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How to achieve a custom post type permalink like this!

How to achieve a custom post type permalink like this!




post meta – Why ever use add_post_meta, and not just update_post_meta?

I stumbled across this nice guide on Smashing Magazine on how to add a custom meta box.

In there, I can see this code here, which has me puzzled:

/* Save the meta box’s post metadata. */
function smashing_save_post_class_meta( $post_id, $post ) {

  /* Verify the nonce before proceeding. */
  if ( !isset( $_POST('smashing_post_class_nonce') ) || !wp_verify_nonce( $_POST('smashing_post_class_nonce'), basename( __FILE__ ) ) )
    return $post_id;

  /* Get the post type object. */
  $post_type = get_post_type_object( $post->post_type );

  /* Check if the current user has permission to edit the post. */
  if ( !current_user_can( $post_type->cap->edit_post, $post_id ) )
    return $post_id;

  /* Get the posted data and sanitize it for use as an HTML class. */
  $new_meta_value = ( isset( $_POST('smashing-post-class') ) ? sanitize_html_class( $_POST('smashing-post-class') ) : ’ );

  /* Get the meta key. */
  $meta_key = 'smashing_post_class';

  /* Get the meta value of the custom field key. */
  $meta_value = get_post_meta( $post_id, $meta_key, true );

  /* If a new meta value was added and there was no previous value, add it. */
  if ( $new_meta_value && ’ == $meta_value )
    add_post_meta( $post_id, $meta_key, $new_meta_value, true );

  /* If the new meta value does not match the old value, update it. */
  elseif ( $new_meta_value && $new_meta_value != $meta_value )
    update_post_meta( $post_id, $meta_key, $new_meta_value );

  /* If there is no new meta value but an old value exists, delete it. */
  elseif ( ’ == $new_meta_value && $meta_value )
    delete_post_meta( $post_id, $meta_key, $meta_value );

What I don’t get is the last couple of lines, where it checks if the post should be added (with add_post_meta()) or updated (with update_post_meta().

I don’t get why make extra lines of code for this? I mean… update_post_meta() adds the field if it wasn’t there.

So what’s the advantages of this code?

By the way… I found the backticks () puzzling as well, so I asked about them here.

custom taxonomy – Warning: Undefined variable $post in C:xampphtdocs………after PHP upgrade

I use localhost for testing and debugging sites, before making changes to the live site. Because MySQL failed in XAMPP, I had to install XAMPP from scratch. I’m now using PHP version 8.0.3. Everything worked yesterday, so it must have something to do with upgrading my version of PHP.

This code used to work. It displayed the artist name (custom product taxonomy) with the associated product in WooCommerce. Now, it’s absolutely not working.

This was my code:

<div style="background-color: #f6f6f6 !important;">
<?php $terms = get_the_terms( $post->ID, 'product_artist' );
    if ( !empty( $terms ) ){
        // get the first term
        $term = array_shift( $terms );
    $artist = $term->slug;
    $url = get_site_url();
    $name = ucwords(str_replace('-', ' ', $artist));
    <div class="by-artist" style="color: #BCA47B !important; background-color: #F6F6F6; font-size: 14px; padding: 5px 0px 10px 0px">
    <a href="<?php echo $url . '/artists/' . $artist; ?>">
    <?php echo $name; ?></a>

Does anyone know why this would stop working in PHP 8xx? More importantly, how do I fix it.

Thank you.

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wp enqueue script – Blank screen when editing a post. post.php response does not include editor.js in the HTML

we have a site that used to work and now gives us a blank screen when trying to edit any post. E.g., https://example.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=43&action=edit. On debugging we found that the post.php response does not contain any directives to download scripts for the editor. E.g.: these directives which are there in another environment (QA) are not there in prod because of which we are just seeing a blank screen:

<script src='https://example.com/wp-admin/js/editor.js?ver=5.6' id='editor-js'></script>
<script src='https://example.com/wp-includes/js/dist/block-editor.js?ver=5f6a75cdc59f1a900e9d4bcfb43bddba' id='wp-block-editor-js'></script>

we verified that if we stick a error_log in wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php 106/451

public function do_items( $handles = false, $group = false ) {
                 * If nothing is passed, print the queue. If a string is passed,
                 * print that item. If an array is passed, print those items.
                $handles = false === $handles ? $this->queue : (array) $handles;
                $this->all_deps( $handles );
                error_log("DEBUG: " . json_encode($handles));

we see:

(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("admin-bar","media-views","imgareaselect","buttons","editor-buttons","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","twentytwenty-block-editor-styles","wp-block-directory","colors","wp-auth-check","wp-block-library","acf-global","acf-input","select2","acf-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("common","admin-bar","heartbeat","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","media-editor","media-audiovideo","mce-view","image-edit","editor","quicktags","wplink","jquery-ui-autocomplete","media-upload","twentytwenty-block-editor-script","wp-block-styles","wp-block-directory","utils","svg-painter","wp-auth-check","acf-input","select2","jquery-ui-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("editor-buttons")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("admin-bar","media-views","imgareaselect","buttons","editor-buttons","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","twentytwenty-block-editor-styles","wp-block-directory","colors","wp-auth-check","wp-block-library","acf-global","acf-input","select2","acf-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater","thickbox")
(16-Apr-2021 21:42:07 UTC) DEBUG: ("common","admin-bar","heartbeat","wp-edit-post","wp-format-library","media-editor","media-audiovideo","mce-view","image-edit","editor","quicktags","wplink","jquery-ui-autocomplete","media-upload","twentytwenty-block-editor-script","wp-block-styles","wp-block-directory","utils","svg-painter","wp-auth-check","acf-input","select2","jquery-ui-datepicker","acf-timepicker","wp-color-picker","acf-input-repeater","thickbox","wp-embed")

we are at our wits end why post.php response does not include scripts for the editor. There is nothing we have done to the site. It just stopped working. We have tried restarting everything to flush out any caches and there is no error in the logs. Can anybody help?

Youtube Video Embed Issue in Magento 2 2.4 ( Blog Post Section )

This content is blocked. contact the site owner to fix the issue. iframe

I Insert this code on the Magento panel blog post section.

The content is blocked, I don’t understand what is the issue? any one guide me how to solve this with free resource? i fond some paid plugin but i need free solution. THanks!

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custom post types – Archive page for taxonomy terms

How can I create a archive over terms from a custom taxonomy like there is for custom post types? domain.com/taxonomy is empty/404, while domain.com/cpt shows all posts for that CPT.

I know I could loop true all terms and display them on a “static” page that I make myself and apply with the template page-taxonomy.php. This does however not allow me to have a “Next page” function as far as I know.

$terms = get_terms( 'taxonomy' );
foreach ( $terms as $term ) {
    echo $term->name

Is there a way to make a “normal” archive for the terms of a taxonomy? I do not want the posts of the terms/taxonomy, but the terms themself.