javascript – PhpStorm warning for react attributes in jsx file with scss file

how to remove Unknown class name waring in phpstorm in jsx file ?

suppose i have a class in scss tab-lists with item like

.tab-lists {
      &__item {
        width: 1 / 3 * 100%;
        display: inline-block;

and my jsx file i use like that

<Tab className={`${styles["tab-lists__item"]}`}>Overview</Tab>

but my phpstorm always show Unknown class name "tab-lists__item"

how to remove this waring ?

PhpStorm Live Templates for XenForo 2

This is an export of the Live templates I use for XenForo development in PhpStorm. You can see them in use in the Building with XenForo 2 video series.

The list of templates is far from complete, and will be updated periodically as I get around to it but in the interest in sharing useful work, here they are.
View attachment 32805

To install them into PhpStorm, go to File...


phpcs – PHPStorm Xdebug not working

I like to configure and check the code flow using the X-debug break-point, so followed the below tutorial and successfully configured the X-debug in my PHP-storm, I am using php-7.2

Then I set some break point and trying to understand the flow of the coding, but when ever i reload the page, it always start working from index.php after the php.cs and php-cs-fixed.

I’ve tried lot but still i could’t able to find the best way to make work the xdebug in my machine.

Thanks in advance for your great support

windows – phpstorm, import VCS file(local history/changes.storageData) from phpstorm2017.2 to phpstorm2019.2

I want import or restore localhistory(VCS) files from phpstorm 2017.2 to phpstorm 2019.2

I have “changes.storageData” file from old phpstorm, last time I changed all directory of this contents of file from H:/ to C:/ after reinstalling phpstorm 2017.2, and now after removing old Windows and install new Windows 8.1 , I istalled phpstorm 2019.2 and In addition to doing the previous thing I said(change contents from H:/ to C:/) , changed directory name of phpstorm2017.2 to phpstorm2019.2 and replace the file, but doesnt work and I cant see history of changes in VCS->LocalHistory

How can I restore LocalHistory data from phpstorm2017.2 to phpstorm2019.2?

(I cant install newer version of PhpStorm now)

magento2.3 – Magento2 configure PHPstorm & xdebug and how to use it

I was using sublime and VScode for the development. Recently I heard that PHPStorm is the best IDE for the Magento2 development and using xdebug you can easily debug the issues and write modules. I tried to setup my system for PHPstorm IDE. To be honest, I tried for 3-4 weeks to setup PHPStorm and Xdebug to run together in my system but it’s not working. I believe on this platform there are many geeks might have seen this issue and would help me to resolve those issue.

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04
PHPStorm: Latest Version: 2020.3.2
Webserver: Nginx
PHP: PHP7.3-fpm

I have already install xdebug in linux and configured in /etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini and /etc/php/7.3/cli/php.ini

If I run phpinfo() it shows xdebug is already installed. Also, I have installed xdebug Firefox and Chrome extensions (which I saw in one of the video on youtube) but unfortunately still not working.

I have done required configuration by following some articles but unfortunately, xdebug is not working and not showing anything. I tried to set the break point in my extension and When I start the debug it also loads the website with query string: but xdebug is not showing any results. Xdebug keep showing the result shown in below screenshot. Even if I refresh the page, it’s not showing anything.

I have installed xdebug helper browser extensions for firefox and chrome as well. I also kept those extensions enabled but still no luck. Could you please help me?

enter image description here

I checked many articles, youtube videos but not able to get it work. There are many developers like me who has just started using the PHP storm but don’t know how to configure and use Xdebug with it.

I would really really appreciate if anyone can help me to set it up.

Thank you.

Articles I followed:
Magento 2 PHPSTORM Xdebug Configuration setup

How to debug Magento 2 code with Xdebug and PhpStorm (Part 1)

How to debug Magento 2 code with Xdebug and PhpStorm (Part 2)

Remote debugging Magento with Xdebug and PHPStorm

XDebug in PHPStorm for Drupal 8

I have problem with xdebug in PHPStorm. This is all debug data I get:

Debugger outuput

On all tutorials I see much more frames and variables.

Please help!

datagrip – How to copy multiple tables with foreign keys from one MySQL database to another, in PhpStorm?

How to copy multiple tables with foreign keys from one MySQL database to another, in PhpStorm?

You should copy not all the tables from the original database, but only a part. All these tables have foreign keys. In the second database, some tables also already exist.

Cannot use XDebug in PHPStorm via a local PuTTY SSH proxy + tunnel even if the XDebug log indicates that a connection was successful.

Here is a source of confusion.

I need to use XDebug for a remotely hosted PHP project. The remote server is protected by a firewall and only accepts connections from a second remote server, so to connect to the project server, I have to connect via an SSH proxy.

This part is not a problem; I connect via PuTTY using its Proxy , then I set up port tunnels for communication with XDebug between my local machine and the project server.

I tunnel from my local machine to SSH port 22 on the remote server (via port 2222 locally), and I tunnel from the remote server to port 9009 on my local machine where the PHPStorm XDebug client listens.

In theory, it seems to work; the requests are being tunneled between my local machine and the project server, all via the proxy of the "intermediate" machine.

However, PHPStorm refuses to admit that it can connect to XDebug. It validates the configuration as being all OK and can "see" the XDebug server. The remote XDebug log indicates that the connection was successful, but PHPStorm thinks otherwise.

PHPStorm validates the parameters (remember localhost is used because the port is tunneled):
enter description of image here

But I get this error when trying to run the debugger:

enter description of image here

XDebug says that the connection is successful:

(25936) Log opened at 2020-03-12 05:31:10
(25936) I: Connecting to configured address/port: localhost:9009.
(25936) I: Connected to client. :-)
(25936) -> 

Other PHPStorm parameters:

enter description of image here

PuTTY settings:

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

Laravel, Docker, PHP and Xdebug on PHPStorm

I've already found some tutorials for Apache and even Nginx, but none worked correctly for me. Could someone point to a material on this?

Delete automatically generated comments in phpstorm

The comment in particular that I beef is added when I complete the name of a method that I substitute. Phpstorm usefully adds // TODO: Changes the automatically generated stub. I know. That's what I'm working on. For simple methods, it is worse to have to delete the comment than to simply type the declaration. Is there a place to turn off that?

I am using 2019.2.