Can I get pictures and user reviews on Google Maps?

Google maps offers reviews, photos, and a rating of a local restaurant. The owner would like me to show the latest Google rating, as well as recent user reviews (3+ stars) and the photos people are taking. Is it possible to obtain all or part of this information on the site? This can be something like an iframe or json which I will use to create a more beautiful page

Sony A6000 with Sony E 18-200 lens: blurry pictures on the left, especially when zooming – damage to the lens?

My photos, taken with a Sony A6000 with a Sony E 18–200 mm lens, are blurred on the left in moderate zoom and blurred everywhere off-center in severe zoom. This effect is present with image stabilization on or off and with different aperture sizes.

This photo was taken at 43mm, F / 8. Cropping on the far left is blurry:

crop from the far left of the image

But cropping to the far right is sharp:

crop to the far right of the image

Full photo here.

Photo with 200 mm, F / 13, the cropping in the center is sharp:

central crop image

Cropping to the far left is not sharp:

left crop image

Cropping to the far right is blurry:

right crop image

Do these photos indicate a lens problem, or I expect too much from my equipment, or could there be another problem?

Related: Sony SEL 18-200mm very blurry on the right of the photo, Sony A6000 blur in peripherals despite clear center – is it a mirrorless thing?

website – Create a simple exam tool to paste pictures and create questions

I want to create a bunch of image-based questions for little kids. The idea is to randomly select 5 questions from 100 questions in this tool.
I have tried accessing it, but it cannot be used to copy and paste images into a field. Attaching images is not what I want, I want to copy the jpeg image that I copied using the capture tool and paste it directly into the # 39; tool. Kids will see the picture and select an answer and I can fix or rate it automatically.

Do you know any online / offline tools? I do volunteer work, so I don't want to use the paid site, but create mine using open source etc.

I tried the word, but it is not ideal for randomizing questions or automatic ranking

Is it necessary to have a tripod and a remote control to take pictures of a starry sky?

Also, does the exposure time change if the camera is shaken and needs to be focused again? I had an ISO of 3200 and a shutter speed of 1/125. All I got was a dark sky. It’s the first time I’ve been looking for a dark sky to capture a starry sky.

dnd 5e – What are the advantages or disadvantages of using photos or pictures, instead of using the description?

You decide how you want DM. This is described in the first pages of the Dungeon Master Guide in the introduction. There are three subsections:

  • The Dungeon Master
  • How to use this book
  • Know your players

I would recommend not skipping this and reading it in detail.

A dungeon master can wear several hats. (…) As a storyteller, the DM helps other players to visualize what's going on around them, improvising when adventurers do something or go to an unexpected place. As an actor, the DM plays the roles of monsters and secondary characters, breathe life into them.

(DMG p.4)

It gives a campaign so much more life. You will not succeed at something by avoiding doing it. Therefore: practice practice practice. I will use the descriptions of monsters in my answer.

SPOIL ALERT: if you don't know what Otyugh looks like, don't watch it before reading my full answer!

I've often had the opposite situation where, as a DM, whenever I mentioned the name of a creature, players would go to their phone and quickly search for it on Google. Not only that, they were showing everyone – sometimes while I was halfway through my first sentence!

So we talked about it and agreed that no one would show the others or look for monsters. Some players shared that they felt annoyed when someone showed them the photo; they felt cheated because they had just started to build a picture of the creature in their mind when >> BAAM << there was the picture! Some were not convinced at the start but shared that after a few sessions, they preferred not to see the picutres anymore. To win!

In addition, there are sometimes problems with the images due to previous editions; the interpretation of the appearance of creatures varies from one edition to another. For example, during a session, I started to describe the Kuo-Toa of the 5th and I made the mistake of mentioning their name. A photo of AD & D / 2e appeared and that was it: burned on the back of their skull! There was no way to convince them that they were blue-purple in color after that. … it was at the beginning of a whole series of sessions revolving around a mystery about the Kuo-Toa.

But whatever. I learned my lesson, which was:

When I do that, players often say it's fun not knowing the name because they have to make a picture in the head of this strange creature … who, I think, is a big part of the fun in D&D. This brings a feeling of immersion. There is also a kind of community imagination. You decide if you want to mention the creature's name at the end of the encounter.

Or, never tell them the name of the monster! They know the monster by what they imagined in their mind, or collectively assembled. They will be curious and often and will ask you questions. You can add flavor as you go. Interestingly, when I did that, it often went very well – even with players who, in real life, were glued to their phones most of the time. They even found their own names for the creatures, which was great. The chicken-lizard that turns you into stone! Guess what it is …?

If you think back to qualified horror writers like Lovecraft or Algernon Blackwood, you find that they create a heightened sense of suspense, mystery and horror by not giving it all up.

Finally, a practical solution:

The first paragraph of each editor often describes what the creature looks like. Use this to help you!

Back to Otyugh:

An otyugh is a grotesque, bulbous creature carried on three sturdy legs, its eyes and nose fixed along a wine-like stem that winds from the top of its swollen body. Two rubbery tentacles end in thorny leaf-like appendages that the otyugh uses to shovel food in his gaping mouth.

(MM p.248)

In truth, I wish I could see an Otyugh and ask a DM to describe it to me as part of a campaign. It would make my day!

Ultimately, you have to decide, but of a DM / player who enjoyed this game for the yonks, I would recommend honing your description skills.

S & # 39; fun.

sports – Need help taking pictures of volleyball

I play volleyball. I would like to take pictures of my team during training and matches.

I have an iPhone 7 which is good enough for slow and burst photography, but I am thinking of buying a real camera.

What specifications should I worry about for sports photography?

Can I ask here if a certain make / model (like Nikon COOLPIX L820) would be appropriate, or wouldn't it fit the group description?

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I need to get all the pictures of a .Tif in python [fechada]

I have a problem where when I read a 2-page image and I save it in the bank, it only recognizes the first page.

My .Tif file can consist of multiple pages

Code that I did to read the image and convert to blob:

def convertToBinaryData(self,filename):
   img =
   buf = io.BytesIO(), format='PDF')
   byte_im = buf.getvalue()
   return byte_im

Put where I got my pictures in Youtube Description

I start posting videos with some celebrity photos. legitimate I have the rite to use the photos

I see people putting where they got their pictures in the description of their videos. is it necessary? If I do not do it when I ask for monetization, they will deny me for no reason and ill will be stuck with nothing and can not tell them or show them where I got them. do they simply decide on their own will which they believe has legally used the photos or simply denies them

How to take pictures like that

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here

I want to know how to take pictures like this on a motorcycle on a gopro hero 8.
Is this effect done in post?