Purchasing with ubercart occupying points

I want to use ubercart to create a site for online shopping, but I would like to know if you can use the points as a means of payment. I mean that users are placed in points with which they can buy items and their points are updated with each purchase. .

tracing – 2D thermal map from a table of data points

I used ListPointPlot3D to graph, see the last graph where the ListPointPlot3D function does not display the data correctly:

solve for two variables for each n related to Collatz's conjecture

n = 2002, X and Y 0.999999 to 1.000001, step 0.00000001, 20000 iterations

Could this data be represented instead by a heat map viewed from above in 2D? By grouping the amplitude values ​​of the Z axis? Is this the DensityPlot function? Currently, data is stored in a list of ListPointPlot3D charts with:

AppendTo(plots3Dlist, ListPointPlot3D(thisIsATable, PlotRange -> All))

In addition, I would like to animate the thermal map with frames when the code iterates for each value n and export the thermal map (and / or ListPointPlot3D) as mp4 files. Thank you.

Also saves images in an animation or mp4 of the ListPointPlot3D being built, ie. For this view:

3D plot for n = 2002, side view of step 0.001

3D plot for n = 2002, side view of step 0.001


Easy Task – Get 54 BMF points


1 – Open and play the video until the end
2 – I like and comment on the video
3 – Reply under your YouTube user name for verification.

The reward will be added within 48 to 72 hours to your BMF account.



Easy Task – Get 53 BMF Points


1 – Open and play the video until the end
2 – I like and comment on the video
3 – Reply under your YouTube user name for verification.

The reward will be added within 48 to 72 hours to your BMF account.



Convex Analysis – Extreme points of a set of measurements with a given barycenter

Let $ X $ to be a compact convex metric subspace of a locally convex Hausdorff topological vector space, $ x_0 in X $, and $ P $ to be the space of all Borel probability measures on $ X $ with barycenter $ x_0 $.

Question: What are the extreme points of $ P $?

In the particular case of $ p in P $ whose support has a finite dimension range, it is easy to deduce that $ p $ is extreme if and only if his support is affinely independent. This, in particular, fully characterizes the extreme points if $ X $ is of finite dimension.

I wonder if there is an equally simple / geometric characterization for the general case.

Is it possible to automatically fill in missing data (between filled data points) in Google sheets?

I'm looking for exactly the same thing as Google Spreadsheet: how to automatically fill in the missing values ​​(between the filled values)

==> I have created a spreadsheet for weight tracking, where each line corresponds to a day and a column to weight. Although Google Spreadsheet has created a line for each date of the year, I only measure my weight a few times a week. What I would like, it's a formula that tells Google Docs to use "the last manually filled entry higher up in the column", or something of the sort. Ideally, the last filled line will however be a manual entry (I hope to be able to paste the formula in all the cells of the column, and the empty lines between the manually entered lines will be filled, but nothing after the last manual entry).

Even more ideally, between two lines filled manually (that is, line 10 and line 15), the formula would be able to interpolate between the two, but I realize that it requires a lot.

I have no experience in developing these formulas. Can any one give me a place to start to solve this problem?

but the solution provided does not seem to work for me.

Can someone help me?

Thank you.

Forex – Johnson suffered setbacks and the book bounced back from several hundred points – Discussions & Help

According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), central banks around the world have reduced their interest rates 32 times this year to mitigate the impact of Sino-US trade frictions. however,
The market price on the interest rate swap contract shows that the interest rate reduction cycle of the World Central Bank is just beginning. However, it is important to note that, if the central bank reduces interest rates, it also recovers the overall prudential tool to reduce the risk of excessive capital expansion.
Market analysts and traders expect the global central bank to lower interest rates again.
If the central bank starts a policy of monetary easing, the number of interest rate cuts in the world will reach 58% over the next year, which will result in a drop in interest rates. global interest of about 16%. It is necessary to ensure that the flow of funds is used in the places where the real demand is desired, in order to play a role in the stabilization of the economy.

Forex Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):

Forex analysis today Gold (September 6) early morning at 1517.1 USD, according to technical analysis, the trend of level observation at one o'clock yesterday (the 5th ) according to the ADP data is significantly higher than the expectations of the forex market, causing the negative gold below the support of all the chips dropped by $ 40 / ounce, so there is a chance of & dquo; A slight rebound after the deepdown.
Currently, the pressure range above the short-term line is between US $ 1522 and US $ 1522.5 / ounce, in the downward direction the initial support range is US $ 1508-1508.5 / oz. The mentality of operation is mainly short. Investors wishing to enter the market for a short period may consider the price of 1511.5 US dollars. For short-term purchases in the $ 1514 / ounce range,
the MT4 operating stop point can be considered less than 1508.5 dollars an ounce.

Forex Technical Analysis (EUR / USD EURUSD):

Forex Analyzes Today EUR / USD (6 September) Early morning around 1.10375, according to technical analysis, trend of level observation at 1 o'clock yesterday (5th ) V-shaped reversal. A sharp rise immediately canceled the correction. It is therefore possible to correct and raise it.
Currently, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.10750 and 1.10800, the downward direction, the initial support interval is 1.10200 to 1.10250 and the mentality operation is usually short. Investors wishing to enter the market over a short period may consider buying in a range of 1.1080 to 1.10320. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is set below 1.10210.

