website – I am trying to connect to a phpmyadmin database on mac but I am getting an error message

So, I have the following php script (with the php reference tags which I had to omit as I think this conflicts with the editor on here):

mysqli_connect('localhost', 'login', '(Intentionally omitted the password');

if (mysqli_connect_error()) {
    echo "There was an error connecting to the database";

} else {
    echo "Database connection successful!";


And the error I am getting is the following:

Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ‘login’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/login_and_registration/page1.php on line 2
There was an error connecting to the database

Admittedly, I am not sure whether I am using the details for the database connection.

I have accessed phpmyadmin from xampp and I don’t believe there is a password per se and the connection according to phpymadmin is localhost but, in any case, regardless of what details I put into the php, the connection does not work.

Does anyone know why this might be or what I might need to do to resolve the issue?

Thank you in advance.

phpmyadmin – Why mysql server ignore cancel while deleting user

I created user called “Try” where global privileges I set it to all privileges

users table

and once I checked it and delete it
with “Drop the databases that have the same names as the users.” checkbox checked

check box shown

and go ahead click “go”
I get this pop up


and click on “OK” as soon as I clicked I get the second warning pop up which is the following

second warning

and then click on cancel but process was not canceled because the user was removed and i got the success message which is the following

success pop up

so I really wanna know that if there is any further configuration for that and if not why this happen or if it is unique problem for me only
thanks in advanced

mysql – Multiple queries in phpmyadmin – Distance using coordinates, Slope, Intercept, Angle, and few more

I having around 500 excel sheets in .csv format with data captured for my experiment having following columns in place.

enter image description here

Now I need to calculate the following parameters using this data. I have done these in excel, however doing this repeatedly for each excel so many times is difficult, so I want to write an SQL query in PhpmyAdmin will help some time.

  1. Last charecter typed – need to capture last charecter from the column ‘CharSq’
  2. *Slope (in column J) =(B3-B2)/(A3-A2)
  3. Intercept (in column K) =B2-(A2*(J3))
  4. Angle (in degrees) =MOD(DEGREES(ATAN2((A3-A2),(B3-B2))), 360) –
  5. Index of Difficulty =LOG(((E1/7.1)+1),2)
  6. Speed Value length (if speed value length >3, then mark as 1 or else 0) = =IF(LEN(D3) >= 3, “1”,”0″)
  7. Wrong Sequence (if I3=I2,then mark search time, else actual time) =IF(I3=I2,”Search Time”,”Actual Time”)
  8. Mark charecter into (1,2,3) = =IF(I2=”A”,1, IF(I2=”B”,2, IF(I2=”C”,3, 0)))
    enter image description here

I have started with this SQL query SELECT id, type, charSq, substr(charSq,-1,1) AS TypedChar, xCoordinate, yCoordinate, angle, distance, timestamp, speed FROM table 1 WHERE 1

Need help for the rest of the parameters. Thanks.

Note – I am going to run this in phpMyAdmin SQL

What settings to use to export mysql table rows that I’ll be importing to another table with data using phpmyadmin

If I’m using phpmyadmin to manage mysql database, what settings should I use to export only two rows of data that I’ll be importing to another table with the same name that contains many other rows?

I used the quick option, but I’m getting an error that table already exists and nothing gets imported.

If I use the default custom option with the default settings, I get the same error message.

So, what’s the best settings to use to export settings that I’m going to import to another table?

php – Wamp não encontra a base de dados do phpMyAdmin “unknown database”

Criei um banco no phpMyAdmin e quando tento acessar a conexão do banco “localhost/web/conectarBD.php” é retornado o seguinte erro:
Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/1049): Unknown database ‘bd_empresa’ in C:wamp64wwwwebconectarBD.php on line 8

Pontos a destacar:
– Sou iniciante na área;
– O banco já está criado no phpMyadmin;
– Estou usando o Wamp e já tentei desinstalar e instalar ele;
– Já tentei criar outra base de dados e nomear diferente e o Wamp não encontra o bd;
– O que deveria acontecer é a página simplesmente ficar em branco e não apresentar erros.
– Estou me baseando no seguinte vídeo(12m, mas dá pra acelerar):

Segue o código do conectarBD.php:

mysql – Unable to export query result from PHPMyAdmin

I want to export query result in to CSV file from PHPMyAdmin

How to do that?

