php – Site infected by link

my store (woocommerce) is blocked by anti-virus. I found that the following link is added to the footer without my knowledge:


However, I do not find it in the code. No plugin like Anti-Malware or MalCare wants to detect it. How can I handle this? I have access to FTP but not to the database.

Update PHP WordPress Error | Talk Web Hosting

Updated PHP WordPress Error

I've read a compatibility script / addon to identify potential errors that need special attention when upgrading an old WordPress installation. We met one that I could not understand or correct. I was hoping for a clue.
It's the error:

FIND 1 ERROR ON 1 LINE ——————————————– ——– —————————————— ——– —————
4303 | ERROR | "$ this" can no longer be used in a simple function or method since PHP 7.1.

I've marked the line 4303 below and I've included the block of code that surrounds it.

Any tip / help would be appreciated because I went on the web and on and it is not clear how this can be solved.

PHP code:

$message sprintf__'New user registration on your site %s:' ), $blogname ) . "rnrn";                
$message .= sprintf__'Username: %s' ), $user->user_login ) . "rnrn";
$message .= sprintf__'Email: %s' ), $user->user_email ) . "rn";


$result = @wp_mailget_option'admin_email' ), sprintf__'(%s) New User Registration' ), $blogname ), $message );
gf_user_registration()->log_wp_mail$result'admin' );

                if ( 

'admin' === $notify "" ( empty( $plaintext_pass ) && empty( $notify ) ) ) {


$message sprintf__'Username: %s' ), $user->user_login ) . "rnrn";

                if ( empty( 

$plaintext_pass ) ) {
$message .= __'To set your password, visit the following address:' ) . "rnrn";
// this line
$message .= '<' $this->get_set_password_url$user ) . ">rnrn";
// end
} else {
$message .= sprintf__'Password: %s' ), $plaintext_pass ) . "rnrn";


$message .= wp_login_url() . "rn";


$result wp_mail$user->user_emailsprintf__'(%s) Your username and password info' ), $blogname ), $message );
gf_user_registration()->log_wp_mail$result'user' ); 

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Play a video with an HTML tag with PHP

I create a web application with php, and I want to select a video and read it. I have the following code and it shows me at the video interface but it does not play to me.

I use netbeans IDE 8.2 and xampp3.2.4 for execution. I get a story when I run Chrome, about the undefined THE_FILE variable, which is the name of the entry in which I'm loading the selected video. How could I remove this notice?

And the main problem is that the video is played by: echo

        Edición de video



0) { echo 'Problema:'; switch ($_FILES('the_file')('error')) { case 1: echo 'File excede upload_max_filesize'; break; case 2: echo 'File excede max_file_size'; break; case 3: echo 'File only partially uploaded'; break; case 4: echo 'No file uploaded'; break; case 6: echo 'No puede subir archivo: no temp directorio especificado'; break; case 7: echo 'upload failed: no write to disk'; break; case 8: echo 'A PHP extension blocked the file upload'; break; } exit; } if ($_FILES('the_file')('type') != 'video/mp4') { echo 'Problema: fichero no es MP4'; exit; } $uploaded_file = 'C:UsersjuanmiDesktopTFGProyectomedia-'.$_FILES('the_file')('name'); //$name = basename($_FILES('the_file')('name')); if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES('the_file')('tmp_name'))) { if (!move_uploaded_file($_FILES('the_file')('tmp_name'), $uploaded_file)) { echo 'Problem: no se ha podido copiar al directorio deseado'; exit; } else { echo 'Copiado al directorio deseado. Nombre archivo:'; echo $_FILES('the_file')('name'); } } echo '
'; echo '
'; echo 'File uploaded successfully'; echo '
'; //mostrar lo transferido echo '
'; echo ''; echo '
'; ?>

php – codeigniter version 3.1.1

Can not find the specified class: Session.php in Codeigniter

my model

The Users class extends CI_Controller {

public function verificar_login(){
    $this->db->where('nome', $this->input->post('text_name'));
    $this->db->where('senha', md5($this->input->post('text_senha')));
    $resultado = $this->db->get();

        return false;
        // Vai abrir a sessão com todos os dados do usuario
        $dados_usuario = $resultado->row();
        $this->session->set_userdata('id_user', $dados_usuario->id_user); 
        $this->session->set_userdata('nome', $dados_usuario->nome);
        return true;


php – Call to undefined relationship [sub_category] on model [AppSub_Category]

I'm trying to make a call for get To get all my "subcategories", I get the error:
Call of an indefinite relationship (subcategory) on the model (App Sub_Category).

