planning – How to fix this using DFS and A Star

I am a newbie programmer and want to fix this problem but don't know where to start. I have to solve it using dfs and an A * search algorithm.

The problem is :

An agency has a complex of 10 spaces, of which the number of available places is known and the type (videoconference room, stage room, round table room). Determine the optimal site planning for 17 events that require this complex. For each event is known: the time interval, the number of participants and the type of room required.

algorithms – Advantages of preemptive planning

I am currently studying for an exam which includes operating systems. I solve exams from previous years and I am stuck on a particular question:

"One of the advantages of preemptive planning is:"

1.Promotes I / O related processes

2. performs more processes in a specified period of time

3.Promotes processor-related processes

4. None of the above

From what I have learned, I assume that if a particular scheduler promotes I / O or CPU related processes is the scheduler itself (and also whether it is preemptive or not ), so I don't think it's 1 or 3.

Option 2 makes sense, since if you interrupt processes to run other processes, more are executed in less time.

But it could also happen that, giving the example of a preemptive priority scheduling, if I have two processes, P1 and P2. P1 has the highest priority and P2 the lowest. P1 arrives at time 0 and P2 arrives at time 2 and P1 has an execution time of 5 units.

It makes no difference whether the algortihm is preemptive or not in this case for the time it takes to execute both processes.

In addition, Round Robin promotes processor-related processes. Should I assume that because Round Robin favors the processor, all preemptives also favor the processor?

What is the correct answer and why?

referral request – Some kind of planning problem

I thought of the following problem:

Let $ J $ be a collection of work that needs to be done. Each job includes a number ($> $ 1) tasks, and a job is considered complete when all tasks are completed. Find an order to complete the tasks so that the sum of the maximum time required to complete each job is minimized. Suppose that the time needed to complete each task is a unitary one and that the time to complete each job is the time that elapses between the start of one of the job tasks and the end of the last job task.

For example:

Suppose we have 3 jobs: $ J_1 = {a, b, c } $, $ J_2 = {b, d } $ and $ J_3 = {a, c } $, or $ a, b, c, d $ are tasks. An optimal order for this set of tasks is $ a-c-b-d $ because the time it takes to finish $ J_1 $ is 2, the time required to complete $ J_2 $ is 1 and the time required to complete $ J_3 $ is also 1. In total, the maximum duration $ t $ to complete all work is 2 + 1 + 1 = 4.

An example of a bad order is $ b-a-c-d $ lead $ t = 2 + 3 + 1 = $ 6

I thought maybe I could use dynamic programming to find an optimal order but ultimately I can't do any better than end up checking every possible command. Is there a tip for finding optimal commands or are there related issues that I could investigate?

Display planning | Forum promotion

Does any of you use schedulers to make sure that a topic you want to post online at a certain time and date is covered? If yes, how did it work for you?

I have considered doing this, and I have not decided whether I want to use specific add-ons to the forum software, or using third-party software that allows me to post from a file on my computer. In fact, I've been thinking about it for a while now. I know that software like the following may be useful, but some people may view it as less visible spam. Most of the things that I thought of using it for, were things like pre-scheduled announcements and the like.

Example of addon on XF:
Third party: themaPoster

Documentation and planning of the technical debt?

I have been working for the same software company for almost 14 years now. During this period, I have seen a lot of technical debts accumulate. I think this is inevitable for any software company that has lived for a long time.

However, we have never had a strategy to deal with it. We are aware of the technical debt, people complain about technical debt, but we rarely include a method to treat it in our plans. I know this is part of the reason people have left our company.

I did a search, but I did not find any proven method for dealing with a technical debt.

What I personally did was add a file called to my repository with a description of what I think needs to be changed and why, with an estimate of time.

The above is my main question, but I hope to have some arguments on this subject, especially from those who say "there should never be a technical debt". So anything you can provide that also pleads for a technical debt would be appreciated.

database theory – What is an example of strict but non-serial planning?

