samsung – Return of Google Play services

I have the Samsung Galaxy A50 which is my professional smartphone, I use it for work and it is funded by my company. Some professional software installed in Knox, such as encrypted email, etc.

I see a problem with the Google Play service application / service. I have a message that comes from time to time and that says (translated):

Device Health Services
Enable Google Play Services
Device Health Services app won't work if you do not enable Google Play Services

I tried to disable this message by disabling notifications from three apps:

  1. Google Play service
  2. Healthcare services of the device
  3. FAMOC

It did not help. I always receive the same message between a few minutes and a few hours.

When I click on this message, I can enable or stop Google Play services, but the Enable button does not work. It does nothing or is sometimes disabled. From this screen, it is obvious that the application is stopped. However, when you access the Settings menu, you get information that the application is enabled and working properly.

Stopping the application does almost nothing. Clear data and / or cache does not help. Decommissioning of this application is not possible. Deactivation is also impossible.

The version of the application is 19.2.75 (100400-269183835). This is the newest because I have another phone and the version is the same.

The application does not make any problems, there are no errors.

How can I get rid of this message from time to time?

Webapp to connect iOS and Google Play analytics together

I'm developing a mobile app that has gained ground (about 100,000 downloads) and I find myself navigating too much between the Google Console dashboard and the iOS dashboard.

Is there an online tool to connect to these two dashboards, to import data regularly, and to have a good summary of some key performance indicators of my mobile apps?

Thank you.

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Google Play services stop, I've tried everything

I can not run my apps I have tried

erase data and restart – run for 10 min then return to square one

force to stop – do not leave me

to uninstall updates – it tells me that it's a failure

Disable Google Play, reactivate, then restart – still nothing

What can I do else? It's so frustrating.

Play with images 1.1.12 Build 17091 – NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 37.46 MB

Play With Pictures is an extremely entertaining image creator. No photo editing skills required, Play With Pictures ™ does all the work for you. Amazingly simple and intuitive interface – pick it up in minutes! Simple to use – 3 easy steps. No limit to the number of images that you can use. Cut out people and objects in seconds. Add effects, bubbles, and text. Combine images and effects to create amazing images! Share with your friends and family. With Play With Pictures ™, you can: create holiday memories and special occasions; cards and invitations; school work enlivens; fun pictures to share with your friends and family. Share via e-mail, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and Flickr or print.
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With Play With Pictures ™, you can create:
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• The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


Download from UploadGig

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Google Play Store – Push apps to wear OS (Ticwatch E)

This post was originally posted on the stack overflow.

I am a Wear OS user and want to use Google Voice on my watch. (I have a Ticwatch E watch if it helps.) I connected my watch to my computer via ADB and I did the steps on / how-to / google-android / sideload-apps -android-wear-3673967 / and when i arrive at the moment i have to enter adb push apps / yayeet.apk / sdcard / (yayeet is the name of the file apk ), this is displayed: error: multiple devices / emulator. I do not know what to do.

UPDATE: I passed that, but now when I'm on the
Install the app on your watch
The last step is to install the APK file that now resides on your watch. Type adb -e install apps / (APK file name).

It will look like this: adb -e install apps / tinycam.apk
section on the website, and there was an error. And now it will not work after accidentally pressing Revoke Debug Authorization
Please help

bugs – Google Play Store continues to crash after updating to Android 10

My Pixel 2 XL has been updated for Android 10 a moment ago. Now, I just realized that Google Play Store hangs every few seconds for no reason. I can not install new applications or upgrade existing applications. At most, the UI displays the message "Download Pending" before it hangs shortly thereafter.

I also tried to clear the cache of the Play Store but it did not help.

I have not been able to find similar situations online. Is it possible for me to solve the problem or simply downgrade my Android 9 system?

Gab A Ton – Talk, Play, Chill | Promotion Forum

Gab A Ton is a forum I've been thinking about while thinking about how much I wanted a forum where I could just post anything and feel relaxed and have no pressure on the content I was posting. . A forum not filled with rules and whose atmosphere was so cult that it was uncomfortable. Gab A Ton offers a relaxed environment so you can publish what you want and have fun doing it.

Come see us at our public launch for the first time. We work to make more and more content for you to enjoy daily. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve :]

jquery – Multiple HTML5 audio players with playlist. Will play the first playlist but a new window will open when reading the second list

var audio;
var playlist;
var tracks;
var current;


function init() {
  current = 0;
  audio = $('audio');
  playlist = $('#playlist');
  tracks = playlist.find('li a');
  len = tracks.length - 1;
  audio(0).volume = 1;
  playlist.find('a').click(function(e) {
    link = $(this);
    current = link.parent().index();
    run(link, audio(0));
  audio(0).addEventListener('ended', function(e) {
    if ($(audio).hasClass("repeat")) {
      if (current > len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));
    } else if ($(audio).hasClass("repeat-trk")) {
      if (current == len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));
    } else {
      if (current < len) {
        current = 0;
        link = playlist.find('a')(0);
      } else {
        link = playlist.find('a')(current);
      run($(link), audio(0));

function run(link, player) {
  player.src = link.attr('href');
  par = link.parent();

What is the safest way to play Bitcoin?

In fact, cryptocurrency trading is very risky at any time. We do not know the trend of the cryptography market to increase or depreciate?

Let's discuss the idea of ​​putting the trading of your bitcoin in the safest way. :]