Posting a long comment with text of the video on YouTube

Is it a good idea (to increase traffic) to post after each my video on YouTube very long comment with full video text transcription (especially for the videos that are in Russian and YouTube does not automatically add subtitles)?

WTB – Paid Forum Posting | Forum Promotion

Hi there,

I am the operator of and looking to buy some paid forum posting (I’ve DMed a few people here who I’ve seen offer it) to help seed my forum with content. If anyone is offering this could they reply with their rates below and I’ll DM as interested?

On a side note, if anyone is interested in helping me with advertising/promotion related things I am also willing to pay for those services depending on what you have to offer.

Thanks in advance,

Pause a project after posting x number of submissions.

How to ask the ser to pause posting after a specific number of submissions?

url shorteners – How do I prevent our content editors from posting short URLs

Is there a general regex or regularly updated list of short URL domains I can use to validate that links our content editors post on our website aren’t using URL-shortener services? We want people to post the original link; since we’re also not wanting editors to post visible URLs, there’s no need for short URLs. And where there is a legitimate need for a short URL, such as for print or giving over the phone, we want it to have our domain on it for branding (we have a way to produce internal short URLs).

It would be easy to blacklist known .com URL-shortening domains such as tinyurl and digg. But with two-letter top-level domains, it seems like it would likely be a game of whack-a-mole, with new URL-shortening services likely to pop up all the time. Perhaps we could only permit two-letter top-level domains by whitelist, at the risk of slowing the ability of editors to post some legitimate links.

Are there any open solutions that are out there for this? I tried searching on “block url shorteners” (without the quotes) but only got results for URL shortening services or which mention that this site or that block posting such links, without saying how they do it.

A Drupal 7 or CKEditor solution would be ideal, but a generic code solution would work as well.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do trumptards resort to posting questions & giving their sock accounts best answer? Is this a violation of YA TOS to be REPORTED? Asking for my gram.

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Free – Posting techs required | Forum promotion

Hey guys, I am looking for help on my forum. This position will mainly require keeping the content up to date on talk time. It may also be necessary to perform simple moderation tasks when the needs arise. There is no requirement for daily publication, although we would like three to five publications per day. You do not have to be a member of our forum, although it is strongly encouraged that you are a member. You must have basic phpBB 3 skills, such as prohibiting and distributing offenses. Although we are a general discussion forum, we really encourage all members and staff to post more than the Dugout section. Finally, to reduce the number of duplicate subjects, we strongly recommend that you necropublish or reassemble the old subjects. Our website is

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