I am in doubt since I do not know if the error is 100% of the database or the query.

Please if someone could help me, I would appreciate it


public function store(Request $request) {
    // Recoger los datos
    $json = $request->input('json', null);
    $params = json_decode($json);
    $params_array = json_decode($json, true);
    if (!empty($params_array)) {

        $jwtAuth = new JwtAuth();
        $token = $request->header('Authorization', null);
        $user = $jwtAuth->checkToken($token, true);

        // Validar los datos
        $validate = Validator::make($params_array, (
                    'name' => 'required'
        //Guardar los datos
        if ($validate->fails()) {
            $data = (
                'code' => 400,
                'status' => 'error',
                'message' => 'Envia el nombre'
        } else {
            $sub_category = new Sub_Category();
            $sub_category->name = $params_array('name');
            $sub_category->category_id = $params->category_id;

            $data = (
                'code' => 200,
                'status' => 'success',
                'sub_category' => $sub_category
    } else {
        $data = (
            'code' => 400,
            'status' => 'error',
            'mensage' => 'No has enviado ninguna sub_categoria'

    // Devolcer Sub_Categoria
    return response()->json($data, $data('code'));


class Sub_Category extends Model
    // Referencia a la base de datos
    protected $table = 'sub_categories';

    // Unos a muchos
    public function give_posts(){
        return $this->hasMany('AppPost');

    // Relación Muchos a uno
    public function category(){
        return $this->belongsTo('AppCategory', 'category_id');


The objective is to be able to obtain all the data to be able to modify them later, I leave here the 2 tables to be connected.

CREATE TABLE categories(
id                  int(255) auto_increment not null,
name                varchar(255)  NOT NULL,
created_at           datetime DEFAULT NULL,
updated_at           datetime DEFAULT NULL,

CREATE TABLE sub_categories(
id                  int(255) auto_increment not null,
name                varchar(50)  NOT NULL,
category_id         int(255) NOT NULL,
created_at           datetime DEFAULT NULL,
updated_at           datetime DEFAULT NULL,
CONSTRAINT  fk_post_category FOREIGN KEY(category_id) REFERENCES categories(id)

mysql – Send an email with password using PHP Mailer

I wish to send an email to the user who consults his password in case he would forget it only by entering it.

How could I check the password field corresponding to the email entered ???

PD: I do not have the PHP code yet, but I plan to send the data by e-mail in the mail.

Mysql recordings:

 |  id   |    usuario    |      correo      |   password   |

     1        lopez67     qwerty123
     2        xim477         12348

HTML code:

Correo Electrónico:
Ingresa tu email de registro al sistema y recibirás un correo electrónico con tu contraseña nueva.


 $mail->CharSet = 'UTF-8';
 $mail->SMTPDebug = 0;
 $mail->Host = '';
 $mail->Port = 587;
 $mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls';
 $mail->SMTPAuth = true;

 $mail->Username = "";
 $mail->Password = "Mypsw";
 $mail->setFrom('', 'My Page');
 $mail->Body = 'Tu Contraseña es: '.$contraseña."nn"

 if (!$mail->send()) {
echo "Error en Mensaje: " . $mail->ErrorInfo;
 } else {
echo "Mensaje Enviado";

javascript – Is there an equivalent of the PHP function sanitize_key in Gutenberg?

In the WordPress PHP library, there is a function sanitize_key used to generate database keys and HTML identifiers. I would like to generate a slug from a title that can be used as an HTML identifier, from a Gutenberg block. Is there an equivalent function (or close equivalent) in the Gutenberg library or should I create mine?

php – Magento 1.9 Banner click on redirect

When I add a new banner from the admin page, it displays a small button in the banner of the front view and, when the user clicks the button, he redirects them to a certain link.

I want to delete this button and instead of clicking the button to redirect I want it to be on the image.

Current code in the banner configuration:

getUrl()): ?>

Thank you

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