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We’re not a file host, so I can’t offer myself. But regardless the “Slow Upload” speed, why “No sales” is a problem you think is related to the file hosting? I mean if you moved into another host, would the people start buying premium? I think it makes no difference, except if you think the file host is shaving sales which is totally a different case.

I am not an expert in file hosting industry, but I am just asking to learn, what is the relationship between the file host and the sales, because I think your sales are related to your visitors and not the file host itself, or maybe there is something else that I don’t know about, yet.


Google Cloud Platform functional tests

I am currently working on an application that uses GCP and can’t find the way of implementing functional tests for that, no docker images nor library that emulates this service… Can I get some advice on what’s the common practice to do so?

Thank you in advance,


Selling – Selling (crypto) casino platform


selling system/script that facciliates gambling – offers 16 game modes, withdrawal/deposit system that supports crypto and other methods, VIP system, push notifications to browsers, discord bot that releases promocodes to users, VK/fb bot to automatically post promocodes, rain mode that distributes configurable bonus to random users every random X hours, random quiz/trivia in chat trigger (requests questions:answers from opensource database – or you can configure/start yourself as mod+ from chat), bonus wheels etc.

Backend automatically detects suspecious behaviour for possible multi account abuse of users which also tracks a cookie – so you will catch VPN users that use same browser/PC.

Multi language support (you just have to translate all the language variables yourself), white/theme change on click.

You can configure game multipliers/odds, provably fair system etc etc. – eventually can keep myself on retainer as developer after purchase if your project is serious enough. It’s been thoroughly tested – just no longer have the bankroll to actually launch it myself and I did spend a lot of time developing it.

runs on laravel/node – you can visit demo:

You can contact me on discord, add me to friends: Tito #8201 – please only serious people and no low ball, this is a full casino platform that has been tested with actual live users and did cost me a lot of time to develop – platform will only be sold once – it is completely custom written, not based on random csgo/scriptkiddie stuff out there.



Cryptominal Platform – – HYIPs

Я не админ и не владелец проекта. Вся информация взята с сайта проекта. Тема создана с целью информирования и не является призывом к действию.

старт 2020-05-20. PerfectMoney Верифицирован, 0 Trust Score point(s) (Великобритания GB.GIF), Payeer, Bitcoin 

языки: EN 



Твои деньги это воины. Он сражается и приводит к вам заключенных. Поле битвы – это Криптоминал, а заключенные – это прибыль, которую вы можете получать каждый день на нашей платформе.


Инвест планы: 

104% через 1 день (сумма вклада: $1 – $50 )

106% через 1 день (сумма вклада: $51 – $100)

42% в день 3 дня (сумма вклада: $51 – $10000)



20.05.20 08:28     Transfer     Sent Payment: 200.00 USD to account U22931000 from U1294xxx. Batch: 315354218. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User allhyips.



Минимальный вклад: $1
Максимальный вклад: $10000
Реферальские: 7%-2%-1%
Выплаты: Мгновенно 
Особенности: SSL,DDOS


Registrar    NAMECHEAP INC NameCheap, Inc. 

Dates    4 days old
Created on 2020-05-16
Expires on 2021-05-16
Updated on 0000-12-31
Name Servers    
NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)
NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)
NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)
NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)
NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)
NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 3,479 domains)


What platform is this please?

Hi, I'm new here. Good to know old fashion forums are still running. I've formerly worked on some oscommerce platforms and a few virtuemarts on joomla. Mostly demonstrative, kind of virtual show rooms, no big businesses. I'm now interested in a production reliable and uptodate ecommerce platform. Would anyone please help, what platform is this:, it's kind of standard in my region? Besides this one, what others would you recommend? Thanks.

google cloud platform – Domain transfer to new hosting site

I would like to transfer my domain to a new hosting site. I am the owner of Ghana is love on your platform. I would like to transfer to the new hosting site

I have the name server for the hosting site where I would like this to be transferred to can you please advise as to the steps that I need to take to have this done

terminology – What is the name of securing an application platform?

I'm looking for the right terminology for this element of cybersecurity.

If I want to secure something like PaaS for other applications, what is it generally called? It's not about application security, because we're talking about the platform, and it's also not quite something like infrastructure security, as I consider the basic infrastructure (hardware, network, etc.) as secure and I just consider the platform as an intermediate layer.

As a practical example:
Consider having an already secure data center (hardware, networks …). On this data center, an OpenShift / Kubernetes container platform is set up, which we want to secure. Again, we are not looking at the microservice applications that use the platform.

I'm having trouble finding the correct terminology for this security feature, as "platform security" seems to speak more about securing hardware platforms like smartphones. Are there other, more appropriate and less misunderstood terms?

c ++ – How to configure node data for the Pathfinding algorithm in a 2D platform game?

