ddns – Purchasing a domain name and pointing to a dynamic IP

I designed a small hardware device that will need to periodically check for updates over wifi. I am looking into getting a proper domain name, as currently I am using one of the free ones from noip that requires confirming every 30 days.

The free domain from noip works well as my modem/router has support for their services built in. Looking through their site, it’s not immediately evident if purchasing a top level domain will allow me to have it updated when my IP changes as the free one does.

I am wondering if I am comparing apples with oranges here… Is the “free hostname” the same as a paid domain name in terms of supporting dynamic dns?

When I look into their “enhanced dynamic dns” service, I still have to pick from a list of subdomains, I can’t seem to enter my own .org. Then when I click on the “domains” service, I can enter exactly the domain name I would like.

What am I missing?

html – css,js,img folders not available for subdomain pointing to subfolder

I referenced all assets in the html with ../img/, ../css/, ../js/ paths.

These are client-side URL-paths; not server-side filesystem-paths. If the browser is currently at https://subdomain.example.com/ then a URL such as ../img/myimage.jpg cannot be resolved as intended from a client-side request. Since the browser cannot “go up” another directory (or rather URL path-segment) level – since it is already at the document root – it will most probably be resolved as https://subdomain.example.com/img/myimage.jpg – which presumably fails (404).

The same as typing https://subdomain.example.com/../img/myimage.jpg directly in the browser. The ../ path segment needs to be resolved by the browser before the request can be made.

You are probably better off not using relative URL-paths during development (unless you have specific requirements). Use a root-relative URL-path (starting with a slash) or absolute URL (with scheme + hostname) instead.

You need to rethink your directory structure. What exactly are you trying to achieve? A common repository for all assets or a way to reference assets on the main domain, without explicitly specifying an absolute URL.

There are various workarounds:

  • Use absolute URL-paths to your main domain. eg.

  • Point the subdomain at the same root directory as your main domain and use a root-relative URL-path. eg.

  • Point the subdomain at the same root directory as the main domain and use mod_rewrite to internally rewrite requests for pages to the subdirectory (so the subdirectory is hidden from the URL). But all (or some?) static assets to be served from the parent directory (and are not rewritten)? Reference assets using a root-relative URL-path, relative to the main domain. (Or specify a prefix and make the rewrite conditional?)

  • etc.

Changing the pointing of assets from old server to new server

The assets [javascripts,css and other files] are loading from the old server. I need to point them all to the new server url.How to do it?
enter image description here

They have to be replaced with the new domain url.

dns – Using SRV records with a target domain that already has A records pointing elsewhere

First thing’s first, I’m quite new to all of this stuff and will almost certainly use the wrong lingo here and there. I’m also not sure if I’m even in the right place to ask this. For both I apologise in advance!

I have a webpage hosted with GitHub Pages and in order to be able to use example.com instead of www.example.com it was required that I add 4 A records to my DNS pointing to the GitHub IP addresses.

I also have a minecraft server but this is at a different IP address to the webpage. I want to use an SRV record to point minecraft.example.com to the IP and port of this server but since an SRV record requires a “Target” domain I can’t make it work.

I have tried adding another A record with the IP of the minecraft server alongside the A records for the website but this didn’t work and from the reading I’ve done this probably shouldn’t be the way to go about this.

Is what I’m trying to do possible or am I going to have to use www. for the website?

Any SEO benefit to multiple 1-page sites pointing back to our main site?

Over the years we have registered quite a number of domains, but we only use one for our business. Currently, all those other domains just sit, parked with the registrars.

All the unused domains are made up of words or terms related to our main business in one way or another, but which aren’t necessarily used enough in our main website to get us ranking very high if someone should happen to search those terms… so our thinking was that maybe by having simple sites set up for each of those domains, we’d be more likely to be found if someone did search those terms.

Is there any SEO benefit to setting up simple, 1-page sites for each of those unused domains and having a few sentences about the specific part of our business offering related to the domain name and then a link to our main site?

If there might be, would it also be best to set a canonical url even though the content of each won’t be exactly the same as what’s on the main site (or each other)?

Pointing a Domain to two server

I’m trying to set up some hosting business. I bought a domain from godaddy auction and want to point it to my website which is on one… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1817276&goto=newpost

dns – Does pointing a URL via CNAME to another domain redirect via endpoint?

A CNAME is not a redirect. When you use a CNAME, the traffic for both domains is sent to the same IP address. The behavior of the site that users see when you use a CNAME record is identical to what users see when you use an A record with the IP address of the other server. The type of DNS record you use has no bearing on how your site behaves. You can’t cause redirects with DNS alone.

It is up to the webserver how to handle traffic for two different domains. The webserver gets sent the host name for each request. The webserver can choose to:

  1. Show the same content for both domains
  2. Show different content for each domain
  3. Show content for one domain and redirect the other domain
  4. Show error messages for one or both domains.

Implementing a redirect for a domain is done through webserver configuration. You don’t say which webserver software you are using, so I will just give general instructions. You have to set up two sites or virtual hosts one for each host. Then you need to configure one of them to redirect. That is usually a one line configuration option. For example in Apache, the virtual host configuration for the old site might look like

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName test1.example
    Redirect / http://test2.example

When you configure the redirect, you can choose to redirect to deep URLs or redirect everything to the home page. The Apache configuration shown above does deep redirects. It is almost always better to redirect to deep URLs. It hurts SEO to redirect to the home page of the new site and it confuses users.

What’s your opinion on the St Louis couple caught on camera camera pointing guns at black lives matter protesters? Were they justified?

Jessenia,,,,, The protesters were breaking and entering a gated community and trespassing on private property, with a recent history of violence, arson, looting, and vandalism.

So yes the St Louis couple were well within their right to defend themselves with deadly force and protect their property.

8.1 oreo – What is this icon in my status bar that looks like a finger pointing at 3 horizontal lines?

Can anyone identify this icon?


here again with context:

I can’t find anything online and no one at Verizon or Kyocera can identify it either. I need help figuring out what this icon is and what it means.

I have contacted the Verizon Tech’s, Kyocera and personally searched online, with no positive ID. Deleted all apps, factory reset, and even safe mode start up, and the icon remains at the top of the screen in the status bar. The only time the icon is not at the top of the screen is when you click on the drop down for the status bar icons. This phone is the newest Kyocera Duraforce Pro-2. Glove mode nor the underwater camera mode have any affect on the icon when switching these two selections on or off.

Any information on what this is would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help with this.