sharepoint online – Content type and possibility of reusing the site column in the flat structure

About 6 months ago, I wrote this question about the possibility of reusing content types and site columns among site collections connected to a hub site in the world of flat structure. Migration of our local sub-sites to become collections of modern sites. how we are going to handle content types and site columns. I compared the horizontal structure with the subsites approach, where, in the subsites approach, we can manage the columns and types of site content on the root site and reuse all the columns and the content types of the site automatically within the subsites. So, after 6 months, improvements have been made or are there approaches in SharePoint Online that could allow us to facilitate the reuse of content types and site columns in the flat structure? or the same old case applies, should we use power-shell to handle the same types of content and the same site columns in the site collection of the flat structure?
Of course, I excluded the option of using content type hub sites to allow the reuse of content type in hub sites, because the content type site approach is a very classic / old approach that we should not use with the hub site. as if I had the decision to use sub-site approaches or to use hub-sites with content hubs, I will go with the subsites approach.
Thank you

woocommerce – Possibility of having multiple accounts on the same site?

I have a site that serves multiple business units of a company. The company would like to be able to sell different products from each business unit. Each business unit has its own account and wants to process transactions using its own account.


  • Business Unit A wants to sell widget A and treat the account transaction A.
  • Business Unit B wants to sell the widget B and treat the account transaction B.
  • Business Unit C wants to sell widget C and treat the account transaction.

For accounting reasons, they can not share a single account. The site uses WooCommerce.

I did a lot of research and found plugins and methods to use several different gateways (eg and Stripe), but not multiple accounts for the same gateway because the keys were tend to be installed.

I'm pretty sure the answer to the question is "no," but I want to make sure I do not give up prematurely.

Network Failure – Possibility – Exchange of Information Security Stack

In theory, if a person has unauthorized access to my network, there are many things that can happen, depending on the point of attack and how he accessed it. So I can assume that anything connected to the network can potentially be monitored or used. pirate.

I do not know enough jargon to ask a specific question and understand that there are many ways to attack a network. I would just like to know if the following options are possible, and not how they are done:

1) Can someone know / see what websites are going, what emails they write and what content can access the camera and record sound / video?

2) I have seen products, equipment, etc. online that everyone can buy to monitor / record phone conversations, via an app or device (have seen them under $ 1000). Consumers can buy something for that purpose, perhaps even a police or government level. Possible?

3) Would it be fair to say that if anyone had access to my network, no matter what I do with the hardware, as long as he has this network access, he can still be hacked or monitored?

The general question is deliberate, because I am not looking for a particular solution, nor the probability that it will happen.

In addition, if we could set aside the skill level, the costs and the motive, someone would have to do it as well.

Possibility to check by other rules than the URL

And if our goal is not to create a URL but text? Or other things, maybe hacking that?

visas – Possibility to travel from Moscow to Belarus and the EU with a foreign passport

I have a future trip to Moscow and initially planned to continue my train journey to Minsk and then to Vienna. I have a Russian visa and I had the intention to ask for one also in Belarusian. I am on an Austrian passport.

After extensive research on the trip, I realized that it was apparently not possible for foreigners to cross the Russia / Belarus border.

So my questions are:

  1. Is this still the case from May 2019?
  2. Are there any problems when I take the plane instead: Moscow-Minsk-Vienna?
  3. What about flying between Moscow and Minsk, then leaving Byelorussia by train (towards Poland)?

Analysis tools, with possibility of file import

The problem we face is that we provide rich Internet applications to businesses. Since we wanted to get feedback on application usage habits and our customers did not want to integrate our applications with third-party tools like Google Analytics, we finally had to use an "in app" recorder, which allows to follow basic actions, such as screens. users access the menus and icons they click, and so on. The recorder can output as XLS, CSV or TXT files.

The question is: anyone who knows a simple analysis tool, in which XLS / CSV / TXT files can be imported and analyzed? We would like to get an overview of the typical results: number of sessions per day, average session duration, frequently used views / menus / icons, etc.

Of course, we could use Excel and create the analytical formulas, but it could take a lot of work and we would prefer to use something that has already been proven.

blockchain – IOTA version "C" (CClient) and possibility to sign transactions on ESP32?

An article was recently published titled "Running the IOTA library" CClient "on ESP32" (>>> Link to the article <<<).

It is not clear to me whether using this C version of IOTA is feasible to run PoW or signing of transactions on an ESP32 device?

Since in this answer (>>> Link to answer <<<) is mentioned that:

"It is do not feasible of calculate proof of work on microcontrollers because of their speed of calculation limited. In addition, the official implementation of CCurl (calculation of proof of work in C) uses the pthreads library and other features that are do not typically available on microcontrollers.
In my opinion, it is not possible to run the IOTA battery
integrated devices due to the large amount of energy needed to sign
transactions, even if the proof of work is made elsewhere. "

The question is that:

  • Can this C version of IOTA do it feasible at run PoW or for sign transactions on micro-controllers?

  • in general, how can this version C improve the performance of IOTA on micro-controllers? And What are the new opportunities offered by version C?

Germany – Possibility of refusing German work visa with DUI, record

I am a professional computer expert specializing in DevOps. I am offered a permanent position in a German software company in their Berlin office. They are willing to sponsor my VISA and my relocation with my family.

Now the problem is my criminal background. I am convicted of driving while intoxicated in India about 16 months ago. It was the biggest mistake on my part to drive after drinking and I was stopped at a routine checkpoint. My blood alcohol level was 0.038 while the limit in India is 0.03. DUI is criminal in India.

I am not able to find much information on the position of Germany on immigrants with DUI. Anyone can help me, please, understand the possibility that my visa arrives.

[ Air Travel ] Open question: What is the possibility of being on a plane and the plane crashes?

a little afraid that with all the technology we have, there are always plane crashes.
Personally, I never worried about that, but now that I think about the latest plane crash with the Ethiopian airline that killed 157 passengers, I'm afraid … thoughts? .