9.0 Pie – Are there any shortcuts to adjust the brightness unintentionally on a Huawei Nova 3i (Android 9)

I try to help a visually impaired older person with his phone. She found that when the automatic brightness setting is turned on, the screen is too dark for her to see.

Without the automatic brightness enabled, it somehow manages to reduce the brightness by mistake. I wonder if there is a shortcut that reduces the brightness.

How to change the values ​​of a pie chart to absolute values ​​instead of percentages in Google Sheets

I want to be able to change the percentages under the fruit names to absolute numbers (the respective quantities). I tried to change the "slice label", but that only added numbers to the slices, which is not the desired result in this case.

Incorrect pie chart

9.0 pie chart – How to solve a problem by keeping my processor running and unloading the battery

Phone: Nokia 7 Plus
Android Version: 9

My problem started a few months ago when battery life suddenly dropped. With wifi and bluetooth off, the phone lasts just a day. Interestingly, activating the battery saver helps conserve the battery for two days. I've studied further: I have installed Gsam Battery Monitor and after a few weeks of experimentation, I can see that every time my battery saver is not turned on, the battery will not go down. CPU utilization is constant at about 20% and 10% of the frequency. Without battery savers, there are still unexplained spikes in CPU usage at odd times.

Nokia 7 Plus is rather expensive, I bought it because I wanted a dual sim phone that would last at least a few years, but this one barely counts two. I had worse phones that lasted 2x times.

I've tried to delete as many applications as possible, but that did not help me and the beginning of my problems did not match in time to the installation of one. new application. So I guess something happened in an update.

The question:
What can I do to solve this problem? Is there a way to know what keeps the processor running and peaks at odd times?

The CBD is all the rage! Get your share of this huge winning pie with your own CBD site

Why are you selling this site?
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How is it monetized?
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Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?

What are the challenges of managing this site?

Pie 9.0 – Can not use IPv6 under WIFI

My cell phone is Oneplus 7 Pro, Android 9, the last official oneplus OS.
When I use the 4G network, IPv6 works properly.
If I am connected to my WIFI network, I can not visit the IPv6 site on my Android phone. However, the laptop and the iPhone work well.
I can see in the WIFI status that appropriate IPv6 addresses have already been assigned.
Does anyone know if there is a known problem or do you have any idea of ​​how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

settings – Set up emergency alerts on Android Pie

My phone is in vibration mode or NPD mode at night. I've enabled developer mode to allow emergency alerts to ignore the NPD because otherwise they do not produce any sound at night (I do not know why this requires developer mode, I'm 39 would have thought it would be the default setting).

I would like a finer control than just this setting. When I sleep, there is no reason for me to be awakened by any of the frequent Amber alerts, because I will not help you much from my bed. If there is an incoming ballistic missile alert on the other hand, it would not bother me to be excited.

Currently, it seems to me that I have the following options:

  1. Prevent all alerts from crossing DND – Makes unnecessary alerts
  2. Allow all alerts to cross DND – Wake up constantly by
    Amber Alerts
  3. Disable orange alerts and let other alerts break
    by DND – M prevents helping with Amber alerts when I'm on the move
    of the House

Is there a way to configure the alert settings between different types of emergency alert in Android 9? Maybe an application that gives me better control? I use Essential PH-1, if the phone type matters.

9.0 pie chart – Wildcard character when looking for a number in the contact list for incoming calls?

Scenario: I have the standard number of a company X in my contacts on my phone. This number is about 123 400 00. All employees then have their own numbers in the same series, replacing the zeros with other numbers, such as as 1234-9876, 1234-8765 and so on. For obvious reasons, I do not have any direct employee numbers in my contact list. Therefore, if I call the X switch asking for A, but A is not available and I leave a message asking A to contact me, when A calls, I see an unknown number on my phone.

I would like the CLI function of my phone, when A calls from 1234 to 6776 and that 1234-0000 from my contacts is the number assigned to X, displays something like "This number is similar to the number of the phone number." 39, company A ". Is it possible?

graphs – Visualization of data: Pie charts with very small values

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9.0 Pie – Private DNS on Android Pie is not used for connection sharing.

Is it possible to use a private DNS on my WiFi-connected laptop shared by my Android Pie smartphone with a configured private DNS?

I've tried to visit from my phone and it says that the DNS on TLS is used, but when I visit from my laptop, he tells me that he's using an unsecured DNS.

Network – Lock (select) LTE tapes in Android Pie 9

I try to lock my phone in a specific group and, according to my research, I have to either A) do not have Android Pie 9, either B) root my phone. I've seen several ways to do this that worked in the past, but none of them seems to work now. Ideas? Thank you!

I have access to a tactical Galaxy S9, a normal S9, a normal S7 and an S3 tab. Any help would be appreciated!