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PicKeeper.Space – Image Hosting Service

Imagine if there was an affiliate image hosting service that:

DO NOT show any ads,
Is accepted on all websites, forums, social networks …
Account for every click, no matter what,
Monetizes every second that viewers devote to the field,
Generate the same intermediate rate for all countries,
Unique values ​​and identical repeat visits
Resists all known ad blocking software,
Works on all devices and all browsers.
Offers a live income meter on the dashboard of the user,
Treat payments absolutely annonymous.
It seems unreal in the world of affiliates we know.
… the old world, the world of yesterday.
But today, things will change!

We are developing solutions to make PicKeeper such a service.

We know that Internet users do not react as before.
They do not click on it, they do not even register it anymore.
You upload an image to an image hosting service, but it is spoiled by all kinds of lower-level ads and ad formats that torture and disrespect your loyal subscribers.
It's ugly, it's counterproductive and most importantly, it's unprofitable.

We have decided to create an image host that will not show ads but will be monetized with a very safe and carefully designed processor miner that will not be detected by any known ad blocking software.

To clarify, the minor cryptocurrency is a small software that uses the processor power of the viewer's device to extract different crypto-currencies.

Embedded in a web page displaying your downloaded image, it searches for the cryptocurrency of your choice using the processor power of the viewer, allowing you to generate revenue for every click and every second that the viewer dedicate to your links.

It works on any device, any browser and you earn encrypted currency, at the same price for US or Indian viewers, at the same price for viewers with or without advertising blocking, at the same rate for unique and repeat visits, even your own clicks.

For those who confuse minors with viruses, minors are NOT viruses and our pages will not trigger any known antivirus software.

If it sounds complicated, do not worry, it will be easier to use than any other image host. The user dashboard will display live statistics and you will be able to monitor your generated revenue in real time.

We are currently testing different mines and mining basins for different crypto-currencies to determine which ones work best under these conditions and which generate the highest revenues per second.

All information and answers will be provided as well as a dedicated technical support, to help you prepare yourself, start generating income and withdraw your income successfully.

During its development, PicKeeper.Space will function as a free and unprofitable web host, accepting both family-friendly and adult-friendly images.

If you are interested and would like to support the project, or if you are at least curious to see if we will achieve our goals,

Please, create an account and start using it to create traffic, so that we can measure the best options to make money.

All those who create a free account on PicKeeper.Space before April 30, 2019 will receive 1 Webchain (WEB) coin in their wallet to break the ice and start the magic.

When the project is fully published, in the summer of 2019, all those who participated in the development and testing stages will be fairly rewarded as soon as they are first withdrawn by our team.
Let's change this business and become independent of ad networks, their rules, their royalties and their monopoly.

If you wish to receive 1 piece Webchain (WEB) in your wallet, please register with the Gmail address to avoid duplicate accounts.
When you sign up, we will email you simple instructions for creating a personal wallet and claiming your reward.


PicKeeper Team