Best platform to invest Bitcoin?

Hey guys! I’m interested to invest in Bitcoins but I don’t know what online platform to invest into. Do you have any suggestions? What online site or platform for investing bitcoins is the best out there? I’m planning to invest my online earnings.




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google cloud platform – How to reattach PubSub subscription to topic

In Google Cloud PubSub you tipically have subscriptions attached to a topic. I saw a new option to “detach” a subscription from the topic.

My app was having issues so I detached the subscription from the topic instead of deleting it, I thought it was an easy way to “give my app a break”. The issue is, it seems that I cannot reattach the subscription to the topic anymore.

According to this document I can infer that it is not possible to get a subscription to reattach to a topic:

My questions are:

  1. is there a way to reactivate a subscription after it has been detached (I assume no).
  2. what is the recommended way to put a “pause” to a subscription in order to give my system some breath room until I get it back up?

Thanks for your help 🙂

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google cloud platform – I want to increase the number of files that can be GCP deployed to 10,000 or more

After adding a new library in my local environment and deploying to GCP I got the following error.

$ gcloud app deploy
ERROR: ( INVALID_ARGUMENT: This deployment has too many files. New versions are limited to 10000 files for this app.
- '@type':
  - description: This deployment has too many files. New versions are limited to 10000
      files for this app.
    field: version.deployment.files(...)

I think this error can be avoided by sending a cap increase request, but I’ve never done that so I don’t know what to do.
How can I raise the limit?

google sheets – I need a platform that lets users add data anonymously

To specify, I’m looking for a platform that publicly allows anyone to anonymously enter their data without the data being revealed or tampered by another anonymous user.

Imagine Google sheets. It let’s you share a link which enables anyone with it to edit or comment on the google sheet anonymously. I need something like that except for the revealing data to anyone.

Otherwise, if it’s possible, is there a way for the Google sheet to display a different sheet altogether every time a new user visits via link?

google cloud platform – GCP: Why do 2 different instances in 2 different projects share the same file system?

I’m new to GCP.

I’ve created 2 projects. In each project, I created a compute engine VM instance. The instances have different names but are located in the same region and loc.

When I go into gcloud shell and connect to 1 of my projects, I see the files in that instance that I created in the other instance in the other project.

I would have thought that the 2 projects would not share the same filesystem. Am I mistaken? Is this the default behavior if I create the instances in the same region and zone?

I connect to my projects by opening a gcloud shell and using the “gcloud config [priject-id]” command.

Is there a way to create instances in different projects that do not share the same filesystem?

Thank you. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


google cloud platform – Unknown Compute Traffic

Yesterday around 6pm I started seeing some new Compute traffic in my Dashboard that has continued to this morning. The Traffic does not originate from any service I’ve created as my project is pretty small so I would know. it also appears the traffic has a 100% error rate. Here is a screenshot from my Dashboard.

enter image description here

I’m mostly wondering if this something I should be worried about or if there are steps I can take to stop this traffic that I should take. Thanks for any ideas.

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