See the below picture. Normally I can see the option to check all, edit and delete rows.

enter image description here

But when I run this query

     , n.gazette_notice_id
     , n.notice_code
     , n.publication_date
     , n.company_number
     , c.company_name
     , c.registered_address_line_1
     , c.registered_address_line_2
     , c.registered_address_town
     , c.registered_address_county
     , c.registered_address_country
     , c.registered_address_postcode
     , c.sic_1
     , s.description sic_code_description
     , s.division sic_code_division
     , s.section sic_code_section
     , ni.insolvency_practitioner_id     
     , practionar_name
     , practitioner_company
     , i.address practitionar_address
  FROM notices n
  JOIN companies c
    ON c.company_number = n.company_number
  JOIN sic_codes s
    ON s.code = c.sic_1 
  JOIN notice_insolvency_practitioners ni
    ON ni.notice_id = 
  JOIN insolvency_practitioners i
    ON = ni.insolvency_practitioner_id 
 WHERE n.publication_date > '2020-03-01' 
   AND n.publication_date < '2020-03-31'
   AND n.notice_code = 2410

The option just disappears and I get this message warning

Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available.

enter image description here

And if you click on export without selecting the rows then it will export the table. But I don’t want to export one single table. I have created query to select data from 5 tables.

Please guide me how to export query result into excel /csv file.

mysql – How to export the result of a query to a csv file from phpmyadmin

I am running a query in PHPMyAdmin. The request is correct. it shows the right result.

I want to export this result to a CSV file. It is not on the local server. It's on the web server

This is my request

SELECT, notices.gazette_notice_id, notices.notice_code, notices.company_number, notices.publication_date, companies.company_name, companies.registered_address_town, companies.registered_address_postcode, companies.sic_1, sic_codes.description, sic_codes.division, sic_codes.section, as practionar_name, as practitioner_company, insolvency_practitioners.address as prac_address,  FROM notices
LEFT JOIN companies ON notices.company_number = companies.company_number 
LEFT JOIN sic_codes ON companies.sic_1 = sic_codes.code
LEFT JOIN notice_insolvency_practitioners ON = notice_insolvency_practitioners.notice_id 
LEFT JOIN insolvency_practitioners ON notice_insolvency_practitioners.insolvency_practitioner_id =
Where notices.publication_date >'2020-05-01' and notices.publication_date < '2020-05-31'

In the phpmyadmin window at the bottom of the results pane, I can see an export link. but if i click on export it only allows me to export the notice table and not the result.

enter description of image here

I don't want to create a frontend window for this. I just want to export the result to a CSV file of PHPMyAdmin

I checked the questions here

and here

But I am confused to understand the answers. Cause I'm running this request on a remote web server and want to download the file to the local machine. And I don't want to create a new table for that.

How to export the result as a csv file?

Phpmyadmin secure with .htaccess passwords does not work

I configured htaccess in / usr / share / phpMyAdmin and got htpasswd in the catalog with persmissions for apache (read). When I go to my own alias address (https redirect), I am asked about the login and password and I see my text there ("login admin"). My htpasswd user pass should work here. I use it and I have the following window which asks me to pass and to connect but now there is no "administrator password" but (if I remember correctly) "base of localhost "or smth data like this starting with localhost. That my administrator pass is not working and after canceling, I am redirected to the phpmyadmin page with a bad credential error.
What's wrong? How can I track all logging attempts?

Updating the training name in mysql PHPMYADMIN via api in my application

I am trying to update the name of the drive in the SQL database via the rest API. But it does not work. I can't find a solution to this. The drive name is inserted from another API, but the update does not work. I give my code below for the class and the training name API.


        if ($result('error')==False){
            echo json_encode(array('error' => False,'workout'=>$result('workout'), 'msg' => 'Workout Is updated!'));
        else echo json_encode(array('error' => TRUE, 'msg' => 'Unable to upadate workout!'));

Below is the workout name update API which uses the workout name class function.

        if ($result('error')==False){
            echo json_encode(array('error' => False,'workout'=>$result('workout'), 'msg' => 'Workout Is updated!'));
        else echo json_encode(array('error' => TRUE, 'msg' => 'Unable to upadate workout!'));

Is it possible to configure an automatic POST API when a new line is created in Phpmyadmin?

I have a PHPMyAdmin working with MariaDB, I would like to know if it is possible to send a POST API with the data to an external site each time a new line in a database specific

Thank you.