Creation of Android GO (Pie)

I want to compile Android Go for my low end device. I have the sources to build LOS 16 but there are no sources that allow me to compile something if

9.0 pie – How can I see mobile data usage for each app for a given day?

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9.0 Pie – Shortcut Key to Reverse Screen Colors on the Samsung Galaxy A70 (Android 9.0 Pie)

On my previous LG phones and my Samsung tablet (S3 tab), an option under accessibility allows to invert the color of the screen simply by pressing the main button several times.

This is called something like "Direct Access" "Shortcut for accessibility features".

This does not seem to be available on my Samsung Galaxy A70. Is the button hidden somewhere? Or if they do not have this shortcut key, is there an application that I can install to activate this function?

wi fi – recover Android Pie WiFi password file

I know that Android (at least Pie) uses a WifiConfigStore.xml file to store WiFi access points and passwords. It is in / data / misc / wifi /.

I have saved it before erasing and reinstalling everything. The idea was to copy it to this place. When the phone is on / on, it appears that the information in this new file is not being used. But after rebooting, he left and crashed.

So my question: Is there something special? Or is not it the right place? Is a backup file stored elsewhere?

(I have a LineageOS 16 device rooted with Magisk.) I've even tried modifying the file in TWRP without getting a better result.)

Edit: Found that this file is also located in
/ data / misc_ce / 0 / wifi,
/sbin/.magisk/mirror/data/misc/wifi and

And there are also files
WifiConfigStore.xml.encrypted-checksum. Naming it looks like that, including a checksum to avoid errors in the XML?
This file I did not save. Am I lost now? Can I delete this and it will be created that?

What is the function of these misc_ce folders?

Thank you!

9.0 pie chart – How to disable direct sharing on an Android One device with Android 9?

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9.0 pie – Alcatel S1 – add chinese language

Here is my scenario:

I have an Alcatel S1 Android 9 bought in Spain, it does not have the Chinese language in its system settings. When I try to use Here wego (an offline application similar to Google Map), it displays a map in English and not in English. the local language, which makes it difficult to identify the name of the street in Chinese (the streets with similar pronunciation is very confusing), besides the orientation is also disabled. I've read an article here that said that if a language is not built into the ROM, it might be complicated to flash the ROM, but I think the ROM should be in Chinese because the manufacturer is TCL (Chinese company).

Is there a way to deceive Here we think that the location is in China? If so, how can I do this? Or, in the worst case, if it is possible to unlock the hidden system language, would also work.

Thank you for your comment / suggestion

9.0 Pie – Make new notifications beep every 5 minutes?

When a new message arrives, my phone turns on the screen for 2 seconds and emits a notification sound.

If you miss it, you will never know that you have new messages unless you turn on the screen.

Is there a way to beep it every 5 minutes or so?

How to make WiFi measured on Huawei with Android 9 Pie?

I want to set a Wi-Fi network (mobile access point) measured on a Huawei phone equipped with Android 9 – so that it is treated as if you were using data from a network mobile.

I've been looking for ways to do that. Generally, Android 9 supports this mode by clicking on the WiFi name and then selecting Advanced. But on the Huawei P20, there does not seem to be any advanced option. Has Huawei changed the Android stock for this option to disappear?

Android, Hichart how to display the percentage at the top of the pie chart? Please look on my code.And correct me if something is wrong in my code

HIPlotOptions plotOptions = new HIPlotOptions ();

plotOptions.setPie (new HIPie ());

plotOptions.getPie (). setAllowPointSelect (true); // to split the pie chart

plotOptions.getPie (). setCursor ("pointer");

plotOptions.getPie (). setDataLabels (new HIDataLabels ());

plotOptions.getPie (). getDataLabels (). setEnabled (true);

plotOptions.getPie (). getDataLabels (). setFormat ("{point.percentage: .1f}

// here I am added to display the 5 at the top of the pie chart
plotOptions.getPie (). getDataLabels (). setStyle (new HICSSObject ());

plotOptions.getPie (). getDataLabels (). getStyle (). setColor ("black");

plotOptions.getPie (). setShowInLegend (true);

options.setPlotOptions (plotOptions);enter preformatted text here