audio – Sound pops in wireless headphones when using microphone through usb hub

  • HP Probook 650 G5

  • Ugreen USB 3.0 Hub / Switcher with 4 ports connected to the laptop

  • Wireless headset (Radiofrequency – JBL quantum 600) with USB dongle connected to the USB switcher

  • Sound is okay without problem when only listening to youtube or some other source of sound

  • When I open Sound Settings, I test the microphone on some website, or I am connected to Skype / Teams / Webex, the output starts to Pop and Crack, I can listen clear but the popping is annoying

  • When I press the button to switch to my personal laptop – Acer Predator G15, I test the microphone and everything is fine, I can clearly listen and talk without popping sound

  • When I put the USB dongle from the headset directly to the laptop, it works without popping but as I frequently switch between my two laptops I want to have the dongle connected to the USB switcher

  • I tried installing drivers, device manager reports no problem, some power management features from official HP site but nothing has resolved that

  • on my work laptop – where the problem is, I am using Windows 10 1909 version and on my personal laptop I have 2004 version

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    9.0 pie – How can I add a VOIP app to the list of phone apps that pops up after clicking on a “call” link in my browser?

    I have a Motorola G7 Power running Android 9. I have several VOIP phone apps on my Android (TextNow, Google Voice, etc.) When I browse the internet on my phone and I come across a “call” link for a business (pizzeria, retail store, etc.) and I activate the link, I get a list of calling apps to choose from to complete the call. Among them, of course, in addition to the VOIP apps that I have installed is the phone app that comes bundled with Android.

    The problem is that, one of my VOIP apps, Google Voice, is never listed as an option in that aforementioned list. How can I add it?

    Generally speaking, given a context e.g. playing a certain type of file, handling a type of link, etc. how can you ensure that a certain app will be included as an option in the list of apps that Android presents in efforts to address that context?

    macbook pro – Quick Look pops up when switching desktops

    When switching between desktops, sometimes Quick Look pops up all by himself. Even when switching for a desktop containing a terminal, Quick Look pops up for a path that might be in the terminal’s output. It is very annoying.

    Someone knows how to solve this?

    I’m currently using Catalina v10.15.5 on a 2016 MacBook Pro 13” Touch Bar.

    windows – Everytime I Move My Mouse A Snapshot of Active Applications Pops Up on Screen

    I’m using Windows 10 and when I move my mouse a list of active applications pop up – blocking the active window.

    Please see

    As you can see in the image above a snapshot of all active applications is displayed (surrounded by a black box border) whenever I move the mouse. For example, I could be using Google Chrome and move mouse on a slant (either up or down) and the black box with snapshot of every active application appears. In order for me to dismiss it I need to click outside the black border. I don’t know what activates this box and how to get rid of it.

    It’s very annoying because I almost can’t move my mouse without this box popping up.

    Any idea how to get rid of this?


    Donald Trump's face pops up when you search for Google's "idiotic"

    Finally, Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai explains why Donald Trump's face pops up when you search for Google's "Idiot".

    This embarrassing question was asked by Democratic MP Zoe Lofgren at a recent hearing before the US Congress.

    According to him, Google Algorithm collects data from millions of web pages collected, which were stored by Google to generate various results for each term searched on the Google search engine.

    Whenever a keyword is searched, the algorithm tries to match it to existing web pages in its index. These results are then classified according to "signals" such as "relevance, freshness, popularity, how others use it", among other things. Google uses a total of 200 signals to rank the search results.

    Basically, what Pichai said is that when a keyword is searched for in Google images, the results yield images that use the term as a meta-tag. In this context, it means that thousands of people have downloaded images of Trump with "idiot" as a tag leading to a bad association.

    Finally, he told Democrat MP Zoe Lofgren that there was no one at the head office behind the search screen who was making fun of Trump.

    Well, now they are taking care of that.

    Thank you. !!!

    How can I make sure that a page pops in record numbers greater than 1 in laravel – dompdf

    It overflows and is lost during the page break

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