Do you use pop up on your website?

Hi guys

Do you use pop up on your website?
is this work to get more conversion?
What is the best pop up … specially plugin for WordPress

Please share with me if you have great one


macos – Mac keeps trying to connect to a server which is not on the network. Infinite pop up sequence

I have deleted all Alias’s, deleted my preferences folder, Log-in items, recent servers, and favorites linked to the server. It was for a job and someone from the company who managed servers set up this connection. I spent 1h 10min with another employee trying to figure out why this pop up keeps appearing. We could not come up with a solution,

I launched my Mac in safe mode to make sure that it would stop popping up in that environment, which it thankfully did, since no automatic connections happen in safe mode. A solution I found out is to create a new user but I do not want to transfer all my data over.

Here is a photo of the error. It immediately pops up when I close it.

enter image description here

Traffic for your ptp, ppc, pop, site


y u no do it?

Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

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e commerce – location request on site load – in a pop up window

Negative First Experience

You’ve already pointed out the first problem. Access to the site isn’t exactly blocked, but the first impression of your brand and web experience for a user, all hinges on the quality and implementation of a popup. According to NNG popups are the most hated advertising technique While you’re exactly advertising, it’s clear that most users prefer not to have to navigate popups.

Poor Mobile Experience

Popups rarely result in delightful user experiences on mobile devices. Balancing your first touch with a mobile customer is risky.

Category Search Problem

Unless you have a small list of destination countries, how will you cater for a user who only has a rough idea of where they want to go e.g. “Africa”, or “South East Asia”?


Sounds like a search-based homepage design might be a safer option here. A big search box with a prompt like “Where do you want to go?, perhaps with typeahead search to direc to specific entries in your list of destinations.

Pop Up in Google Sheets for Viewers and Editors

Is there a way to create a pop-up messsage that shows in Google Sheets not only to Editors/Collaborators but also to those with "view only" privileges?

macos – Passwords pop up always showing on my mac book device

I have a strange thing that happened on my mac book pro and the screenshot is attached. I think this will appear when I connect my additional desktop screen to mac.IT will not close even if it is a clickable button.

Can anyone help to remove this and find what is the reason behind this?

enter image description here

classical music or pop music?

What do you prefer ?

Do you like pop songs? | Forum Promotion

Though I like all genres of songs, but pop songs really touches my heart, specially the ones which have good lyrics.

I’ve been listening to Jason mars, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars etc. My favourite one till now is Bruno Mars: Just the way you are.

Any pop song lover here, who can share their experiences? Also kindly recommend some local pop songs for me. 😊


pop3 – THUNDERBIRD: Downloading via POP while Keeping messages unread on server

We have a problem with EMAILS being marked as “read” on the server (CPANEL->WebMail) when Thunderbird downloads them via POP. Is there any way to prevent this?

Use case and Scenario:
Several team members share and work on the same email addresses. Some use webmail and a the management uses Thunderbird to download and review and archive emails (oversight).

Team Members must be able to see emails on webmail that are not yet actually read on webmail. And yes, it is ok if the management reads the email in Thunderbird and that particular email is not marked “read” on webmail. What’s important is to only mark emails on the webmail as “Read” when someone actually read them there on the Webmail.