dnd 5e – How to gain resistance to poison and / or necrotic damage?

The background confers two skills (usually two skills and two languages, tools, instruments, etc.) and a story / global interaction type characteristic, not something like damage resistance.

The Infernal Constitution feat (Xanathar page 75) gives you resistance against poison damage (and an advantage over poison saves). However, that forces you to be a tieffelin who doesn't get a wisdom bonus.

All dwarfs (PHB pages 18-20) gain resistance to poison and hill dwarfs receive a bonus to their wisdom.

Aasimar (Volo & # 39; s pages 104-105) get resistance to necrotic damage and protective assimars get a bonus to wisdom.

Dragonborn (PHB pages 32-33) obtains resistance to a type of damage which, for greens, is poison. They don't get bonuses for their wisdom, however.

Yuan-Ti (Volo & # 39; s page 120) get immunity from poison damage, but no bonus to their wisdom and as a monstrous adventurer you should mostly talk with your DM about the availability and the place of the breed in this world.

Partly mentioned because he is not available to initiate magic as poison protection is a 2nd level spell. It is however a spell on the list of clerics that confers resistance to poison damage and an advantage over backups against the poisoned condition, in addition to neutralizing existing poisons.

dnd 5th – Are creatures immune to poisoning immune to poison damage?

The poison condition and the type of damage have no mechanical connection beyond the fact that they are both poison (which is relevant for characteristics like the purity of the body of the monk who bestows "immunity to (…) poison"). That is to say, something that cares for or affects one does not automatically affect the other. Obviously, they tend to appear together, but not always.
Some notable exceptions:

Thus, the poisoned golem's immunity to the poisoned state does not automatically confer immunity to it from poison damage, but among its immunity to damage (the entry above immunities conditions) shows poison damage, so it is also immune to the type of damage.

dnd 5th – How does the cantrip infestation interact with poison immunity?

I really like this spell for my druid and wondered if the spell's non-damage effect would still take place, even if a creature immune to poison fails its save throw?

You momentarily spawn a cloud of mites, fleas and other parasites on a creature you can see within range. The target must make a Constitution saving throw, otherwise it suffers 1d6 of poison damage and moves 5 feet in a random direction if it can move and its speed is at least 5 feet. Roll a d4 for the direction: 1., north; 2, south; 3, to the east; or 4, west. This movement does not cause attacks of opportunity, and if the rolled direction is blocked, the target does not move.

(XGE p.158)

Obviously, the damage would be zero, but should the affected creature still make a save throw and, if failed, have it move in a "random direction"?

Thanks for your help.

dnd 5e – What are the ways for a CP to nullify resistance to poison damage or the immunity of an enemy?

For example; a player has time to prepare before a fight with a creature resistant or immune to poison.

Are there ways to deny resistance to poison or immunity? (Even temporarily by magic, an object or other means)

Sure, it's possible to avoid their special resistances by using a weapon with a different type of damage, but I wonder how a PC could cancel them instead.

(The answer should be based only on officially published content)

Does Assassin's Death Strike Double the Damage of Poison?

Suppose you smear your weapon with poison transmitted by an injury from DMG. As we know, the poison damage is not related to the attack roll but to a CON save so that the damage dice are not doubled in the event of a critical hit. But how does it work with Death Strike? Do I still have to double the damage?

dnd 5th – Do more doses of poison do more damage?

The following is a direct quote from this response to the following question:

Game effects, not just magic effects, of the same name do not add up. See DMG errata:

Combining game effects (p.252) This is a new subsection to
the end of the "Combat" section:

Different game features can affect a target at the same time. But when two or more features of the game have the same name, only the effects of one of them – the most powerful – apply while the durations of the effects overlap …

So a single dose (1d4 damage) of poison would apply.

The same applies to soup, since several poisons of the same name affect the soup, only one can actually apply.

Howeber, if you mixed together different the poisons then they would all stack up because they don't share a name.

Does more doses of poison do more damage?

For example, I want to kill an NPC by mixing poison with a soup and giving it to the NPC, assuming that the NPC will drink all the soup, but my poison damage is not enough to kill it. If I put more than one dose of poison, can I make the soup kill the NPC or does one dose equal five doses of poison?

dnd 3.5e – Does a character know that he has eaten poison if he successfully saves courage?

Of Collection of rules

Success and failure

A creature that successfully rescues from an effect that has no obvious physical repercussions feels hostile force or tingling, but cannot deduce the exact nature of the attack.

So yes, someone who succeeds on their Fortitude saving throw should know that there was something "out" in the food, although they learn nothing more than that, so they wouldn't necessarily know if it was specifically poisoned, let alone with which poison.

This is a general rule, and it is possible that a particular poison indicates the opposite. However, unless the poison in question explicitly says so, the default is that someone can say it.

How to use the poison distribution for this task

The ferry crosses the Strait from Beach A to Beach B at regular intervals of 20 minutes. The ferry has room for 7 cars.

Suppose that there is no car left from the ferry. Suppose that the Poisson distribution parameter 6 is the number of cars arriving in the A range in the next 20 minutes.

How likely is the ferry to be full the next time it arrives at Beach A?

Should I use fish distribution and lambda is the 6?

pathfinder 2nd – What does the watchtower look like from the poison weapon?

Poison weapon One action States:

requirements You use a piercing or cutting weapon and you have your hands free.

You apply a poison to the required weapon. If your next attack with this weapon before the end of your next turn strikes and deals damage, it applies the effects of the poison, provided that the poison can be delivered by touch or by injury. If you fail critically at the attack stream, the poison is wasted as usual.

Special During your daily preparations, you can prepare a number of simple poisons, equal to your level of thug. These poisons deal 1d4 points of poison damage. Only you can apply these poisons correctly and they expire the next time you prepare.

The first advantage is obvious: every day you get a stock of free poisons equal to your level of thief. It's money saved there.

Now let's look at the rules for alchemical poisons:

The application of alchemical poisons uses Interact actions. A poison usually requires a hand to pour into the food or disperse in the air. The application of a poison on a weapon or other object requires two hands, a hand holding the weapon or the object. The entry of use for a poison indicates the number of hands needed for a typical application means, but the GM could determine that the use of poisons in another way works differently.

If we look at Black Adder Venom, we see:

Use held with 2 hands; Bulk L

The venom of addition is a simple but effective way to improve a weapon.

Backup throw DC 18 Fortitude; Maximum duration 3 turns; Stage 1 1d8 poison damage (1 round); 2nd step 1d10 poison damage (1 round); Step 3 2d6 poison damage (1 round)

Activate Three actions Interact

This means that to apply the black adder venom, it normally takes 3 actions.

Poison Weapon allows you to apply a poison in one action. This is a great improvement when using poison in combat because it allows you to effectively re-apply poison while you fight.

Therefore, the benefits of Poison Weapon (as far as I know) are:

  1. It provides you with a daily pool of free poison.
  2. This allows you to apply poisons in one action.

About the line questioned.

If your next attack with this weapon before the end of your next turn strikes and deals damage, it applies the effects of the poison, provided that the poison can be delivered by touch or by injury.

There is no difference in the results of an attack between the poison applied using the poison weapon feat and the poison applied normally.