5th dnd – Can a player with good alignment / neutral agree with a sensitive object with misalignment?

There are no rules about who to grant to sensitive magic objects in particular, so the normal rules apply. If the element does not say that only a specific alignment can / can not match it, then any alignment can be granted.

An example of this (as stated in the Medix2 response) is the Moonblade, which says:

(Requires the harmonization of an elf or half-elf of good neutral alignment)

Hazirawn does not contain any indication suggesting any limitation of alignment, so any alignment may adapt to it.

When the user is in conflict with the item, the item can make requests

Now, since what happens when a user with a conflicting alignment agrees with him, the rules for sensitive magic objects come into some details:

A sensitive object has its own will, shaped by its personality and alignment. If its wearer acts in a manner contrary to the alignment or purpose of the article, a conflict may arise. When such a conflict occurs, the object performs a charisma check disputed by the charisma check of the wearer. If the article wins the competition, it formulates one or more of the following applications (omitted list)

Therefore, even if they are not explicitly limited to alignment conflicts, it seems quite likely that a user with a weapon opposed to their alignment would conflict with the particular purpose of that weapon (if they at a given time and the rules describe how to fix it (up to the element taking control of the user).

The Dragon Queen's treasure does not note any particular Hazirawn goals or behavior, but a deputy minister can (and probably would) suggest some things to make it interesting.

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin – NulledTeam UnderGround

What is Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin?

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin is a powerful video player / audio reagent for any wordpress theme that can read (mp4) / audio (mp3), stream video or audio streaming from a server, Youtube video or Video Vimeo / Vimeo Pro. It is enough that the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and it will work on mobile …

Is there an Android audio player that lets you skip to the next chapter in a file?

OK, here's what I mean.

I had a collection of .flac files extracted from a CD.

I've used an MKA tool under Windows to merge them into one big MKA file with chapter markers between individual files.

On my desktop, VLC Player will allow me to switch from one marker to another in this large MKA file as if this file was a CD.

The problem, however, is that VLC for Android, for whatever reason, does not have this feature.

In addition, I find NO audio player for Android with the "next chapter" feature I'm looking for.

I understand that all available audio players have a button "next item in the playlist".

But, this is not what interests me.

Does anyone know an Android audio player that lets you switch from one chapter to the other from an MKA file?

Thank you.

Better strategy when the player leaves the online multiplayer game

I have developed an online multiplayer HTML5 card game. This game can be played by four players.

Now, I'm confused as to what to do when a player leaves the middle game.

Possible strategies

  1. If the player has left the game intentionally (as by pressing the 'Exit' button)
    1. Warn the other players of this event and stop the game (this will be hated by the other players because they have invested their time in this part of the game)
    2. Inform other players of this event and assign bot to this player's position. Penalize the player who left the game. (I think this step will also decrease the level of interest of other players for the sake of playing with the bot)
  2. If the player has left the game inadvertently due to a network problem, he can reconnect to the game.
    1. Wait indefinitely for this player (not a good strategy)
    2. Wait until the player has a fixed term. If it is not reconnected, send it back and assign it in its place.

In addition, from a technical point of view, it will be difficult to know from the server side that if the player leaves the site due to a network problem or simply that he closes his browser (or turns off his network)

Any suggestions on how I can handle this scenario?

dnd 5th – Sorcerer build Help 5th for a 2nd edition player who returns

Hi everyone, I recently returned to D & D where I had played the last edition. I am currently a level 7 wizard who is getting ready to move to 8. I am a direct wizard, but I am trying to see if there is anything else I can do with my character like multiclassing, perhaps.

My current party is a blade singer, an Eldritch knight, a bruid shepherd (aaracoka) and a paladin / warlock

Currently my character is

Dragonborn Sorcerer Dragon Race of Dragon Origin
STR 10 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 10 WISDOM 10 CHAR 18

Metamagic: Quicken and Empowered

My first ASI was +2 charisma. At level 8, I was looking for a stroke of luck or I put my charisma at 20, then I became a twin spell as the next metamagic option. my character plays the DPS roll that was an explosion.

