gmail – Anyway to search for an exact phrase that contains quotes?

Im trying to search for a phrase containing quotes but as the quotes is what gmail uses to delimit the exact phrase filter, it closes before it can.
For instance

I need to search for the exact phrase:

and then james said “come here”

Issue is when I put that around quotes

"and then james said "come here""

It creates two exact phrases search:

  1. and then james said
  2. come here

Which doesnt work for me

Is there any way to escape the “?
On programming languages we usually have a escape character like that you add before the character you want to escape, so it would be something like:

"and then james said "come here""

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Create a wallet from the HD recovery phrase

Is there a way to create a wallet from a Hierarchical Deterministic recovery phrase in Bitcoin Core 0.21.0?

I’m using the x64 Windows cli version, in case that matters.

Coinomi Wallet Forget Recovery Phrase Only one string

Due to a copying error the last word of my 24 word mnemonic recovery phrase for coinomi wallet is missing.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any software that could generate words and automatically test them out to see if they work?
Or any endpoint that i can write this script my self for coinomi wallet.


google sheets – How can I create an average value for every cell which contains a certain phrase?

I need to find the average value of cells containing a certain set of initials to create a scoreboard.

The value of the cell being the score and the brackets containing the initials of the score setter.

Here is the table I am referring to.

So the goal is to create an average score for each of the players (HG), (GT) & (JT).

I have tried different ways of combining REGEXMATCH and REGEXEXTRACT to no avail.

I don’t mind using multiple cells if need be.


Storing bitcoins without a wallet using only a seed phrase

Presently I have some BTC in a custodial wallet which I want to transfer out. I don’t want a use a wallet at all. Neither hardware nor software.

If I install Electrum on a live Ubuntu session, create a wallet, transfer BTC to it, note down the seed phrase and terminate the live session, will I still be able to recover my wallet with coins several years from now?

What are the downsides of this method over a cold storage wallet?

If the “wallet seed keywords phrase” is all that’s needed to restore a hardware Bitcoin wallet, isn’t backing that up a nightmare security-wise?

You’re misunderstanding the purpose of a hardware wallet. So first, when you transact Bitcoin without a hardware wallet on a computer, there is a concern that any potential malware on the computer you’re using will be able to steal the key (and therefore its associated Bitcoins) because the key has to be stored on the computer.

The point of a hardware wallet is to make it so you can safely transact with Bitcoin on a regular computer without compromising the security of your private key by storing it on your computer. Because the private key never touches your computer, any potential malware wouldn’t be able to gain access to your Bitcoin. (So, if you store your seed phrase on your computer, you’ve entirely defeated the purpose of using a hardware wallet… so if that’s what you’re doing, I would recommend creating a new wallet and moving the coins over if you still want the security of the hardware wallet.)

If your concern is someone stealing your backed up seed phrase, it is your job to separately protect that seed phrase, whether it’s by encrypting it, storing it in a secured location, etc. But these would be done with different tools (an encryption tool, a physical safe, etc.)

c# – NBitcoin — How do I just check the balance of my wallet from my seed phrase?

I’ve looked through the docs, I’ve Googled, I’ve searched here, and it all just seems like Greek to me… I must not be using the right keywords, because I just can’t figure out what I think should be the most dead-simple thing…

How can I use NBitcoin to open my wallet from my 12 word seed phrase and look at the balance? I feel like if I can just get some help getting that far, I can probably go from there to do more…

Also, does NBitcoin have an API reference guide?

Thanks all!

security – Doesn’t storing the “recovery seed phrase” for a wallet defy all logic?

I’ve heard many times that you are supposed to write down a “recovery seed phrase” (a series of English dictionary words) on a piece of paper and store that securely so that you can recover your coins when you inevitably lose access to your wallet.dat.

But doesn’t this defy all logic? If this phrase alone can recover the wallet.dat (which feels like magic to me, but I’ll accept it as the truth), what happens if:

  1. There is a fire and it burns your coins with the paper?
  2. A burglar steals the paper and takes your coins?
  3. The government seizes the paper and takes your coins?

Even if you say “I’ll buy one of those fireproof metal plates where you put in the seed phrase with the little metal letters”, that only protects against the first hazard.

And even if you put the piece of paper (or metal plate) inside a fireproof safe, that only stops (at best) number 1 and 2. The government will not be scared to force-open the safe or make you do it under gunpoint, and there’s your recovery phrase.

And if you put your coins on a hardware wallet and secure that, and still store your seed phrase in your computer, then somebody could grab that remotely through one of the numerous security holes that computers/OSes/software have today, restore the the wallet and take your coins before you ever know.

It seems that storing the recovery phrase ONLY protects against your own clumsiness and hardware dying, but not against all the other serious threats.

I’ve spent so long thinking about every possible method to keep my Bitcoins safe, but I just can’t find a single method which I’m not myself able to quickly poke huge holes through…

can not access bitcoin in an address that belongs to a discontinued wallet, although i have the 12 word phrase?

I am still a Rookie regarding bitcoins and therefore apologize beforehand if I might use some words wrong.

I started a bitcoin wallet through a provider some years ago and bought some bitcoin. The wallets they provided were in the cloud and the didn’t want to continue with that solution after some time so they discontinued their wallets. At that time I transferred my bitcoin to a new wallet.
This week I transferred the bitcoins back from the new wallet to the old wallet as I still had the old address written down and I thought that I could sell the bitcoin through my old provider (had forgotten about that they discontinued their wallets). I can see the public key or address which contains the bitcoin.
I have the 12 word recovery phrases for both wallets. I tried to recover my wallet with the 12 word phrase but the balance is 0. When I log on to the blockchain app i can see the old address under “imported addresses” but it says “not payable”.

Is there any way to access these bitcoin on the old address or are they burnt?

I tried the steps in I have my 12 word seed from @Abdussamad, even with different import methods but unfortunately it can’t see the balance.

Really appreciate your help.