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Claymore's Miner Manager – Monitoring and Management of Mining Using Drilling Platforms

Some of you may be unaware that Claymore miners, who are currently very popular with miners, such as Claymore Zcash AMD Miner and Claymore Dual Miner, include the handy Ethman Remote Management Utility, which allows you to control and monitor platforms that operate the Claymore miners on the local network. In this article, I will explain how to configure monitoring platforms with the help of the Ethman Remote Manager using the example of the Claymore Zcash AMD graphics processor miner.

So, if you have not installed the latest version of the Claymore Miner, download it and install it. Currently, the most profitable mining algorithm is EquiHash, which produces altcoins such as Zcash (ZEC) and Zcash Classic (ZCL). Therefore, I give a link by which you can download Claymore Miner for this particular algorithm. Download the latest version of the minor for this link. At the time of writing these lines, it is version v14.7

Download minor:

Claymore's Dual Miner Manager v14.7

Key Features of Claymore & # 39; s Miner Manager:
Monitoring settings for platforms in the local network.
Modification of minor configurations.
Restart the miners.
Set the sound alert when stopping the extraction process.
Automatic launch of a .bat file when stopping the crawling process.

Now let's go directly to the Claymore Miners Monitoring App configuration
We launch the Claymore Miner using the .bat file, which contains your parameters for extraction.
Go to the "Remote Manager" folder, which is in the folder with Claymore Miner and run the "EthMan.exe" program.
If your miner is running on the same computer as EthMan, to add your mining platform to the program, just click on the "Add a minor" button, then enter the name of the platform, enter in the IP address field, then enter the port entry field: 3333, then click OK.
Now in the monitoring window, you can see all the main indicators sent by the miner to the EthMan program via the real-time JSON API: platform name, IP address and port, miner's time, hashing in progress , temperature of all GPUs and speed of rotation of fans, mining pool, minor version.
If the minor is running on the computer on which you are running the EthMan monitoring program, you should instead enter the IP address instead of the IP address. IP address on the local network. (for example or other).
In addition, you can change the miner's port number to get statistics. To do this, in your minor's .bat file, simply add the additional parameter "-mport new port number", for example, "-mport 3444". And when adding a barn to the monitoring program, do not forget to specify that particular port later.
In order for the miner to get the correct results, in the "Options" tab of the Claymore Resource Manager, specify the name of the main part: Zcash, name of the second part: -, speed units: KH / s. Then click on "Save Settings".
By default, the monitoring program on port 8000 has an http web server, with which you can monitor the statistics of your platforms directly through the browser. To do this, just enter the address bar of your browser. the port can be changed in the monitoring program settings.


• Claymore miner support 4.7
• Phoenix minor 4.2 c + support
• Ethminer support +
• Cast XMR + support
• Dstm v0 support.5.4 +
• Support EWBF b +
• Support for XMR-Stak
• Srbminer 1.5.2 + support
• Support for XMRig +
• Support for Bminer +
• ccminer + support
• Z-enemy 1.12 + support
• Support JCE Cryptonote +
• Support T-Rex +
• Detailed statistics for each GPU minor
• Claymore Miner Remote
• Alert if the minor is offline
• Low hashrate alert
• High temperature GPU alarm
• Easy configuration – an IP address for all minors
• DNS name support
• Show the minor with a password (the minor is defined by the -mpsw parameter)
• Hasrat conversion
• See the minor console
• Simple and user-friendly interface

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