According to the definition of a strict schedule, a value written by a transaction T is neither read nor overwritten by other transactions until T is abandoned or validated.

In addition, we say that the set of serial schedules is an appropriate subset of the set of strict schedules.

So, what can be an example of a strict timetable, but not in series? I just can not imagine one.

Thank you.

planning – What places to visit in London and which tickets must be purchased in advance?

It's really impossible, it depends on what interests you. Personally, I would not want the Merlin Pass, because I would have little interest in most of the attractions to which it gives access, but your tastes are almost certainly different from mine. I do not know if you would personally like Madame Tussauds or if you would spend more time going to one of London's most prestigious museums (British Museum, V & A, Tate, etc.), to visit the tower of the Tower of London. London, perhaps an exclusive visit to Buckingham Palace (for which there is only a handful of tickets in December – yes, that's £ 85, but you get a small group tour of the palace Buckingham), or perhaps a West End show. Or maybe you prefer the London Transport Museum or the Churchill War Rooms or Bletchley Park or a visit to Parliament, shopping, tea or … I think there is a lot to do in London and you'll have choose what you find personally interesting.

I would like to get a guide from London and take the time for you to research the things in London that interest you the most. Combo cards like these are usually only worthwhile if you really want to visit all or most of the items in the list. The wax museums and aquariums that you can see in many places, while there is only one tower of London. Many London museums are free, so a pass does not help you, and other attractions allow you to buy tickets in advance directly online. So I would be against buying a card, but it's good to add up the costs once you know where you want to go to see if it will save you money.

As stated in the comments, many attractions will be closed on holidays, which will affect your calculation.

If you want to go to Warner Bros. Studio Tour for their Harry Potter attraction, their website will explain how to get there by train. You can also scroll up to "Bus Transfers" if you want to buy a ticket combined with a one-way ticket. London bus. However, as Bernhard Döbler notes, it is necessary to book in advance. There can not be any tickets for your dates.

planning – How do I know where to buy unusual items (for location) while traveling?

As you mentioned in your question, online searches work best when you know the name of the store you are looking for or the type of store that may contain your item. I recommend talking to someone.

If you are staying in or near a hotel, the hotel staff is your first choice. The reception, for example. These people probably live nearby or know the area well. They may know the name of the "foreign food store" where you can get peanut butter or something else exotic in your area. Or the name of the electronic chain, or the mall in town that has all the computer stores. You can go into any hotel and talk to the reception staff as if you were staying there (I did this to catch a cab in bad weather, for example).

If you are far from a hotel, or if you try them without luck, go in search of English speaking humans. The staff in a cafe, maybe. A library could be a gold mine. Check the airport website to find out if it has an information counter with a phone number and call them.

Still no luck? Go to one of your near-misses. A food store that does not sell kale can at least know what it is and where you can get it. A hardware store that does not sell the odd piece you need may be familiar with the local name and the store that may have it.

After all this, you will have at least learned a few words and local names to improve your online research. But I think it's more likely that you found what you were looking for or realized was not possible.

planning – How to travel without reserving rooms in advance?

I was reading this question: Would it be a bad idea not to book hotels in advance in Thailand?
and think about traveling without reservations made in advance.

Personally, when I travel, I panic a little when I do not know where I'm going to stay. I usually book everything in advance to find out where I am staying and get cheaper prices.
The problem with my approach is that it leads to very rigid routes. It often happens that I want to stay a few days longer in a place or that I want to leave earlier and make a detour by my planned route.

How can I book things only 2 or 3 days in advance (or even on the spot) with the certainty that I will have a home? Are there any good tips or guides online for this?

How to travel without reserving rooms or beds in advance?

mysql – flutter planning system

Good evening guys, I'm learning flutter and mobile development. As a criterion of study, I develop an application that, in a certain tab, allows the user to access a calendar and check the free time to make an appointment.
But here's the problem, I can not think of a logic for it to work or how to do it …
By chance, is there a simple way to create a schedule with the help of firebase, ie the user only sees the available hours?