plugins – WPML – Hook when the language is changed (changes the language of the user)

I want to change the language of the logged in user (if someone is logged in) when it changes language to frontend mode.

I use the Multilingual CMS WPML plugin in my WordPress site.

I've tried adding this code into my custom plugin:

add_action('wpml_language_has_switched', 'change_user_language_in_database');

function change_user_language_in_database()
  die("test function");

The problem is that this function is never triggered.

The version of WPML Multilingual CMS plugin is

What am I doing wrong?

translation – Text domain sharing between themes and plugins

I frequently build a custom theme and one or more custom plug-ins for use on a single custom website. Let's say I have a theme called mytheme and a plugin called mytheme-misc and another plugin called mytheme-example-cpt.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of using a single text field for translation functions in 3 locations rather than making them unique? I understand that all plugins designed for wider distribution should have a single text domain, but that is a case where they are all designed to work together on the same site.


in theme:

in plugin 1:

in plugin 2:


in theme:

in plugin 1:

in plugin 2:

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plugins – Sort articles by taxonomy with the help of filter 'post_clause & # 39;

I have a table list in the admin panel of my plugin that has taxonomy columns. I'm trying to add a sorting feature for these columns and I'm using the post_clause filter to modify the query in order to get the result.

the resulting query is

SELECT wp_posts.post_title, 
FROM wp_posts 
LEFT OUTER JOIN wp_term_relationships ON wp_term_relationships.object_id = wp_posts.ID 
LEFT OUTER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy USING (term_taxonomy_id) 
LEFT OUTER JOIN wp_terms USING (term_id) 
WHERE wp_posts.post_type = 'application' 
AND wp_posts.post_status = 'publish'
AND wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = 'zone' OR wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = 'contest_country' 
  FROM wp_terms 
  LEFT JOIN wp_term_taxonomy ON wp_terms.term_id = wp_term_taxonomy.term_id 
  WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = 'zone') 

However, this does not seem to work because while I'm sorting for column A (field works for ASC but not DESC), sorting always includes the values ​​in column B (contest_country is included in DESC) in its logic.

Is it possible to extract the taxonomy as fields in the SQL query, which allows to sort the values ​​according to the respective fields?

plugins – WordPress Theme Can not declare a class because the name is already in use

Screenshot of emergency e-mail received

I use Extra Elegantthemes theme for my wordpress website. When trying to access the menu customization page, I received the error.

I apologize if this question is a bit too childish, but I am still an amateur in wordpress processing.

I do not know what could possibly be wrong and how to fix it

Kindly help, thank you

plugins – Easy Digital Downloads Portfolio (EDD): shared use of multiple users

When using the add-on paid in the EDD portfolio, can the value of the deposit be shared among users?

I have added 2 email addresses to a single client.

The first email address can be used for purchases using the EDD portfolio.
These downloads and customer details are displayed when you sign in with the second email address.

But the wallet value shown for the second email address is 0. And on the wallet payment method is not available for the second user.

Can this be changed? A commercial customer with multiple users wants to make a deposit allowing them to download and I really hope it can be taken care of!

Thanks in advance! Wouter

plugins – the_content () printing DOCTYPE and tags in the middle of the page

I'm building a custom WordPress theme and I just encountered a strange problem in which the_content () seems to print the page content in the following:


This is a problem because I now have second instances of DOCTYPE tags, html and body appearing in the code of my page. I have attached screenshots below showing the code and the output.

I would appreciate any help as to why this may happen and how I can solve the problem. I've disabled all the plugins, so that does not seem to be the problem.


enter the description of the image here

bash – Shell command to display all existing plugins on multiple wordpress installations

I am working on a server and I need a complete list of plug-ins installed for all wp installations. I only need to know if a plugin exists or not, no matter where it exists.

For example, given:



I need the following result:


Here is the work order:

for i in $(find . -type d -name 'plugins' | grep 'wp-content/plugins$'); do find ${i} -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec sh -c 'for f do basename -- "$f"; done' sh {} + ; done | sort -u

Can this command be shortened?

plugins – Claims list functionality – How to send an email to users when their claim has been approved or denied

We have a list of claims plugin, it allows users to claim articles (posts). The user must "register" to claim this item, so he must enter a user name and his email address.

Once the request is submitted, an email will be sent to the administrator (us) that the user claims for the article and gives us the opportunity to approve or reject it.

When we accept or reject it, no email is unfortunately sent to the user to inform him that the item has been approved or declined.

How could we have WordPress send an email to the user to inform us of our response?

Code: CodeShare (the code is too long and breaks when I stick it here guys, sorry!)
As you can see, there is a wp_mail feature, but it is only when an email is sent to the administrator that an object request for an object has been requested)

plugins – Selection of Woocommerce variation for each product peace

When I was looking for ideas on the web, I found a variable display of catchy products.

Can anyone help me understand if this is some kind of plugin or code to get an optimized product page?
Screen capture

Link to a web page

Variants must also be connected to SKU-s.

Thank you in advance.