Is the "recovery phrase" generated by a portfolio application platform independent?

The mnemonic words given to you by the portfolios are a representation of entropy. This entropy is then passed to the hash function PBKDF2 to generate a seed. The industry standard for this mnemonic-to-seed conversion is documented in BIP 39 and most portfolios follow this method. The seed is then passed to HMAC-SHA512 to obtain a master extended private key.

Until then, implementations are standard and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems with different portfolio implementations. But after this step, the derivation becomes a little more complicated. There are a number of methods from there. You can use BIP 32, BIP 44, BIP 49, or BIP 84 derivation methods to generate individual private keys from the master private key. Then there will be a distinction between the hardened bypass and the unhardened shunt between different portfolios. Each bypass path will give you a set of keys that is completely different from other paths.

A spreadsheet here follows the diversion paths of many portfolios (please check the data yourself as they may be dated or incorrect). I've pasted the diversion paths of different portfolios below from the linked spreadsheet.


For example, when using a portfolio, you should note the diversion path followed by the portfolio for later retrieval. Also note that using a passphrase with the mnemonic words will generate a completely different set of keys compared to the exclusive use of mnemonic words.

currencies – What crypto-currency exchange platform exchanges with a much faster speed? Do you know someone?

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ddos – Fundamental Difference in Security Research in the Cloud Platform and Normal Machines

I'm trying to study the effects of various network-based attacks in an Openstack Cloud environment that I've configured with a few machines. However, what would be the fundamental difference between a virtual machine created with the help of Openstack and a normal virtual machine created with the help of a single machine?

Both virtual machines must have the same specifications. The main difference I see is that attacks on a virtual machine in Openstack would take a different network route (due to shared distributed resources) than a direct attack on a virtual machine on a single physical machine, but without have a negative effect on both. the goals are the same?

What is the best platform for Stories?

Hi all, can you tell me which platform is best for Stories?

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Other

How would you design the database for the GRE Online Test Platform?

How would you design the database for the GRE Online Test Platform?

The test will be generated at click, it will have different topics, random questions, random options,
Different difficulty level.

google cloud platform – no space to extract the still menu image with the same tag in GCP

We use a group of instances to run Docker containers and configure the instance template to use the image as

When we make changes to the fixed menu image, we label them with latest and run:

gcloud compute instance-groups managed rolling-action restart my-instance-group --region us-central1.

This worked fine for the initial image changes, the vms instance group will extract new images and replace the previous images. But after more changes have been made, it starts to give the error:

no space left on device

For the most part, GCP does not handle obsolete images, it will store the old image copy. But in the case of "progressive upgrade to vms optimized for the container", can we get better automation management for these use cases? We really do not want ssh in the host and run docker image prune -a from time to time manually.