What game development platforms work with Kotlin?

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Jobs – I make videos videos on YouTube for websites / Programs / Platforms | NewProxyLists

I have a YouTube channel, Free Bitcoin Hunter, which has more than 3,000 subscribers. I have done many videos on markets, websites, applications, portfolios, affiliate programs and cryptocurrency campaigns.

You can get in touch with me if you can do anything for you. I also write articles, blogs and short reviews on other social platforms.

product photography – What are the best online platforms for selling photos?

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trading platforms. – Forex training

I found that most brokers did not allow scalping on their trading platforms. So we, the traders who are particularly scalpers, have to choose our broker carefully. First, we must ensure that brokers trade spreads, without the lowest spreads, which is absolutely not possible to make a profit, even if they have good trading knowledge.

Various trading platforms – Discussions & Help

When trading in the Forex market, it is essential that the credible broker provides you with adequate support. Without good support from the credible, it is very difficult to remain profitable and secure. That's why I discovered FXdirects, which is the best trading broker. This broker authorizes various trading platforms such as: desktop computers, web transactions, mobile trading and Meta Trader 4. All these solutions are very excellent.

interaction design – Why do teleconferencing platforms need a host?

On some conferencing platforms, such as WebEx and GoToMeeting, meeting attendees who arrive before the meeting's host can not be put in conference until the arrival of the nominal host and can not continue to speak after the early departure of the nominal host (some, like WebEx, allow it but limit it to 5 minutes).

If, for example, a scheduled meeting of peers takes place and the nominal host does not arrive, even if everyone does it and some are prepared and qualified to lead the meeting, the meeting can not take place, at least on this platform with the published meeting ID.

These companies advertise their offers as alternatives or similar to face-to-face meetings. At face-to-face meetings, some people arrive early in the conference room (or filled in, in the outer hallway) and all attendees present are free to communicate with each other before and regardless of the arrival or departure of the student. Nominal host.

Host condition does not seem to be imposed by a fundamental limitation of technology; it seems that companies have had to do everything possible to strictly enforce the requirements for the nominal presence of the host.

Teleconferencing platforms could allow participants to join and leave a meeting upon their arrival and departure, regardless of the presence of the nominal host. (They could also limit this to a reasonable time around the scheduled time of the meeting).

These nominal host presence conditions appear to be set by default (if they are optional) by an intentional interface design choice. Why? What is the UX reasoning behind this decision? Who benefits and how?

Powerdns for two platforms | Talk Web Hosting

Powerdns for two platforms | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Powerdns for two platforms

    I currently run cpanel as a control panel for shared hosting and has a cluster with 4 DNS cPanel nodes only. I use powerdns with, but of course, it only uses bind for its backend. I would like to get rid of the only DNS cluster and switch to a Galera cluster instead of going ahead, I will be using a new control panel that supports powerdns and allowing mysql as the primary server. Try to see if there is a way to use the mysql backend for both slave servers. The big obvious question is how to insert the link areas into the mysql database and keep them updated because cpanel modifies them. Think of trying to install Zone2sql on cpanel servers and write a wrapper so that it performs an update on the duplicates and uses the cpanels anchor points to run when it is running. an area is updated or created. IDK. Just throw ideas here. I really do not want to have to run two different clusters and this configuration would greatly simplify the migration from one control panel to another because the end user does not have to change server from one to the other. name.

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Which of these platforms is the best e-commerce company?

Hi everyone, please which of this platform is the best to start an ecommerce business?
Amazon for Amazon FBA
Shopify for dropshipping
eBay for dropshipping
If you use or have used any of these ecommerce sites, what is your idea or idea?
Thank you

keyboard – Which platforms support a Hyper modifier key?

I've seen that some platforms support the Hyper modifier key (separated from Ctrl, Alt, shift, Super / Cmd / Windows modifier keys).

Although it's not a common modifier, it's available in X11, and I've read something to suggest that macOS supports it as well.

Which operating systems support a fifth modifier key (Hyper)?

javascript – Problem of collision detection on web platforms

Have a lot of trouble with my collision detection in my platform game. If you go straight, the block floats. In addition, the corners sink the block and the walls are sticky. It's a bit of a mess. I know that floating my gravity is a big problem. If anyone could help me, I would be so happy.

Here is the collision code:

  const computesTileSize = 1.0 / mapTileSize;
const nextX = guy.x + guy.velX;
const nextY = guy.y + guy.velY;

const currentMinX = (guy.x * CalculateTileSize) | 0;
const currentMaxX = ((guy.x + guy.width) * calculatedTileSize) | 0;
const currentMinY = (guy.y * calculatedTileSize) | 0;
const currentMaxY = ((guy.y + guy.height) * computeTileSize) | 0;

const nextMinX = (nextX * CalculateTileSize) | 0;
const nextMaxX = ((nextX + guy.width) * CalculateTileSize) | 0;
const nextMinY = (nextY * CalculateTileSize) | 0;
const nextMaxY = ((nextY + guy.height) * CalculateTileSize) | 0;

// collision on the X axis
if (guy.velX! == 0.0) {
for (let i = nextMinX; i <= nextMaxX; i ++) {
for (let j = currentMinY; j <= currentMaxY; j ++) {
if (map[j][i]) {
guy.velX = 0.0;

// collision of axis Y
if (guy.velY! == 0.0) {
for (let j = nextMinY; j <= nextMaxY; j ++) {
for (let i = currentMinX; i <= currentMaxX; i ++) {
if (map[j][i]) {
guy.velY = 0.0;
physics.gravity = 0;
} other {
physics.gravity = 0.4;

The complete game is in this code:


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