camera permission to continue".