sharepoint online – Change the position of the Title field in the list, in the Site Design script

When I create a list in a site design script (via createSPList -> Add-SPOSiteScript -> Add-SPOSiteDesign), the Title field is automatically added. I discovered how to remove the Title field with the help of the Hidden property, for example:

"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": false

However, what I want to do for this list is to include the Title field, but to display it at the end of the table and at the bottom of the New / Edit form (that is, the last field). of the list). There seems to be no way to do that with the createSPList command, because the Title field that I specify in my script is overwritten by the automatically added Title field, and it is positioned in the first column of the view and in the first field of the form.

I know that I can change the order once the site design has been applied, but I would prefer to set the order programmatically in my script. Is there a way to do this? An example of a script is shown below. It will add two fields to the view, but the Title field will always be placed first when the drawing is applied, although it is listed last in the script and it is not included in the view:

"$ schema": "schema.json",
"verb": "createSPList",
"listName": "List of positioning title fields",
"templateType": 100,
"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": true
"verb": "addSPFieldXml",
"schemaXml": ""
"addToDefaultView": false
"verb": "addSPView",
"name": "All articles",
"query": "",
"rowLimit": 30,
"isPaged": true,
"makeDefault": true
"bindata": {},
"version 1

android studio – How to know the position of an item in a juicer by knowing its contents?

I have an activity in which I keep the values ​​of a spinner (only the content) in a MySQLI database, but I also have an activity in which I modify the values ​​of that column in the database with another spinner, but for that first, I retrieve the data from the database, I modify them and they are updated (this should be done), but I have a question about how to do it.
It should be noted that there are 2 spinners and that each gets the values ​​in a different way, being one of the strings.xml files of one and the only one. other of the form presented below.

ArrayAdapter adaptSexo = ArrayAdapter.createFromResource (this,
R.array.sexo_array, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item);
adaptSexo.setDropDownViewResource (android.R.layout.simple_spinner_dropdown_item);
Listing numbers = new ArrayList();
for (int x = 14; x <= 25; x ++) {
numeros.add (String.valueOf (x));
// The adapter is assigned to the old spinner
age.setAdapter (new ArrayAdapter(this, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item, numbers));
// The adapter is assigned to the sex spinner
sex.setAdapter (adaptSexo);

Here is where I take the updates but I do not know how 🙁

private void Search () {
AdminSQLiteOpenHelper admin = new AdminSQLiteOpenHelper (this, "baseData", null, 1);
SQLiteDatabase database = admin.getWritableDatabase ();

String name = name.getText (). ToString ();

if (! name.isEmpty ()) {
Cursor row = database.rawQuery ("SELECT name, address, gender, age FROM users WHERE name =" + name + ", null);
if (row.moveToFirst ()) {
name.setText (row.getString (0));
home.setText (row.getString (1));
// I know it's wrong, but I hope I'm made to understand
String x = row.getString (2);
sex.setSelection (Integer.parseInt (x));
// -------------------------------- SPINNERS --------------- --------------------
sex.setText (row.getString (2));
edad.setText (row.getString (3));
// ------------------------------------------------ ---- -----------------------
database.close ();
} else {
Toast.makeText (this, "The user does not exist", Toast.LENGTH_LONG) .show ();
database.close ();
} else {
Toast.makeText (this, "Please enter a name", Toast.LENGTH_LONG) .show ();
database.close ();
} `

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Unity – How can a NamMeshAgent be configured to always look to its next path position, without ever moving to it?

I'd like to have something like a panel on the screen that pops up in the direction you're supposed to go.

The panel is a NamMeshAgent with a speed of 0. I was hoping that something like this would work:

In beginning:
agent.updateRotation = false;

In Update:
this.transform.LookAt (agent.nextPosition);

But no luck.

Should be simple, I'm not too familiar with the 2019 Unity navigation mesh and I can not find the answer online. Thank you.

