What is the best platform for an e-commerce website?

Hello everyone, Which platform is best for an e-commerce website? and profitable as well. Thank you

collision detection – How to land more than one player on a platform in pygame

First, instead of storing each platform as a member of the class, do the following:

self.platforms =[Platform(200, 550), Platform(600, 550), Platform(1000, 550)]

This is the list of all platforms of the game. By storing them in the list, you can easily add or delete them.
Do the same thing for each object that will be more than one in the game (coins, enemies, etc.).

Now for collision checking. Let's modify the obstacleHit_or_not method to return True if one of the platforms present in self.platforms is hit, False otherwise.

def obstacleHit_or_not (Self, heroes, platforms):
for platform in platforms:
hit = pygame.sprite.collide_rect (hero, platform)
if hit:
returns True
returns False

Modify the other collision check functions to look like this. If you need information about the platform that has been affected, you can "return the platform" if it is affected, "do not send anything back" otherwise.

Now, depending on the results of your collision function, you will need to update the player's position / speed accordingly.

Generally, the game loop looks like this:

  1. Get system events (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  2. Get collision information for all moving objects
  3. Update the speed of each moving object based on collision information
  4. Update the position of each moving object,
  5. Draw the frame

Collision checking should only do this – check if the object is colliding. It's not up to him to tell the player to stop reviewing the platform;

Paid – $ – Hiring a unique social gaming platform | Promotion Forum

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google cloud platform – Quota error when creating a connection to a private service

Try to create a private service connection on a vpc and get a quota error. The project ID mentioned in the error does not concern my project. So I guess it's the identifier of the Google-managed project that the vpc peer is intended for. The graphics for this quota on my project are empty.

Hoping that the Googlers troll it and spot it

Quota exceeded for quota metric – servicemanagement.googleapis.com/default_requests' and Limit DefaultRequestsPerMinutePerProject & # 39; of the service & # 39; servicemanagement.googleapis.com & # 39; for the consumer 's project number: 244648151629 & # 39;

Can any one help me on the angular website?

What changes I make on my site so that it is indexed in google.

My website is based on Angular, but after 3 months, I still do not get an index or cache in Google.

Any developer who has worked on this platform can help me.


Democrats have no platform except HATE TRUMP?

They also want universal health care and university education that the United States needs. If you think the United States does not need it, then you'll love spending money and seeing others struggle.

Moreover, even if the only program of the Democrats was the hatred of Trump, that would be enough for me! It is the biggest problem with the United States right now.


the very liquid trading platform – Discussions & Help

Forex is the very liquid trading platform that is open for 24/5 worldwide. In Forex trading, you get leverage in the form of a loan from the broker and you spread out to easily earn money. You can invest your appropriate money. My broker is Forex4you who still supports their traders and allows no minimum deposit service, which I think is a great opportunity for poor traders who do not have a lot of capital.

What features are available only in Wolfram Finance Platform?

Looking at the advertising page of the Wolfram Finance platform.


They seem to have features that are all available in the standard Mathematica license. So what is the exact difference between the two? The marketing page seems to target people who do not know anything about Mathematica.

With Mathematica 12, they updated the guide's page guide / ListingOfSupportedExternalServices to view the additional services provided with Wolfram Finance Platform, namely:

  • "BloombergTerminal" – access to real-time data from the Bloomberg terminal (Windows only)
  • "BloombergDataLicense" – access to data stored in the Bloomberg Data License (all platforms)
  • "Reuters" – Reuters data access in real time (Windows and Linux only)

Anyone who has used or is currently using Wolfram Finance Platform, please share additional features in addition to additional features. ServiceConnectservices and maybe a more permissive commercial license?

good trading platform – Discussions & Help

Using the right trading platform can become a good thing in your trading life. Do not use the complicated platform. This will make your trade more difficult. In my trading, I chose the MT4 trading platform which is the best platform. For its flexible work process and its fastest speed, it has become the best platform. Now, using the MT4 trading platform, I can access very quickly and without error.

Purchase – Questions Needed for the Quiz Platform


We are looking for a writer (Indian only) who can write questions (as well as four options and a short description of the correct answer) for a quiz platform.

Our platform aims to provide questions to students preparing for competitions such as UPSC and SSC. So, every question should be of this level.

The best part is that you can take help of any book that provides the best questions for these exams. So you do not have to worry about the content. However, a little Google search will be needed for the description (of the correct answer).

In short, it's a simple copy-and-paste job, which means you just have to type in questions and options that you find in a book or elsewhere.

So, if you are the one who is willing to earn extra money, send me your best price for 1000 questions.

Note: Please do not answer here. PM me with your offer.

Thank you