I have done a lot of research on the A * pathfinding algorithm and I am trying to integrate it into my program. This is not a game that I have created so I have no control over the frames. However, I am reading the necessary information from memory and I think I can create waypoints based on coordinates based on the physics of the game. Currently, I grab all the platforms that are within walking distance and stores them in their own doubly linked node according to their connection with their vertices. However, I don't know where to go from here. What other information should I store inside these nodes and how should I be connected from one list of nodes to another?

struct Platforms{
    LONG x1;
    LONG y1;
    LONG x2;
    LONG y2;
    struct Platforms *prev;
    struct Platforms *next;
void GetPlatforms(){
    int platformCount = (int)ReadPointer(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase,OFS_PlatformCount);
    LONG rightWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_RightWall);
    LONG leftWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_LeftWall);
    LONG downWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_DownWall);
    LONG upWall = ReadPointerSigned(CWvsPhysicalSpace2DBase, OFS_UpWall);
    //add_log("Platform Count: %d", platformCount);
    for(int i=0; i 0){ //Make sure the platform is traversable
            //add_log("nnPlatform: %d X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", i+1, x1, y1, x2, y2);
            if(P.size() > 0){
                bool newHead = true;
                for(std::vector::size_type i = 0; i != P.size(); i++) {
                    Platforms *curr = P(i);
                    while(curr != NULL){
                        if(curr->x1 == x2 && curr->y1 == y2){//curr->y1 - y2 > -50 && curr->y1 - y2 < 50){ //To account for slope
                            insert_front(&curr, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                            newHead = false;
                            //add_log("front segment found: X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", curr->x1, curr->y1, curr->x2, curr->y2);
                        } else if(curr->x2 == x1 && curr->y2 == y1){
                            insert_After(curr, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                            newHead = false;
                            //add_log("connected segment found: X1: %d Y1: %d X2: %d Y2: %d", curr->x1, curr->y1, curr->x2, curr->y2);
                        curr = curr->next;
                if(newHead == true){
                    struct Platforms* head = NULL;
                    insert_end(&head, x1, x2, y1, y2);
                struct Platforms* head = NULL;
                insert_end(&head, x1, x2, y1, y2);

google cloud platform – New Deep Learning virtual machine deployment resource level error

I get the error below when trying to deploy a Google Cloud virtual machine image, using the europe-west1-b area, the NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU and the PyTorch 1.4 + ( CUDA 10.0). My global and regional quotas are 1, so I don't think it's a quota issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (P.S .: using the TensorFlow Enterpris 2.1 framework (CUDA 10.1) also gives an error.)

tensorflow-vm-tmpl contains errors in resources cs229-vm: {"ResourceType": "compute.v1.instance", "ResourceErrorCode": "400", "ResourceErrorMessage": {"code": 400, "errors ": (({" domain ":" global "," message ":" Invalid value for the field & # 39; resource.disks (0) .initializeParams.sourceImage & # 39 ;: & # 39; https: // to-deploy-images / global / images / & # 39; The URL is incorrect. "," reason ":" invalid "})," message ":" Invalid value for field & # 39; resource.disks (0) .initializeParams.sourceImage & # 39;: & # 39; https: // to-deploy-images / global / images / & # 39; The URL is incorrect. "," statusMessage ":" Bad Request "," requestPath ":" / v1 / projects / copper-depot-276723 / zones / europe-west1-b / instances "," httpMethod ":" POST "}}

Unity – Using Playerprefs on the Android Mobile Platform

I have a question about playerprefs on my Android mobile game not initializing properly. I have already predefined my playerprefs data on a variable with a value of 3. In my game mode on the unit, the value displays 3 through the text mesh on which I have scripted it . But when I install and test it on my Android mobile device, it is 0. Can anyone help me to properly initialize my playerprefs data to the right value on the platform Android platform?

 public static Game GM;
 int maxAntiBody;
 public TextMeshProUGUI antibodyTexMesh;

void Start () {
    if (GM == null)
        GM = this;
 maxAntiBody = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MaxAntiBody");
 antibodyTexMesh.text = maxAntibody.toString();

void Update () {

//I use this method for setting or resetting my desired value for the playerprefs data I'm working with. In this case I choose 3 as a value.
void debugging() {
    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.M))

        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("MaxAntiBody", plus++);
        Debug.Log("max anti body value is : " + PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MaxAntiBody"));
    else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R))
        plus = 0;
        PlayerPrefs.SetInt("MaxAntiBody", plus);
        Debug.Log("max anti body is now reseted to : " + PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MaxAntiBody"));