Is it unethical to delete meta keys from another plugin?

While performing some site optimization work for a client, I encountered a plug-in that replaces the selected image feature of WP with a separate meta-box that allows you to specify an image URL rather than import the image into your own media library.

Recent updates to this plugin broke my client's site, where posts containing external featured images did not display them. And examining the code of the plugin itself (mediocre documentation, direct SQL queries on the database) lets me believe that he does not really know what he's doing.

For my client, I have created a custom plug-in to browse publications with the meta keys of this plug-in, import the image into the media library and attach it to the message. Finally, it removes the meta key from the other plugin.

Now, I have no qualms about running the patch on my client's site, but I'm also considering inserting the plugin into the WordPress plugins directory. And maybe even a "premium" version with monetization.

I've gone through the WP plugins' code of conduct, but I have not seen anything listed regarding editing the meta-entries of another plugin. Is there something that does not respect ethics?

php – Delay problem in activating my wordpress plugin

Good evening, everyone finishes developing a WordPress plugin and I encounter a problem when it is activated.

I use the hook first (register_activation_hook) to trigger a function that wraps the user with defined conditions and creates two records in the wp_usermeta table.

_subscriber_data (serialized values)
_subscriber_id_user (registration ID)

Since my plugin is for woocommerce, most of my clients have an average of 20 to 50,000 registered users.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to servers to increase the PHP limit.

What would be your advice to solve this problem?

A big thank you to all.

Check out this free WordPress backup plugin in New Year

Hi guys,
I think some of you will find this free WordPress backsource plugin useful!
Its name is WPvivid Backup / Restore, a totally free wordpress backup plugin (free update and support) that contains just about all the features needed to back up / restore your site:
Automatic backup on cloud storage,
One-click restore
Customize the contents of the backup,
Exclude larger files from a backup
Intelligent archiving function for different types of hosting,
Customize the storage path,
No limit to the size of the backup,
Split large files when backing up

Check it out in the WordPress plugin directory:

[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity WordPress Plugin Form v2.4.5.1


[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity WordPress Plugin Form v2.4.5.1

Oral Shop Dropshipping with the AliDropShip plugin installed

Why are you selling this site?
I go back to school and I will not have time to advertise. The site offers more than 2,500 products on oral and personal care products. Each product has been carefully edited without grammar errors, each product having a unique and user-friendly description. Each product has real reviews at least 20.

How is it monetized?
This is a dropshipping store, created with the WordPress-Woocommerce platform. The site uses a paid alidropship plugin ($ 89 license fee), which facilitates the dropshipping process, because you can import Aliexpress products in a few clicks: photos, options, descriptions, etc. It also syncs stock and options with aliexpress automatically. Option to automatically execute orders, emailing, etc.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?
Not so much that you only need to focus your attention on creating social media accounts and site marketing. The site has an SEO plugin and other useful plugins to make you stand out. You are expanding the category of oral and personal care products to include clothing, other beauty products, electronics, shoes, etc.

The site comes with the Alidropship plugin. You can therefore be assured of continuous updates on product inventory levels and prices. Alidropship is an excellent support team. The site is sold with all the plugins installed.

What are the challenges of managing this site?
In my opinion, there is no challenge and I will show the basics. I could also carry the transfer process on the hosting server of the buyers.

The site is ready to generate revenue if you can only promote it through social media and google ads.

User code for the Reviewer plugin

I use the Reviewer plugin in one of our applications. We could not call shortcode to display all user reviews. Does anyone know how to call a shortcode to display all the user reviews on a page?

Thanks in advance!

How can I make my theme compatible with a specific plugin?

I'm currently trying to create a theme and I want to make it compatible with some specific plug-ins that I want but I do not know how I can do it. I have the necessary code in my theme or is there a manual in the plugin? that says how to make it compatible with your theme.

WordPress Backup / Restore Plugin – Can you read them?

Hi guys,

My friends and I recently launched a WordPress backup plugin – WPvivid Backup / Restore.

It contains just about all the basic features you will need to back up / restore your site and is relatively easy to use. And most importantly, it's completely free(update and free support).

We did it because we realized that the need for simpler and more affordable backup solutions in the WordPress community is always growing. We hope our plug-in can help users.

Check it out on the WordPress plugin repository:

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


cookies – A plugin displays contextual tips with the Jquery plugin

Hello, if this is not the place of the request, I ask you to deny it and I exclude it.

I've searched the web for a jquery plugin that displays floating-mode user tricks, identical to those of the bootover, but does not show up for a specific item, but rather for the page, which gives an idea of ​​the use of site features. The user can choose. ex: "I understood" or "do not display more", I believe that with the use of cookies, I found nothing similar, tips?

java – Jenkins + Maven release plugin: release: branch + Git – Unable to validate files

I'm trying to create a release using the Maven plug-in, but I'm getting an error.

[ERROR]    Command output:
[ERROR] GitLab: The project you were looking for was not found.
[ERROR] fatal: the remote end has hung up unexpectedly

In my pom.xml these settings:

    scm: git: ssh: //

My working Jenkins settings:

Repository URL: ssh: //

Identification Information: My ssh key is also imported into the Git repository as a deployment key

Branch Specifier (blank for 'all'): * / development

Objectives and options of the Maven version: -Dresume = false version: javadoc branch: javadoc

DryRun Objectives and Options: -Dresume = false -DdryRun = true version: prepare

As you can see from the logs, Git-plugin managed to clone a branch, but Maven can not perform validation for any reason:

            Cloning the remote Git repository
Cloning the ssh repository: //
> git init / opt / jenkins / workspace / MYJOB # timeout = 10
Retrieving upstream changes from ssh: //
> git --version # timeout = 10
using GIT_SSH to set JENKINS credentials (jenkins user with jenkins @ USER)

git checkout development
Moving on to a new branch "development & # 39;
Development of branches set up to monitor the development of distant branches since the beginning.
Analyze POMs
TCP socket established on 44626

[INFO] Execution: / bin / sh -c cd / opt / jenkins / workspace / MYJOB && git push ssh: // refs / leaders / development: refs / leaders / development

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins: maven-release-plugin: 2.5.1: default-cli branch of project MYPROJECT: unable to validate files.
[ERROR] Supplier's message:
[ERROR] The git-push command failed.
[JENKINS] Archiving /opt/jenkins/workspace/MYPROJECT/pom.xml in ***** - SNAPSHOT.pom
[ERROR] Command output:
[ERROR] GitLab: The project you were looking for was not found.
[ERROR] fatal: the remote end has hung up unexpectedly

I guess Maven does not know anything about the key that uses the Git plugin, but I can not figure out how to configure the Maven Release plugin so that it uses the same key?