gm techniques – How to play masks to discover what changes, rather than to know what is going on?

Lots of games Powered by the Apocalypse make it a point on the game agenda to find out what's going on, rejecting the notions of "this will be my bow and that is how a particular scene will unfold" and looking at the unexpected for maximum fun and excitement.

Masks: a new generation has a particularly different formulation, "play to find out what is changing", and the long description tells me a lot of things that read more like "play to find out what is going on" with a new coat of paint.

You don't know exactly what will happen during the game. You don't know who will become the PCs. You have no idea how they are going to change the city. That's why you play in the first place, because you can't wait to find out! MASKS is a game about change, about young people growing up, about the city that reacts and reshapes itself in response to the people who make it up. Do not expect events to happen: just plan to push and push the characters and the setting to see what it could become.

What is the key to understanding this agenda item and how to best fill it without relying too much on a Dungeon World background (as GM and as a player)?

YouTube will not play my videos in high resolution

I downloaded MP.2 H.264 1080x1920p (portrait layout) videos to my YouTube channel, but YouTube only allows playback on them at a maximum resolution of 480p. How to have them authorize reading at the original resolution?

enter description of image here

The videos were recorded with an LG H932 Android phone, running software version H93230d.

Codec information, according to VLC:

Stream 0
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
Language: English
Type: Video
Video resolution: 1920x1080
Buffer dimensions: 1920x1088
Frame rate: 30.011402
Decoded format: 
Orientation: Left bottom
Color primaries: ITU-R BT.601 (525 lines, 60 Hz)
Color transfer function: ITU-R BT.709
Color space: ITU-R BT.601 Range
Chroma location: Left

Stream 1
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Language: English
Type: Audio
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bits per sample: 32

Based on YouTube's recommended download encoding settings, I tried to use ffmpeg to move the moov atom to the start of the file, using the command below and uploading it to new, but that made no difference.

ffmpeg -i input_video_file.mp4 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -movflags faststart output_video_file.mp4

In case it matters, I don't have a subscriber on my YouTube channel and the videos are set to private visibility.

google play store – Repair apps without uninstalling

I need to fix an app without uninstalling it. The game works fine except for one setting! I tried to reinstall without uninstalling because I am afraid of losing my progress. Can i fix the game app without uninstalling it?

google play store – The pop-up window prevents me from accessing my settings

Try as I could the pop-up prevents my access to any program and most importantly my settings where I can do forced shutdown, cache, update, etc. I have tried to hard start the device, it does not kindly take this kind of treatment. I'm out of breath and planning to dump the very expensive Samsung S10

System Agnostics – How To Choose A Location To Play A Table RPG?

Table games tend to take a fairly long time (usually several hours per session), can be quite noisy (it is quite difficult to be quiet with 4-6 people talking, playing and dicing) and often involve 39; use of small, light objects (character sheets, dice, sometimes playing cards, etc.). Most of the time, many of these objects are made of paper.

Therefore, any location you use for games should at least

  • Comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people with the rooms you use for your game (this means seats, a table, the availability of food and drinks, toilets, etc.)
  • Be tolerant that you will stay for several hours
  • Be tolerant of at least a moderate amount of noise
  • Not being exposed to the elements (strong wind and / or rain can really ruin a game)

Browsing through your examples, libraries are generally not a good idea because of the noise. Cafes may be fine if they allow you to stay as long and you are sitting inside (or if you just live in a very welcoming climate). An internet cafe could certainly work. Game shops are often recommended as they are used to hosting game groups and often have rule books, dice and knowledgeable people about the games if it turns out that you need them , but of course any other place that can and will welcome you would work as well.

Is it possible to play YouTube playlists in reverse order?

Since most YouTube playlists seem to be updated at first, it would be very useful to play these playlists, on a PC or in the Android Go app, in reverse order. I would also be interested in the reason why playlists are updated like this, because there must be a reason!

Sale – Tubes site for adults. Play Pornhub Video on JWplayer | NewProxyLists

14k imported videos, all videos are played on custom jwplayer, no visitors redirect to parent sites, downloading an easy copy of the link paste from pornhub and it will automatically update all things like title, description, inches, durations, tags, only pornhub and redtube videos will play on custom jwplayer. see the demo –

Where do you play casino games like slot machines?

Where do you play casino games like slot machines? I'm from the UK, can you share some variations?

Best offer – Sex Play Cam Pps Iframe

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What does EastworldService do from the Play Store app?

I looked at my running apps and my Play Store has 1 process but 20 running services: Play Detection Async services, Dispatching collection services, Thunderbird Setting Injector services, device connection, GCM service, pending callback service, Context Manager service, Direct service nearby, cable authenticator, emergency persistent, lock screen, scheduler, Google Location Management , local precision injector, ClearcutDebugDump, local and persistent message service nearby.

enter description of image here

Isn't that a little strange? Please help someone. My phone drives me crazy