Forex Technical Analysis (GBP / USD GBPUSD):

Forex analysis today GBP / USD (6 September) Early in the vicinity of 1.23233, according to technical analysis, the trend of observation at the line level over 1 hour forms the fifth wave wave theory, while the K bar is close to the center of Bollinger. Track to maintain the middle and top rails. In between, therefore, there is a chance to continue to increase.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.23650 and 1.23 700, the initial support direction is 1.22950 to 1.23000 and the mentality Operation is usually short. Investors wishing to enter the market over a short period may consider buying between 1.23200 and 1.23250. The point of stop of the MT4 operation can be considered less than 1.23001.

The key data of the day:
1. Monthly rate of industrial production corrected for climatic variations of Germany in July
2. French trade account of July (100 million euros)
3.KU August Seasonally adjusted monthly rate of the Halifax Real Estate Price Index
4. Adjusted employment rate for the quarterly second quarter of the Eurozone
5. Eurozone annual GDP correction rate for the second quarter
6. Non-farm employment in the United States in August
United States unemployment rate in August

More Forex and MT4 information

. (tagsToTranslate) forex (t) mt4

Easy Task – Get 57 BMF Points


1 – Open and play the video until the end
2 – I like and comment on the video
3 – Reply under your YouTube user name for verification.

The reward will be added within 48 to 72 hours to your BMF account.



json – Utilisation de OAuth2 sur des points de terminaison non REST

J'ai un module personnalisé qui comprend un ControllerBase. Le contrôleur a un content() fonction qui retourne un JsonResponse(). Le code de cette fonction renvoie la liste complète d'un certain type d'entité.

J'ai essayé d'utiliser REST pour cela, mais la structure d'entité est relativement compliquée et contient plusieurs collections de champs. Par défaut, REST inclura simplement l'ID d'une collection de champs dans le cadre de la présentation de cette entité. J'ai donc écrit un FieldFormatter plug-in qui remplace l'ID de collection de champs par un objet JSON de son contenu. Malheureusement, cela nécessite une surcharge importante lors du renvoi d'une liste complète du type d'entité via REST et le chargement prend 40 secondes. Cependant, OAuth2 fonctionne bien avec cela.

Sinon, le chargement de mon connecteur personnalisé existant prend environ deux à trois secondes, car il s'agit d'une seule instruction SQL assainie qui génère ses résultats en tant que JSON. Cependant, je n'ai que l'authentification de base travaillant avec cela, essayer OAuth2 renvoie une erreur 403. J'utilise le module simple_oauth.

Je me demande s'il existe un moyen de:

  • A) améliorer le temps de réponse sur le point de terminaison REST pour qu'il soit aussi performant que le contrôleur personnalisé


  • B) utilisez OAuth2 avec le contrôleur personnalisé. Je cherchais des instructions à ce sujet, mais chaque ressource OAuth2 que j'ai rencontrée jusqu'ici suppose que j'utilise un point de terminaison REST.

modifier pour mettre à jour: le noeud final REST est la mise en cache, ce qui semble bien, car il se charge beaucoup plus rapidement après l'extraction initiale, mais (comme prévu), le cache est vidé avec tous les autres caches, ce que nous devons faire assez souvent, ce qui signifie que la prochaine personne à accéder au système d'extrémité verra un temps de réponse inhabituellement lent. Ce n’est pas idéal, et j’aimerais quand même étudier le contrôleur personnalisé que j’ai créé, mais en ajoutant _auth: ('oauth2') Le fichier YAML ne corrige pas l’erreur 403.

2ème édition à mettre à jour: Ceci est mon YAML pour le contrôleur personnalisé, qui ne fonctionne pas non plus:

  path: '/connector/modulename'
    _controller: DrupalconnectorControllerModuleNameConnectorController::content
    _permission: 'view modulename entity'
    _auth: ('simple_oauth')

Ça ne marche pas avec _auth: ('simple_oauth') ou _auth: ('oauth2') (Erreur 403), mais fonctionne avec _auth: ('basic_auth'). J'utilise Postman pour établir une connexion avec un nouveau jeton (~ 30 s, expiration 5 min). Le même jeton oauth2 fonctionne pour le connecteur REST. Le message d'erreur que je reçois dans mes journaux d'administration indique:

LeagueOAuth2ServerExceptionOAuthServerException: The resource owner or authorization server denied the request. in LeagueOAuth2ServerExceptionOAuthServerException::accessDenied() (line 173 of C:directory_to_my_sitevendorleagueoauth2-serversrcExceptionOAuthServerException.php).

et émet également un avertissement PHP indiquant que l'accès a été refusé à Guest (not verified).

call of cthulhu 7th – Can you spend lucky points on an opposite result?

Specifically, an opposite prisoner of war role, but the answer would likely apply to other opposing roles. The rules tell us that:

  1. Many types of rollers can NO MORE to be pushed OR Spend lucky points (if you use this optional rule) but never both.
  2. Opposite jets can not be pushed.

Does point 1 above imply that only throws that can be pushed may have chance points spent on it – thus suggesting that opposing throws can not? The rules seem silent about it.