What plug-in can I use to animate a svg on top of a photo in WordPress?

I am using Elementor to build a page that contains specifications of a product. I want to animate simple lines that would connect points on the photo to short descriptions on the borders. The animation would start when displaying the section. I want it to look like the Tesla Model X’s website, where the “Safety” section shows the chassis of the car and highlights the designed elements.


I tried “animated svg” plug-in, but it does not place well the image, and it doesn’t seem to allow much control of the position of the icons and text.

Unable To Edit Plugins With Plugin Editor

I’ve been trying to edit plugins through the plugin editor on wordpress. I’ve done this many times throughout the years without any issues. This isn’t something I do often, just when needed. Recently, I attempted to edit a plugin and after doing so the file I edited went blank and disappeared from the plugins page. I tried to then edit the blank file again and receive the error “invalid_plugin”. I tried a few more times, I got the same issue. I then tried simply placing a comment or changing the text within a comment, again I received the same issue. I then replicated this error again and again. It did not matter how I edited the plugin as soon as I did it became unusable by the wordpress install. All plugins were deactivated and there shouldn’t of been any issues regarding improper code. Am i missing something? Do new versions of wordpress not allow you to use the plugin editor. Do I need to do something special first?

What is the best WordPress plugin for increasing page speed?

What is the best WordPress plugin for increasing page speed?


What is the best WordPress plugin for increasing page speed?

What is the best WordPress plugin for increasing page speed?

plugin development – Custom post type specific item design

I have a custom post type (benefits). Which as post name (bronze, silver, gold, diamond). All are listed in the same page template page-benefits.php. I want to display all on the same page but want to specific design for Diamond.
how I can achieve this while remaining in the same loop and same page template.

8 – Exception handling for incorrect content type for request in custom REST API plugin

I have created a custom REST API plugin for an endpoint. I have set the accepted format to json using the configuration options. This works. However, if we set the content-type to something other than application/json I am getting a 500 error.

I am seeking to know how this exception can be handled more gracefully. However, what is preventing this is the fact that I am not able to get the Request object in the plugin code.

I tried extending the default EventSubscriber services but they do not seem to be of help. I am seeing that this seems to be an open issue in Drupal.org


I am thinking of altering the route and set the default format to json as in manually added custom routes but open to better ways.

Any help would be appreciated.

cPanel CDN Plugin

Hi, It would seem that cloudlfare are no longer supporting their cPanel plugin.

Can anyone recommend a CDN that has a cPanel Plugin?

TIA :… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1814436&goto=newpost

If someone bought a premium WP theme or plugin NOT under GPL, can they freely redistribute it? [closed]

If someone bought a premium WP theme or plugin, can they freely redistribute it Or even resell it? Can they do that even if the theme or plugin is NOT GPL licensed?

8 – How to place a plugin block to twig template without any contributed module?

I am using Drupal 8. Have created a custom module, added custom block “LskyTestVideo”, created a new page template with its own controller (“LskyOpenTokTestController”). In LskyOpenTokTestController::index action I rendered test-video-page.html.twig . Inside this page I need to place LskyTestVideo block.Here my code:

class LskyOpenTokTestController extends ControllerBase {

public function index() {
$block_manager = Drupal::service('plugin.manager.block');

$config = ();
$plugin_block = $block_manager->createInstance('lsky_test_video', $config);

$access_result = $plugin_block->access(Drupal::currentUser());

if (is_object($access_result) && $access_result->isForbidden() || is_bool($access_result) && 
!$access_result) {
  return ();
$render = $plugin_block->build();

return (
  '#theme' => 'open_tok_test_video_page',
  '#attached' => (
    'library' => (
  '#test' => $render,


Here test-video.html.twig

    <div class="test-video-block">{{ test }}</div>

When the page is rendered, it returns 0.
How I can place a custom plugin block inside twig template. Thanks.