Should I use Centos 7 or Centos 8 on my VPS Server for Plesk?

I asked this question on serverfault, but I was told to ask it here.

I’m going to buy a VPS from a company. It asks me if you want to choose Centos 7 or Centos 8 when purchasing VPS. From what I’ve researched on the internet, there is no difference between the two. But I didn’t really trust what was written on the internet. If there is no difference, why would Centos 8 come out?

My question is, should I use Centos 7 or Centos 8 to install Linux VPS Plesk?

linux – How to set permission for a system user to particular website on plesk

I’m trying to setup continuous deployment pipeline to one of the websites hosted in a Linux machine which has Plesk. A service account(service_user) is already setup there in the server(not a Plesk account though).

My issue is the service account that I mentioned above cannot access the hosting directory(/var/www/vhosts/ because it is owned by some other user & group(sysuser_9:psaserv)

The permissions details :

Home Directory :

enter image description here

httpdocs :

enter image description here

I tried to add the service account to the following groups : psaserv &
psacln . but still access denied.

All I need to do is copy the zip file to the hosting directory & extract it. I already messed up the directory permission of the hosting after executing chown for the service account 😛 . Just recreated the hosting. How do I give access to the service account to read/write to a particular hosting directory?

DNS system for Plesk

What DNS system do you recommend for Plesk?

Some options I found:
– Own bind servers with Slave DNS Manager
– Amazon Route 53 with exte… | Read the rest of

Comparison of ISPmanager 6 server panels with Plesk, cPanel and VestaCP.

Each of the panels is easy to manage, but there are so many tools in Cpanel that at first the user will have to use a global search.

All is well in terms of security. All panels have a variety of functions and insertions.

Data backup is also important. ISPmanager has enough functions for saving at each tariff. information can be saved locally or uploaded to a third-party resource and protected with a password.

What can you say about each of these panels and which one would you choose yourself?

Do I really need a plesk for my windows vps?

I am a free lancer and I have no idea about windows and trying to learn

want to set up a website but my question is what I need to make it work.

Let’s I want to set up a website on windows . Email mysql etc like the way linux works

Do I need to buy a plesk ? or without a plesk it will be done too?

ftp – How to stop running website copying task initiated in Plesk Panel?

You will have to find the process and kill it.

Use the command sudo ps aux to list all running processes. To narrow it down sudo ps aux | grep cp might work. It depends on how plesk implements this.

Once you find the process ID sudo kill -9 (processID)

If that isn’t enough info to go on, you shouldn’t be attempting this.

font awesome – Error de importación de css en Html en Plesk

tengo este problema al importar librerias por cdn o ruta especifica me arroja el siguiente:

Ejemplo al importar fontawesome de esta manera

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-lKuwvrZot6UHsBSfcMvOkWwlCMgc0TaWr+30HWe3a4ltaBwTZhyTEggF5tJv8tbt" crossorigin="anonymous">

Me arroja un error así:´

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

me sale un DOCTYPE html lo cual me produce un error en el estilo de la pagina. Alguien sabe por que pasa esto?
Estoy usando Plesk Obsidian 18.0.36, en apache no me pasaba esto.

amazon web services – Plesk error due to disk full always error 500

I have an instance (Plesk) on AWS Lightsail but frequently is showing error 500 due to disk full, how can I put an end to this problem? I have other instances on same aws lightsail account, this is the problem? how can I liberate space or give more storage to my instance plesk? because SSH is just sending me error message to enter throught ssh and says the message that the instance is full no more space. I have the problem every two days and my websites inside the plesk shows the same error.

How does Windows Server Shared Hosting Licensing work? It looks like Plesk is the only CP.

How does Windows Server Shared Hosting Licensing work? It looks like Plesk is the only CP…. | Read the rest of

Plesk For Windows – Security Options

Hi guys

On our Linux servers with cPanel we have servers using Bitninja and Imunify360 and they are well protected it seems. Our DC also … | Read the rest of