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how to delete the file called \. pipe FC_ {6D57D5C3-9CEA-4497-BE57-9E544137A437} _1

I've somehow got this file . Pipe FC_ {6D57D5C3-9CEA-4497-BE57-9E544137A437} _1 on my home directory.

Tried to delete with rm and tab completion using the following prefixes:

  1. ./
  2. ./ .
  3. ./.p

but he seems to completely ignore this file

terminal – command Pipe to mv

I'm trying to move terminal files, but only those results from one grep question. By instict (and limited knowledge of UNIX) I immediately started typing ls -l | grep -i s02 | mv and then I stopped not knowing what to do next.

Then I remember seeing something similar in which we use a kind of variable instead. I note all these things so I looked at it and it is grep -B 1 -A 1 "active count = 1$" <<< "$(launchctl dumpstate)" or active count = 1 is what is supposed to find in the dump of launchd, I understand that -B 1 and -A 1 are just to print ± 1 line so that they can be ignored here.

Overall, I think I just have to understand how <<< works because it is obvious that he says put it in but I had read before about > and >> how different they are, so I am completely lost when a third is added and in the opposite direction from above!

I imagine that there must be a case-insensitive option for mv but i'm trying to learn how to do it in a more difficult way. 🙂

Thank you!

php – (General) Find the necessary pipe fittings for a specified entry angle

I am new to PHP, and I wrote this script as a bit of practice. It is a tool that allows engineers to know which connections are needed to reach a certain turning angle, provided they have access to the 8 °, 11,25 °, 22,5 ° connections, 45 ° and 90 °.
To avoid problems with null entries, "pipemain.php" is executed first, then redirected to "pipecode.php". After the first search, they can perform a new search by simply entering the angle on the pipecode.php page.

edit: We are now working on implementing a backup on pipecode.php so that you do not have to go through pipemain.php beforehand.

pipemain.php code

pipecode.php code

I'm just wondering if I can make significant improvements in general (for example, formatting, using variables, etc.). Ignore the fact that it 's a Horstmann removal style. Any entry / criticism would be very appreciated

Here is an example of a function that could probably be improved. It only prints the number of fittings needed and formats the last word into "fitting" or "fitting", depending on whether there is 1 fitting or not.

This function echoes what fittings are needed. It also determines if the text
should be "fitting" or "fittings". It's just semantics, but it bugged me to see
"you need one fittings" or similar
function printFittings()
{   global $inputAngle, $num8, $num11, $num22, $num45, $num90;
    echo "You will need:
"; if ($num90 == 1) { echo "$num90 -- 90° fitting
";} if ($num90 > 1) { echo "$num90 -- 90° fittings
";} if ($num45 == 1) { echo "$num45 -- 45° fitting
";} if ($num45 > 1) { echo "$num45 -- 45° fittings
";} if ($num22 == 1) { echo "$num22 -- 22.5° fitting
";} if ($num22 > 1) { echo "$num22 -- 22.5° fittings
";} if ($num11 == 1) { echo "$num11 -- 11.25° fitting
";} if ($num11 > 1) { echo "$num11 -- 11.25° fittings
";} if ($num8 == 1) { echo "$num8 -- 8° fitting";} if ($num8 > 1) { echo "$num8 -- 8° fittings";} }

windows – makes the pipe 'caret sign` again the direction of the text direction

In the past, when RTL was oriented on the window, a small triangle appeared at the top of the window. caret blowjob | to indicate the current direction of the text.

In recent years, in modern application, this index has disappeared and many sources of confusion have appeared in the world of multilingual writers (lang can be changed automatically without any clue simply because I move the cursor to a different location, for example example).

So my question is how to make the text's direction refer to it.
Thank you!!

enter the description of the image here

stream – How to read a named pipe under Windows?

I tried to open a pipe named Out of Powershell

$ pipe = new-object System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeServerStream "testpipe", & # 39; Out & # 39;
$ pipe.WaitForConnection ()
$ sw = new-object System.IO.StreamWriter $ pipe
$ sw.AutoFlush = $ true
$ sw.WriteLine ("The server's pid is $ pid")
$ sw.Dispose ()
$ pipe.Dispose ()

and uses Get read the named pipe.


The following messages were broadcast in Powershell and Mathematica

Exception calling "WriteLine" with the argument (s) "1": "The pipe is broken."
On line: 5 characters: 1
+ $ sw.WriteLine ("The server's pid is $pid ")
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: IOException

Exception calling "Dispose" with "0" argument (s): "The pipe is broken."
On line: 6 characters: 1
+ $ sw.Dispose ()
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: IOException
Get :: noopen: can not open \.  Pipe  testpipe.

html – Angular 7, p-table PrimeNG: Error: InvalidPipeArgument: & # 39;[object Object]& # 39; for pipe & # 39; SlicePipe & # 39;

I'm trying to make a list on a table of primeng p, so until yesterday I listed everything perfectly, but today, when running the project angular, I noticed that this error occurred. I have no idea what this means, let alone the reason, because everything was working normally.


