Why do so many people hate Donald Trump?


What is the reason why America is so divided?

The policy has ALWAYS been split. Hell, some of our founders killed themselves in DUELS. There were fist fights on the floor of the congress.

However, I think we are witnessing a period when both parties AND THEIR ELECTORS are moving further and further away from the center. I have three main causes.

1) Computer-aided supporter Gerrymandering. There is nothing new in partisan gerrymandering. The difference is that computers and demographics mean that it is now possible for consultants to draw hyper-accurate maps to get VERY specific election results. General elections are therefore safer than ever. Holders who almost always lose do so during their primaries. SCOTUS has recently passed, and I can not blame the legal logic. But it's a big problem, and both parties are doing it.

Secure general elections and threatening primaries mean that the average politician is only threatened by his extreme flank. They do not have to worry about a centrist threat. Thus, they become more extreme in order to invoke the main competitors.

2) McCain-Feingold and other campaign finance reforms. Whenever someone talks to you about withdrawing money from politics, you should hit him in the mouth. Each reform of campaign funding has made the incumbents more secure, and the most important has been McCain-Feingold (MF).

MF's main contribution was to eliminate Soft Money, which consisted of making donations to parties rather than to candidates, and then to the parties that were paying this money. Because it lacked a hood, unlike Hard Money (intended for candidates), advocates of campaign reform claimed it was a source of corruption. It was a lie.

Soft money has almost always been spent by the party on behalf of CHALLENGERS, not holders. The incumbents have an advantage in terms of money and notoriety and do not usually need help. The parties usually spent money for their challengers. Soft Money, in other words, made elections MORE COMPETITIVE. That is why the companies in place hated the soft money.

3) modern media. Let's face it, the media in America have never been as good as we sometimes think. Yellow journalism and the use of newspapers to personally attack vendettas are as old as the very existence of the printing press. Maybe older.

But what has changed is that at one point, people have developed their trust in journalists. A misplaced faith. And the industry has been fragmented and rundown since then. Now, everyone chooses his source of information to confirm his own prejudices. Liberals only listen to liberal sources, Conservatives only read conservative sources.

And in all sources, journalistic responsibility has disappeared. The time of each article requiring two or more RELIABLE sources to be printed is over. Now, even the slightest rumor goes straight to the air. Being FIRST is more important than being TRUE. And retractions are rarely made, and never in evidence. It is not uncommon for opinion to pose as journalism and too many viewers do not know where one ends or the other ends.

Because people choose their own sources to reflect their biases, most people live in echo chambers where they do not even hear the opposite ideas presented in their original form … instead from this, they will at best hear opposing ideas presented in an inclined pejorative form that does not guarantee anybody can find a ground of understanding.


[ Politics ] Open question: Is it true that if you disagree with a liberal, you are racist?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is it true that if you disagree with a liberal, you are racist? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Republicans not move and start their own country?

Republicans are constantly complaining about liberals and democrats. Why do not you take the dictator to create your own country? .

Why is the US life expectancy lower than other 1st world countries?

the difference in life expectancy for the first countries of the world is not so significant

Although Japan is king with an average of 83.7 years, the top 20 is around 80 years old.

The reason why America is only 79.3% may be due to many factors, including the fact that America does not have the best health care system because it is privatized and for-profit, which means that only wealth can afford superior health care.

Another reason could also be the fact that America has a problem of obesity that creates health complications and reduced life expectancy.

America also has a lot of people, which lowers the averages and we have one of the highest wealth gaps between the rich and the poor compared to other first world nations. the poor live on average shorter lives, so poverty can also explain why America is lower

If you look at the top 5 countries, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Spain. One thing in common: they have a public health system that benefits all levels of the population. These countries also have a much smaller population and their population is therefore much better managed. moreover, they have no problems of mismanagement when it comes to financing better services to help their population as a whole

I also think that another reason could be related to stress and notions of work culture.

with the exception of Japan and perhaps Singapore. Switzerland, Australia and Spain have more free time and work fewer hours than their American counterparts. stress leads to a lower quality of life and more health problems.

another contribution could be the culture that surrounds america as a culture of proximity, which places too much emphasis on driving cars, fast food, department stores. although this exists in other countries of the 1st world. The United States does not have a lot of culture that implies that people go out and walk, cycling since everyone just wants convenience. if you add that unhealthy eating habits can lead to health problems and decreased longevity.

The Japanese are known to have a healthy population because they do not have obesity and that they eat much healthier foods compared to those of the average Westerner , making it the oldest population in the world. they walk and ride more


Let me understand, Trump does not like Ilhan Omar because she says nasty things on Twitter?

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