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Make a positive comment about the game content by downloading the application in the link below on Google Play and giving 5 stars.

(Note: Do not delete the app for 72 hours, otherwise Google play may consider the comment as spam and delete your comment)

Send me a screenshot from the game and your username on google play.(The account you comment on)
You will be rewarded with 60 BMF per person.

Google Play Game Link:

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google play store – is it possible to add the browser in the apk along with the trusted activity

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audio – How can I have a iPhone (connected via lightning cable) play back it’s sound on a Macbook?

I have iShowU audio capture (2 ins, 2 outs), and my iPhone (2 ins) in a Aggregate device, and a Multi-Output device with iShowU Audio Capture and my Headphones. When I play audio from my phone and my mic on my mac is set to the aggregate device, and output is Multi-Output.

My mic clearly picks up my phone’s audio but I can’t hear it via my mac’s headphone jack. How can I set it in a way so that my phone plays audio I can hear on my mac?

I’m playing video from Safari, Photos, Chrome. Not iTunes / Apple Music.

Do You Guys Play Online Games?

Do you guys play online games?

music – How to create a Siri shortcut to play tunein radio on HomePod and Mac

How can I create a shortcut such that I can tell my HomePod

“Hey Siri, good morning”

and it will then play a certain tunein radio station

  • on the HomePod
  • and also on my Mac in the other room
  • and have the playback in sync.

Currently, the only way for me is to go into the other room and start the tunein radio station on my Mac in the Music app and then select both the Mac and the HomePod as airplay output. But that’s something my humble assistant should do for me … Thanks!

Screenshot showing the airplay workaround

xiaomi – Mi Mover “can’t play this video” while transferring data

I’m trying to use the Mi Mover app to transfer data between Xiaomi phones. The app version 3.0.2 and the sending phone is RedMi 3S. Though the transfer can be set up fine, when I actually start it, I get repeated pop-up messages saying “Can’t play this video” – even though I’m not transferring any videos (nor images). The transfer begins, but stops at some low percentage of the

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

unreal 4 – Unreal4, C++: Spawned actors visible after stopping, not during play

I’ve created a class with a function InitializeModel, that is exposed to blueprint. In this function some AStaticMeshActors should be spawned, but I cannot see them during play, I need to stop the game for them to appear. If I stop the game and start it again they’re still visible. In blueprint I’m using BeginPLay event to trigger “create object from class” then running the InitializeModel on it,

I’ve tried placing some prints in InitializeModel and I know that it runs properly just after beginPlay, but models are invisible just after that, they’re visible after stopping, and later, after starting play again.

enter image description hereHi

In header file, as public field of this class, I’ve got:

TMap < FString, UStaticMesh*> mMeshes;

In Cpp :

    static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UStaticMesh> StaticMeshFinder(TEXT("StaticMesh'/Game/'"));
    mMeshes.Emplace("box0", StaticMeshFinder.Object);

bool MyClass::MyClass()
    bool result{ false };
    // Preparation of scene
    float unitsScale{ 100.0f };
    for (int i = 0; i < m_numberOfBlocks; i++)

        FTransform transform;
        FVector vec;
        FRotator rotation;
        FActorSpawnParameters SpawnParams;
        AStaticMeshActor* NewElement = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AStaticMeshActor>(vec, rotation, SpawnParams);

    return true;

All I want to do is to place some simple meshes in scene at the start of playing. I’d like to be able to move them later. So if that’s not the correct way to do this then please, show me the correct way,


applications – newly installed apps keep crashing/apps not showing up in settings or google play store. What do i do?

All apps installed now are not opening, they open and then jsut crash (apps downloaded before liek instagram and stuff which i already had on my tab before a certain date, all open and work fine.)

Also none of the apps are showing up in the google play store area (that tab where u can see all the apps downloaded and updates pending and stuff). Also in the setting area, when i go to ‘Device Care’, ‘Storage’, it shows a list of like Videos, Images, documents, audio and Apps with the mb next to each for how much each thing uses. But next to ‘Apps’ its says 0MB which doesnt makes sense because i have several apps and this used to work before. When i click “Apps” it jsut says ‘No files’. Please help.

google play store – Alternatives to Goole Apps on Android

I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer trust Google to provide me with a reliable service that doesn’t spy on me. Google sees to be able to close your account without warning because you’ve violated some nebulous “terms of service”, after which you lose access to anything stored on “Someone else’s computer” (i.e. The Cloud).

So what are the alternatives to the basic Android apps that come up the phone? I’d need to replace the photo-sync software, messaging, Maps, email, and of course Google Play itself.

My goal is to not be logged into Google at all on my phone, and to have a service that both respects my privacy, and won’t suddenly cut me off from if I do something they don’t like.

Hopefully the monopoly power of Google isn’t so powerful this is possible? I suspect Google Play is going to be nearly impossible to extricate my phone from.