How to compare a chain position with a character? C

Process_name can not compare the position of the string "a" with a letter. I want to count the number of letters "A" that appear in the string and replace the letters "E" by a 3.

int process_names (char[3][30])
int i, cont = 0;

for (i = 0; i <3; i ++)
if[i]== & # 39; E & # 39;)
at[i]= 3;


for (i = 0; i <3; i ++)
printf ("Name:% s  n", the[i])

for (i = 0; i <3; i ++)
if[i]= & # 39; A & # 39;)
cont ++;


back cont;


int main ()
int i;
char a[3][30];

for (i = 0; i <3; i ++)
printf ("Enter a name:");

printf (" nNumber of letters in the string:% d  n", process_name (a));

returns 0;


What is your position on illegal immigration and in which state do you live?

I live in Connecticut, which is quite far from the border. I am therefore interested in the opinion of people living in states located in other parts of the country / close to the border.

I would like to know in which state you live and what is your position on illegal immigration.
** (If you do not feel comfortable telling which state you live in, can you name the region of the country where it is?)


unit – Instantiate the spawn prefab with a weird Z position

I use Instantiate to create a game object in 2D unit, but it generates the prefabricated in a very low Z position (-1228,963), so that the main camera can only not even to capture him.

I can confirm that it is appearing since it appears in the hierarchy and in the scene view, but not in the game view.

How can I fix this?

The player does not move easily when I try to follow the position between the cursor and the player. 2D unit

When the player moves, moving the camera gives the impression that the camera is teleporting to the player and then again after recharging. I want to get things done smoothly.

Next code camera:

Private update void ()
Vector3 position = GetFollowingPoint ();
position = new Vector3 (
Mathf.Clamp (position.x,
Bounds.bounds.min.x + Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height,
Bounds.bounds.max.x - Camera.orthographicSize * Screen.width / Screen.height),
Mathf.Clamp (position.y,
Bounds.bounds.min.y + Camera.orthographicSize,
Bounds.bounds.max.y - Camera.orthographicSize),

transform.position = position;

GetFollowingPoint ():

return Player.transform.position + (cursor.transform.position - Player.transform.position) / 3;

java – How to get the key value of the firebase node from the recyclerview position?

I use OnScrollListener for recyclerview to get the position of the current visible element on the screen

Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
setContentView (R.layout.activity_main);

postList = (RecyclerView) findViewById (;
final LinearLayoutManager linearLayoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager (this);
postList.setLayoutManager (linearLayoutManager);

postList.addOnScrollListener (new RecyclerView.OnScrollListener () {
public void onScrollStateChanged (@NoNull RecyclerView recycleView, int newState) {
super.onScrollStateChanged (recyclerView, newState);

switch (newState) {
case RecyclerView.SCROLL_STATE_IDLE:
System.out.println ("The RecyclerView does not scroll");
LinearLayoutManager layoutManager = (((LinearLayoutManager) postList.getLayoutManager ());

firstVisiblePosition = layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition ();

Toast.makeText (MainActivity.this, String.valueOf (firstVisiblePosition), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT) .show (); ** // Here is the position // **
System.out.println ("Scrolling now");
System.out.println ("Scroll Settling");

public void onScrolled (@NoNull RecyclerView recycleView, int dx, int dy) {
super.onScrolled (recyclerView, dx, dy);

Query sortPost = PostRef
FirebaseRecyclerOptions options = new FirebaseRecyclerOptions.Builder() .setQuery (sortPost, Post.class) .build ();
FirebaseRecyclerAdapter firebaseRecyclerAdapter = new FirebaseRecyclerAdapter(Options)
onBindViewHolder protected void (@ PostsViewHolder final @NonNull holder, final final position, final post template @NonNull)

final String PostKey = getRef (position) .getKey ();

in the onBindViewHolder method, I get the postkey of the getRef () method.

But now, I also want to recover the recyclerview post-key.
Means whenever SCROLL_STATE_IDLE I want to retrieve the post-key from the visible position of recyclerview (firstVisiblePosition).

Mojomarketplace Unexpected Token <in JSON at position 0

Does anyone use this error with mojo?

they seem to send support questions to the hosting provider and neither side solves it.

I t … | Read the rest of