facebook – How do I go back to the original post after clicking photo comment?

How do I go back to original post after a clicking photo comment?

When you click on a photo post on Facebook, it pops up the modal window. You can see the comments on the right. When people leave photo comments, and you click on them, how do you go back to the original photo/post you first opened?

What I’ve tried

Hitting the Escape key doesn’t work (closes the entire popup)
Hitting the Backspace key doesn’t work (closes the entire popup)
Hitting left/right doesn’t work (just scrolls through commenters posts)
Any ideas on how to do this?

Display category filters for custom post type when category is shared by multiple post types

I already have a solution to this problem but I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way to do it. I have a custom post type called “galleries” that uses the same taxonomy as blog posts. So if a user creates a category named “Animals” when making a blog post, that category will show up as an option when creating a new gallery.

On the gallery display page, I want to output a list of categories in a select element which are used to filter the galleries. However, if no galleries are using the category “Animals”, that category shouldn’t be displayed, since selecting it will return no results.

Here’s how I solved this so far:

  // 1. Get all the categories
  $categories = get_categories( array(
     'orderby'   => 'name',
     'order'     => 'ASC'
  ) );


// 2. Loop through the categories
foreach($categories as $cat) {

  // 3. Get the ID of the current category
  $category_id= get_cat_id($cat->name);

  // 4. Query the galleries post type for posts using the current category
  $args = array(
    'post_type' => 'galleries',
    'category' => $category_id
  $posts = get_posts($args);

   // 5. Count the number of posts using the current category
   $count = count($posts);

   // 6. Display the option if that number is greater than 0
   if($count > 0) { ?>

     <option value="<?php echo $cat->slug; ?>"><?php echo $cat->name; ?></option>

   <?php } ?>


It seems like that’s a lot of steps and maybe I’m doing this in a roundabout kind of way. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Thanks in advance.

post processing – How to edit my RAW photo to make the stars come out more?

I’ve been taken night photography photos with my Sony A6000 in RAW+JPEG. There should be a lot more potential in RAW, but I can’t make it look as visually pleasing as the JPEG. In particular, the JPEG has a lot more stars and a blacker sky, and I’m looking for what curves or levels to edit in the RAW to reproduce that. I would like to learn to get the most out of my RAW photos.

In-camera JPEG
In-camera JPEG

Darktable RAW->JPEG
Darktable RAW exported to JPEG without any editing.

The in-camera JPEG (top) shows more stars, the black of the sky is blacker, and the foreground looks better, too. To make the black blacker, I applied a base curve correction at 7.58 / 3.07 (-4.51), resulting in:

Darktable RAW->base curve->JPEG
Darktable RAW with base curve correction and exported to JPEG.

This looks better than the intermediate, in particular the foreground, but compared to the in-camera JPEG, I still see far fewer stars, and the sky between the stars is still more red than I would like. I have tried to do further base curve correction, contrast adjustment, various white balance combinations of colour temperature and tint, direct colour changes, and others. However, I can’t figure out how to enhance the starry sky and make the black sky background blacker and less red (if I force the red down in the white balance setting in darktable, it just turns green instead, and I get less stars).

What kind of setting would be effective on the RAW to make the stars come out, at least like in the JPEG, possibly more? Once I understand why the JPEG photo looks the way it does and what settings can be used to reproduce something similar, I may be able to apply my knowledge to customise these and other night photos to my personal preferences.

Link to RAW photo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz4tc6nqvbtk7qp/22-44-49.arw?dl=0 (24 MB)

Photo taken with Sony A6000, ISO 3200, 30 seconds, Samyang 12 mm F/2 NCS at F/2. Natural Bridges National Monument (Class 2 on the Bortle clase) in Utah, USA at 22:45 local time (Sunset 20:22, end of Civil Twilight 20:51, end of Nautical Twilight 21:27, end of Astronomical Twilight 22:07).

(The JPEG exports in this post are resized from 4000×3000 to 1600×1070 pixels)

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how to prefill post content

I got a button which will appear in all posts. I used this snippet (for testing) in the functions.php but it has no effect.

    add_filter( 'default_title', function() {
        return 'My default title';

    add_filter( 'default_content', function() {
        return 'My default content';

    add_filter( 'default_excerpt', function() {
        return 'My default excerpt';

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