cache – What do I do if my WordPress site is suddenly sanitizing portions of URLs it shouldn’t?

Nobody has touched wp-admin for this site in weeks. Suddenly, URLs are being sanitized in ways that break everything. The question marks of query parameters are being replaced with URL escape code %3F, which is obviously breaking nearly every script and stylesheet include that’s affected. The result is content like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src=""></script>

<script type='text/javascript' src='wp-includes/js/wp-embed.min.js%3Fver=5.4.1'></script>

Some, but not all URLs in the document are affected. Scripts and some anchor elements are affected.

In addition to this URL madness, it seems like portions of the main site are being included in every single page – i.e., the homepage’s markup is being embedded within wp-admin pages, etc.

The effect is that the site can essentially not be used – large dynamic portions of pages, especially the main landing page, simply fail to load or appear malformed due to missing scripts and stylesheets.

I should add that it’s nearly impossible to navigate wp-admin given the absurd state that it’s in at the moment, so I can’t really find my way around to do regular diagnostics.

How do I even begin to fix something like this? If this wasn’t a moneymaking site with plenty of content I haven’t even touched (‘the last guy’ decided to install dozens of plugins whose purposes are difficult to decipher, are possibly redundant, and might break everything if removed) I would gladly just reinstall everything.

I have attempted:

  • Removing a “WP Fastest Cache” plugin which, according to some, ‘breaks everything’ as of this month. Edit: It looks like this plugin is parasitic. After deactivating it, clearing my local cache, etc., pages still contain a comment marking them as having been cached by it…

  • Visiting and re-saving permalink settings in wp-admin as suggested by a comment I found in a similar issue elsewhere.

TacoLoco – an advertising network of LosPollos. Extra large portions of high quality traffic! | NewProxyLists

Hi all!

After very successful private tests, we are now publicly launching our new advertising network with exclusive traffic: TacoLoco. Push subscriptions are ready and new ad formats will be launched in the coming weeks.

What is on the menu:

  • internal resources with the highest quality traffic;
  • minimum bid for CPC from $ 0.001 per click;
  • convenient notification generator;
  • super-fast campaign approval.

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seo – Google has deindexed portions of our page after copying the content

This year, our website has featured in a number of leading design articles and has subsequently been copied in-depth. Now, Google seems to have deindexed parts of our homepage (and perhaps other content), which worries our SEO and CTR rankings.

Moreover, it no longer reads the key parts of the page to present in SERP, rather converting our navigation into text. The results, as you can imagine, are very poor (see image).

enter the description of the image here

We are a Christian organization and we do not wish to pursue copyright infringement.

What can be done about this?

Algorithms – Find portions of line segments close to each other

I have two line segments in 3D space. The line segments are defined by 2 points each: A1, B1 and A2, B2 (see left part in the diagram below).

I would like to find an algorithm to detect which part of the line segment 1 has a distance <= x to the line segment 2 (and the inverse). The expected result of the algorithm is represented by the red lines in the diagram:

enter the description of the image here

Could you please give me some tips and tricks? I do not know where to start. Thank you.

unit – Capsule collider does not detect collisions on rounded up / down portions

I use Unity's built-in character controller with a default collider of capsules, but the collation does not fire as expected. When I hit him up or down (the rounded parts), he does not hit. I have uploaded a video so you can watch in action.

I have never faced this behavior before and I do not understand what is happening. Do you have an idea?

What is the impact of SEO on providing multiple custom domains for portions of our main site?

The provision of different domains is similar to the one you have with different subdomains. So, having and is identical to having &

You will have to market each subdomain / domain separately, in order to obtain relevant links to each entity separately.

Each subdomain / domain essentially functions as a separate "enterprise" within society as a whole.

I would not recommend it, but if you insist on creating subdomains / domains, perform a 301 redirect, "permanently moved" to your main site, because, according to Google, this only affects 15% of ranks .

Air Travel – Why are the meal portions of airlines so small?

Why are the meal portions of airlines so small, even on long-haul flights?
Sometimes this is not enough for children, let alone for adults.

I have some assumptions, but I would like to submit this question to those who are able to know the true reason (s).