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Add your title to the official EDM, Radio, Music Hunter, Playlist label for $ 69

Add your title to the official EDM label, Radio, Music hunter Playlist

Playlist Pitching for 14 days.
This package promotes a track on 5 fast-growing playlists with thousands of followers over a 14-day period.

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If you start with less than 1000 games or streams, it may seem difficult. However, it will not take long before an artist sees results. I hope that in the form of listeners, the followers record and play.

This package for a 14-day promotion offers you a serious streaming.
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Add your HIp Hop song to the Spoti playlist with 11k GROWING for $ 12

Add your HIp Hop song to the Spoti playlist with 11k (GROWING)

I have been a DJ for 10 years. I started this playlist for myself and after sharing with one of my friends, he gained traction and people started after.
Unlike other reading lists on this website, my playlist has real followers and will allow you to rooms.

I am do not accept orders of 2 or more songs to keep the playlist healthy.


music player – Android playlist data, PC transfer and vice versa

The files are identical on PC and phone.

Currently, I have a set of current playlists on my phone, but none on PC.

Is there a way to apply this playlist data to PC? What about the reverse?

On my phone, I use GoneMAD Music Player and on PC, on foobar2000.

Thank you

How to put a playlist on the title of the video on YouTube?

This video and others that I saw managed to put the title of the playlist at the top of the video. The most similar thing I've got is to use a hashtag in the description, which makes the hashtag appear above the title. ?
Does anyone know how to do it?

storage – Do the downloaded songs remain on my phone after the playlist has changed?

I've added a dozen playlists to my library on Apple Music, managed by Apple or other organizations, so that they are updated. When I go on a trip, I use Wi-Fi to download all those playlists before I leave (because the internet reception outside the city is bad). I use the Apple Music app on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

I have enough storage space on my phone and Apple Music currently occupies 11 GB. However, I want to be cautious about the amount of storage space used. Are songs that I have previously downloaded from these playlists, in the previous version of the playlists, still stored on my phone or are they deleted? If they are on my phone, where are they? I probably would not use the old songs because my main way of listening to songs is to use these Apple playlists, as well as the "radio station creations". So I would like to delete old songs if they are not automatically deleted.

To clarify: I do not add the songs from the playlists to my library. I'm just tapping the download button at the top of the playlist.

Add your song to my playlist with over 17400 followers for $ 30

  • Add your song to my playlist with more than 17400 followers

I'm adding your Pop, Indie, Alternative, Dance, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop or RnB song to my playlist for one month (medium placement). No electronic music like house, techno or dubstep! The playlist now has over 17,400 responses and is increasing daily.

This playlist is only for the mentioned music and its sub-genres above. I will only accept songs that match his style.

Thank you for your understanding.

Link to the playlist:

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Is it still possible to add all videos from an unlisted YouTube playlist to a playlist?

Here is the answer thread How to create a YouTube playlist from a list of links? JetBlue said it was possible, but when I would do it by adding & disable_polymer = true at the URL of the playlist, I do not have the option to add any.

vlc media player – VLC playlist with random selection in folders

I would like to make a simple playlist in VLC where the first file is loaded randomly from the "A" folder, then the second randomly from the "B" folder, then looped from the beginning and load different files from folders. The problem is that VLC develops the folders and reads all the files they contain. How can I make such a playlist?

linux – VLC Player: ignore items from the defective playlist ("the main input error: your entry can not be opened" locks the application)

When a malformed URL is passed to VLC via the "Open Network Flow" interface, the "–open" option or the Lua CLI "add" command, the interface is locks and the console generates the error message.

[00007f31355cea20]    file system flow error: can not open file / home / paul / c (no such file or directory)
[00007f313c000c40] main entry error: your entry can not be opened
[00007f313c000c40] main entry error: VLC can not open the MRL file: /// home / paul / c. Check the log for more details.

at a rate of several (one hundred) repetitions per second.

I guess the defective item is added to the playlist and VLC continues to try to read it again and again.

How can I make him ignore this error?

My current ideas are anchored in the error to remove the last added item or to allow a preprocessor to check if VLC can actually open the obtained playlist item. How would I do that? Maybe it's only a configuration problem after all?

Thank you.