Aside from the selection of exploits, is there anything cool with the multi-ranking I could do now, maybe wait for the multiclass later or at this point is my best option to stay 100% Sorcerer and grab the ASI and feats like Elemental Adept and Lucky. Or was there something else that missed me?
When I created the character, I only used the player's manual without knowing my other options (divine souls, etc.), so I want to make sure that I do not hurt myself. Currently, my character follows my party in all areas. I just want it to stay that way and I'm not falling behind.

Oh, and we're running through the crazy mage dungeon and if my character gets to the end, I should be level 18-20 at the end.
Thank you

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5th dnd – How to handle player attack requests to paralyze the enemy?

I am creating a recently launched campaign with 5 new players. They are completely new to RPGs and RPGs.
In combat, they often express their attacks in the following way: "I aim at the eyes to blind him and shoot my arrow", or "with a quick momentum, I try to pierce his leg with my rapier." in order to render her movements unfit, "or" I throw a powerful blow between the helmet and breastplate, to attempt to decapitate this enemy ", etc., and expect me to inflict on the enemies the consequences their meticulous actions, especially when they ride high on the d20.

My players are very excited about the role play and storytelling of what they do and demand the same from me. I find it great because I love this style of play. It is so easy to satisfy their thirst for storytelling and I like writing a lot. However, I tried to explain to them that such an approach in combat could be unpleasant, to the point that even the rules themselves avoided the subject altogether:

Healing has no effect on a creature's abilities.
until the creature drops to 0 life.

PHB p.196, Points of damage

They were disappointed and, after the discussion, wondered what was the purpose of storytelling in combat. So they started hurting to say everything they do in the fights: "I attack," "I cast a spell on him." This resulted in cold mechanical fights and a boring narrative, despite my efforts to try to paint a creative representation of the events without their input.

I absolutely do not want crippling wounds to show up, because it can be very difficult to rule over anything and it's only a spit for an enemy shooter in one fell swoop, due to a critical hit "aimed at the neck". This would also make the PCs too powerful, unless I correct this by allowing intelligent enemies to make the same reasoning, which complicates things even more.

What can I do to keep my players engaged in combat storytelling without sinking into a crazy headshot? How can I encourage role play in combat without allowing crippling and disease-causing injuries (such as arrows in the eyes) to form?

Related issues:

rotation – How to reset the position of my player?

Link: https: //academo.org/demos/rotation-about-point/

    private bool isTiming = false;
    private float timeTillKeyIsPressed = 0;

    float time = 1;  
    float time2 = 4;

    void Update()
        if (timeTillKeyIsPressed <= time)  //0<=1 1<=1 
                if (time2 != 0) //4!=0 4!=1 4!=2 4!=3 4!=4
                    time2 -= Time.deltaTime;

                    float angle = 360;   // reset here but not work properly

                    rb.transform.Rotate(Vector3.forward * angle * Time.deltaTime / time);


    public void Rotate(float angle)  
        float d = angle * Time.deltaTime;

        int movement = GetMovement();

        rb.transform.Rotate(Vector3.forward * d * (float)movement * speed);


  public int GetMovement()
        if (Input.touchCount > 0)                              //mobile     //how many count touch  
            Touch touch = Input.GetTouch(0);

            float num = (float)(Screen.width / 2);

            var touchres = touch.position.x;
            //DebugPanel.Log("touchres", "touchres:" + touchres);

            var res = touchres > num;
            //DebugPanel.Log("res", "res" + res);

            if (res)//TRUE(Right)

                return -1;

                return 1;
            return (int)Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * -1;     //pc 
            //return 0;


when I play the game:

enter the description of the image here

I want it:

enter the description of the image here

Is there a music player that can play sound after a certain length of time? [on hold]

I am a student. I need to answer after listening to the question. So, is there a music player that has the option to play audio after a certain length of time? In the meantime, I will give my answer exactly as a partner.

shell – BASH based player

I have a problem … I create a music player that works without external dependencies. I mean I would like it to work even on the simplest command line with built-in bash.
The player must play songs from YouTube (a YouTube URL).

I already have my code but it's only available for Linux, so I want to simplify it further (in the sense that it is more universally compatible between several OS).

If you are interested: https://github.com/Krypt0N-Geek/MUDATOR_gnulinux

thank you so much