TableBody.html: 8 ERROR Error: InvalidPipeArgument: & # 39;[object Object]& # 39; for pipe & # 39; SlicePipe & # 39;
at invalidPipeArgumentError (common.js: 4323)
on SlicePipe.push ../ node_modules/@angular/common/fesm5/common.js.SlicePipe.transform (common.js: 5812)
at Object.eval [as updateDirectives] (TableBody.html: 8)
at Object.debugUpdateDirectives [as updateDirectives] (core.js: 23911)
on checkAndUpdateView (core.js: 23307)
at callViewAction (core.js: 23548)
on execEmbeddedViewsAction (core.js: 23511)
on checkAndUpdateView (core.js: 23308)
at callViewAction (core.js: 23548)
on execComponentViewsAction (core.js: 23490)

Line 8 of TableBody.html: (where an error occurs Obs: never entered this file)

The code in my table.html and the component.ts: (obs: the GET method works normally, returning all the data, I tested it separately and the problem occurs when the data in the table is deleted.)
Code available on code share

5th dnd – Will air circulate freely through a pipe in the opening of a retention bag?

It's at the DM

From a scientific point of view, opening to a holding bag, and probably the backpack and the portable hole, is a watertight door.

Thus, when you "seal" the bag, it is not that the air inside escapes. Otherwise, you would have a thud every time you open the bag by breaking the seal and all the fresh air would penetrate inside.

When a living being is in the bag, there is no lack of air, it lacks oxygen. Living things as we know them breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plant life absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. We are symbiotic that way. But you can not just throw a fern in the bag and think that it would provide you with oxygen. too little, too slow.

So the pipe you're talking about would work like a snorkel; allowing new oxygen to enter and expel carbon dioxide. It would take more science to determine the size of pipe needed to circulate the volume inside the bag.

The real question is this: Can the pipe stay halfway and out? This also belongs to the SM, but this question also indicates that there is no clear answer in the rules.

My personal decision would be that as long as the bag is not moved, the hose is in good condition.

  • The items are not completely sucked when they cross the threshold, otherwise the user would be sucked whenever they would catch something. So, things can be halfway, in part.
  • You create, for lack of a better term, a wormhole of our plane in the half-plane each time you open the bag. The ends are relatively fixed in space.
  • If the opening goes too far, a new wormhole must be created. So, if the bag is still, the wormhole remains until the bag is completely closed. If the bag is moved, the original wormhole closes with partially contained elements sucked or expelled depending on the mass. When the end points are stable (do not move), a new wormhole is created to connect the two sides.

In your case, if someone was trying to move the bag more than a few feet, the pipe would probably be ejected, unless something inside held it. In this case, a check of the DC20's strength would let it be brought back inside (suppose that there is still volume to hold the whole pipe).

pipe – PDF a set of free Office files from the command line

Suppose that a set of .docx files are in a directory to convert to .pdf format. Is there a clever way to list the files and channel them to a command to "print" the pdf files in a target directory?

Suppose that MS-Word is not installed on the PC (Office Libre installed).

The preference is for solutions that require minimal installation of Ubuntu utilities / packages and are well documented. Thank you

virtualization – Is it possible to create a veth interface on a Linux machine with one end of the pipe on another machine?

I have two virtual machines running on my Windows desktop.

I want to test VxLAN with my two virtual machines, but my Windows computer sees no VLAN tag or probably not in VLAN (I have no information as it is a desktop network). I can find few ways to see VLAN tags, but they are not very relevant to understand now.

So I'm thinking of creating my own virtual switch and my own virtual LAN for my virtual machines.

I do not want to use Hyper-V and I want to continue using Virtual Box. The installation of OpenVswitch on Windows is also a little complex and, therefore, I do not want to try it either. I want to use VirtualBox or try from scratch without it being necessary to solve some installation problems. With Virtual Box, I can not find any VLAN option (I guess that's because Virtual Box has no built-in virtual switch and only uses virtual bridges and tap interfaces).

So, I check if the following solution is possible:

  • I run a virtual switch as a fixed menu container on the Windows host. The ports of this virtual switch will have VLAN tags

Is there a way to connect the ports of the virtual switch to each virtual machine running a pipe mechanism such as veth and how do you get there? (Network type overlay and assembly, I guess)