How to remove the port number from the URL of the http request?

I'm using an httpd server for load balancing and as a web server.
I want to convert my request from: http: // hostname: port / service to http: // hostname / service
How can this be done using RewriteRule or any other technique?

USB Connection Mode – Ability to connect an Android phone to a router port

My son wants to connect his Android phone to a port on his router. The details of the phone and the environment follow. Any advice as to whether this is possible would be highly appreciated.

Phone: WIKO
Model: U FEEL

Android version 6.0 (08)

Optoins Developer: ON

USB debugging: ON

Check applications via USB: ON

Select the USB configuration:

(possible options)
– charge
– Audio source

Disable USB audio routing: ON

View all ANR: ON

Need a good cloud for email marketing with open port 25

Need a good cloud for email marketing with open port 25 | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Need a good cloud for email marketing with open port 25

    Hi guys, how are you
    can any one used a cloud server for email marketing with open port 25
    Thank you

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security – How to export an EdgeScan vulnerability report with the listed port and protocol

I'm trying to collect a report from information on

I notice that I can export a csv report of the detected vulnerabilities on the page This does not include the port and protocol of each vulnerability with the host information. There is a drop-down tab under each item on the Vulnerabilities page, but these do not appear as columns in the report or page.

How can I access these and add them to a report?

USB port no longer works on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3i

After installing the software for a USB endoscope device, my USB port has stopped working (no more connection function, no battery charging from the adapter, the tablet icon does not appear in the 'Windows explorer). The software worked well with the connected device. Uninstall it, but still can not use the port. Is it possible to reset the port? When the tablet is off and I plug it into the charger, I can see the animation circled for the battery, but no percentage is displayed.

networking – How to send TCP packets from a specific port to a specific gateway?

The situation is quite strange, but I have a service that runs on a specific port of my home server (Plex Media Server running on 32400). I want to access it from anywhere. The problem is that the server is running a VPN connection that routes all system traffic through the VPN. I've been able to create routes for specific IP addresses in order to use the actual gateway (rather than the tun gateway). However, I would like to create a route that uses the TCP port of the service in question.

I am under Ubuntu 18.04.

I've read that I might be able to use iptables do this, marking the packages in the PREROUTING chain under mutilate. So, following the instructions found here, I was able to tinker with some instructions on how to proceed.

iptables -A PREROUTING -t mangle -p tcp -sport 32400 -j MARK -set-mark 1
echo 201 plex.out >> / etc / iproute2 / rt_tables
rule ip add fwmark 1 table plex.out
ip route add default via dev enp10s0 dev table plex.out

These are the commands I've tried, but the system always makes different routing decisions. I know that requests are received via Ethernet (not the tun), as I can see them with tcpdump easily. However, the responses are sent over the VPN with the help of the tun and the TCP connection can not be established.

Transfer the GoDaddy subdomain to another port on the same server (reverse proxy)

Here is the situation: I bought a domain with GoDaddy ( GoDaddy is currently being transferred to my non-ip domain because I have a dynamic IP address (however, it does not change so often). directly to my IP address).

Now, here is where it gets a little more complicated. I run a web server (Apache) on port 80, which is displayed when you visit ( Several other services also run on the same system: Plexport 32400; Tautulli on Port 7777; Ombi on the port 5000; Lidarr on port 8686, Remotely Anywhere PC Access on 7000 and a separate Web server (Microsoft IIS on port 9024).

Currently, to access any of these services other than port 80, I must proceed as follows: ""; So, for example, to access Ombi, I have to type

What I would like is that my domain has subdomains for each port. For example, would theoretically load port 5000 on the server, but would display instead of redirecting and exposing the port number. would load port 7000 and so on …

I've read that this can be done with a reverse proxy via Apache or nginx (because I run mamp pro for my main server) as well as with IIS, but I have no idea of ​​how to do this for what needs to be changed / added on the server, which server would be best to accomplish this as well as what I should change on my GoDaddy domain.

I hope someone can help me because I am totally puzzled at this point.

Thank you in advance.

vpn – Multiple OpenVPN sharing an IP address / external port

Situation: We must have several OpenVPN services (or equivalent) accessible via port 443 externally. In one ideal world would share a single external IP address and would be distinguished by the subnetwork (s) it supports. "The company" is afraid to give us several IP addresses accessible from the outside. So we are looking for a way to share the one we currently have between multiple VPN services.

We can not mix VPN traffic for security reasons. Hence the need to have multiple independent VPN services.

I imagine a service (possibly hypothetical) that would listen for port 443 and route VPN traffic based on subnet 10.xx for each VPN. Once the traffic was "internal" to our network, it could go to the host / service / port needed.

I do not know if it's feasible or practical, but for whatever reason, I think it should be possible.

How to read data from an FPGA port with pyUSB (python)?

Hi, I'm trying to get data from the port of an FPGA (in python) that connects via USB and that appears on devices like USB-Blaster (I'm using Linux because Windows did not work). I use pyUSB because it does not simulate serial port. Until now, I have been able to identify the device only with the help of the code below:

import usb.core
import usb.util

dev = usb.core.find (idVendor = 0x09FB, idProduct = 0x6001)
print (dev)

DEVICE ID 09fb: 6001 on the bus 001 Address 003 ==================
bLength: 0x12 (18 bytes)
bDescriptorType: 0x1 Device
bcdUSB: 0x110 USB 1.1
bDeviceClass: 0x0 specified at the interface
bDeviceSubClass: 0x0
bDeviceProtocol: 0x0
bMaxPacketSize0: 0x8 (8 bytes)
idVendor: 0x09fb
idProduct: 0x6001
bcdDevice: 0x400 Device 4.0
iManufacturer: 0x1 Changes
iProduct: 0x2 USB-Blaster
Serial Number: 0x3 91d28408
bNumConfigurations: 0x1
CONFIGURATION 1: 150 mA =====================================
bLength: 0x9 (9 bytes)
bDescriptorType: configuration 0x2
wTotalLength: 0x20 (32 bytes)
bNumInterfaces: 0x1
bConfigurationValue: 0x1
iConfiguration: 0x0
bmAttributes: 0x80 powered by the bus
bMaxPower: 0x4b (150mA)
INTERFACE 0: Vendor Specific ===========================
bLength: 0x9 (9 bytes)
bDescriptorType: interface 0x4
bInterfaceNumber: 0x0
bAlternateSetting: 0x0
bNumEndpoints: 0x2
bInterfaceClass: 0xff specific to the provider
bInterfaceSubClass: 0xff
bInterfaceProtocol: 0xff
iInterface: 0x2 USB-Blaster
ENDPOINT 0x81: Bulk IN ================================
bLength: 0x7 (7 bytes)
bDescriptorType: endpoint 0x5
bEndpointAddress: 0x81 IN
bmAttributes: 0x2 en bloc
wMaxPacketSize: 0x40 (64 bytes)
bInterval: 0x0
ENDPOINT 0x2: Bulk OUT =================================
bLength: 0x7 (7 bytes)
bDescriptorType: endpoint 0x5
bEndpointAddress: 0x2 OUT
bmAttributes: 0x2 en bloc
wMaxPacketSize: 0x40 (64 bytes)
bInterval: 0x0

I can not understand this information above my device (FPGA).

I've tried to get information from the link:
in "speak to me, darling".

In this link, I saw that I needed some parameters: bmRequestType, bmRequest, wValue and wIndex. But I do not know how to get them.

In summary, I would like to access data from an FPGA port, for example GPIO_0.

If anyone knows and can help me, I will be grateful to you.

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