sharepoint online – Inserting data into Excel from PowerApps

I have a PowerApps app that is fronting a SharePoint data source. My customer has an Excel spreadsheet they use for reporting purposes and would like to be able to export data from the PowerApps interface into their Excel spreadsheet stored on OneDrive. I don’t want to push the data to a .CSV file – they already have a formatted Excel workbook with tables, formulas, etc. so I don’t want to create extra work for them. Has anyone done this and do you have any examples/videos/etc. on how to do this?

sharepoint enterprise – Flow Updates Library Column with ID from PowerApps

I am still in desparate need of resolution.

I have a Gallery in which I enter data – including a User created ‘JobUnqID’. I am Patching the ‘JobUnqID’ to the List. I am uploading a document the an attachment control to a ‘JobDocsLibrary’. The Flow is below. Where do I add the language the will Patch (as this is a new document) the appropriate and specific ‘JobCQUnqID’ along side the document in the Library as a result of the Patch / Flow action. I’ve gotten it to kinda work; but its overwritting the wrong item (or multiple wrong items) in the Library.


When and item is created


List Name: JobsLibrary

Get Files (properties only)

Site (same as above)

Library Name: JobsDocLibrary

(Both of the above have a column for ‘JobCQUnqID’; the ‘JobCQUnqID’ is being created in the PowerApps Gallery and Patched to the ‘JobsList’)

Apply to each


Update file properties


Library Name: ‘JobDocsLibrary’

Id: SpID (items(‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(ID)

JobCQUnqID: (items((‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(‘JobCQUnqID’)

sharepoint online – PowerApps gallery to form, how do i disable SAVE button when Form is in view mode?

I am not a coder, but trying to understand the logic and write the correct formula in PowerApps.

When I select ‘Edit’ from my ‘Gallery1’, it opens my ‘BuildForm’ screen in Power Apps.
I want the SAVE button on my ‘BuildForm’ screen to DISABLE when viewing the form.

Right now I have my SAVE button DisplayMode control set to:

If(BuildForm.Valid,DisplayMode.Edit, DisplayMode.Disabled)

It is disabled until the form is fully completed by the user.

How do I tell it to also disable the SAVE button when someone is only Viewing the information in the BuildForm?

sharepoint online – Clear People picker field in Powerapps

I am trying below code to clear people picker field but this does not work when i submit form

On People picker i set defaultselecteditems below so if user select Approve its set value blank in Peoplepicker


and on Submit button i written below

    {ID: VarID},

But it does not clear value for people picker

Trying to populate choices in drop down on PowerApps based on SharePoint People Picker field

I have a PowerApps app that connects to a SharePoint list. There is a column, Approver, that I want to use to filter a report. Approver is a People Picker field. I want to have a drop-down input box on my PowerApps screen that has the names of Approvers from the SharePoint list, so that I can filter the results based on approvers rather than typing in a name from the GAL. Is this possible, and if so, any tips on how to do this?

Powerapps Canvas Apps gallery with multiple combobox filters

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sharepoint online – Delegation warning in PowerApps for SortByColumns

In order to avoid the delegation limitation you want to avoid filtering SharePoint lists directly. Instead, you can simply query a variable that contains your entire list in memory.

The only tricky part here is to get the entire SharePoint list first. In order to do it, you want to get the list items in chunks of 200-or-so items. Consider this example:

// loading all meetings to memory:
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 0,  ID <= 200),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 200, ID <= 400), 
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 400, ID <= 600), 
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 600, ID <= 800),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 800, ID <= 1000),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 1000, ID <= 1200),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 1200, ID <= 1400),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 1400, ID <= 1600),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 1600, ID <= 1800),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 1800, ID <= 2000),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 2000, ID <= 2200),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 2200, ID <= 2400),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 2400, ID <= 2600),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 2600, ID <= 2800),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 2800, ID <= 3000),
  Filter('Meetings', ID > 3000, ID <= 3200)

Then you can filter against this variable instead. Even using complex quieries like these:

        StartsWith(TextSearch.Text, Text('Meeting Number')),
        TextSearch.Text in Text('Start Date', "($-en-US)yyyy-mm-dd"),
        TextSearch.Text in Text('End Date', "($-en-US)yyyy-mm-dd"),
        ID exactin Filter(InMemoryMotions, TextSearch.Text in 'Motion Text').MeetingID, 
            ID exactin Filter(InMemoryMotions, FirstWord in 'Motion Text').MeetingID,
            ID exactin Filter(InMemoryMotions, SecondWord in 'Motion Text').MeetingID  
            ID exactin Filter(InMemoryMotions, FirstWord in Keywords).MeetingID,
            ID exactin Filter(InMemoryMotions, SecondWord in Keywords).MeetingID  

How to handle GroupUserAdding event in power automate or powerapps

We are migrating Sharepoint farm solution to SP Online.

In solution we have GroupUserAdding receiver. In event receiver, i need to validate user first with some condition before adding to group.  I am not able to find any GroupUserAdding regarding trigger in power automate or in powerapps.

Please help any feasibility or workaround to achieve this.

document library – Filtering lookup values based on another column powerapps

I have a document library (with document sets). And while I wanted to use enterprise metatags (so I can use nested tags) the users feel that this is too much of a confusion and would like to have two columns where the second would be filtered based on the first. I thought of using powerapps and followed plenty of examples like this one
but it seems like an overkill to have two sharepoint lists while I could have one.
I found this topic: Filtering lookup values based on another column in another list, sharepoint online and powerapps but I can’t decypher what is the logic behind the solution.
and if I just try to copy and paste (replacing names) I get constantly errors.

In my scenario, I have a sharepoint list called “Project Tags” with two columns. One is Document Category and the second Document Type with a 1:N relation.
Then I have the doc library where I thought of using a drop-down to represent the document categories and a lookup for the document type.

Now what I look to do is to filter the document type, based on the value of the document category. If needed, I can replace the drop-down with a lookup.

Anyone kind enough to help me out with this?

powerapps forms – Chart in Power apps gives wrong data from choice field of sharepoint list

Chart in Power apps gives wrong data from choice field of sharepoint list

here is my item:

AddColumns(‘Micro Focus Escalation Tracker’,”Stat”,Status.Value),

Here is actual data from sharepoint list

enter image description here

This is what Powerapps shows (Wrong Numbers)

enter image description here