Uploading excel to sharepoint list via PowerApps

I am creating a powerapp which will allow the user to upload an excel data in to a sharepoint list. I tried doing it by following a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45qSaxyS9Rg but it is giving me an error "No table was found with the name ‘Table1’." is there anyway to solve this or any other way to upload a an excel sheet to a sharepoint list via PowerApps.

sharepoint online – Create a PowerApp’s Approval Requests CDS Browse screen to show a link to the MS Flow Approval items

I want to build a PowerApp which shows the MS Flow requests from this page:-

enter image description here

So first step i did is that i add a new PowerApp from CDS >> Approval Requests, as follow:-

enter image description here
enter image description here

Where i will get this Browse screen automatically:-

enter image description here

Now i need to modify this Built-in browse screen, to show URLs which will take the user to the MS flow Approve/Reject screen.. i found that i can access these data..

enter image description here

But i am not sure if i can use/benefit from this data to build a URL to the MS Flow Approvals items? so the user from the PowerApp Browser screen can click on a link which will open this MS flow screen to provide a response:-

enter image description here

Powerapps Gallery Paging issue in Gallery.Height and Gallery.TemplateHeight

I have created pagination for the gallery which is placed on the screen. I have followed the below link to get it done.


The problem I facing here is my gallery height is 350 and the template height is 10(if i change the template height the gallery is not looking good with the gap between cells ). where ever the gallery height and gallery template height is required I am giving the above values, but the records which we are binding in the gallery are coming in a single page with scroll and it’s not splitting and binding in the upcoming pages.

i am attaching the images for your reference with the gallery and it’s properties. What should I do to split the records into multiple pages. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Gallery Properties

Gallery Grid

powerapps forms – Can SharePoint 2019 recognize users thru On-Premise Data Gateway?

We have a SP2019 setup for test purpose. Then we install on-premise data gateway in the environment. We can successfully connect the SharePoint data on-premise to Power Platform. Users can login PowerApps (vai userID@myfirm.com) can read/write/delete the data on-premise thru PowerApps.

However, we see the the “modified by” are the service account (mydomainserviceaccount) we used to setup data gateway. Is it possible SharePoint 2019 can recognize the user who is using PowerApp to update the data?

PowerApps screens – Split-screen, Sidebar and Heather, Main section, Footer

Working on a PowerApp today, I came across 3 new “screen types” when I went to add a new screen.

enter image description here

Although it is fairly easy to understand how those screens are set up, I wasn’t able to find Microsoft documentation on those.

They use Containers in the screen but I do not have the Container feature enabled.

As I’ve just noticed them, any ideas of when those new screens were added to PowerApps and release notes from Microsoft I missed?

enter image description here

SharePoint delegation for powerapps

Delegation warning.
How to control the delegation to avoid the warning? It is limited to my subscribe 365 account.

Chart in Powerapps – SharePoint Stack Exchange

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sharepoint online – Previous opened forms are showing in Customized Powerapps forms

I have created Newform, Edit Form, and View Form for a SharePoint List in the PowerApps (Separate Forms for each mode).

So whenever I click any of the forms, the previously opened form is showing initially for 2 – 3 seconds, and then the respective form is showing.

any solution would be helpful. Thanks in advance!.

Search function in powerapps for DataTable not working

I have used datatable in powerapps and i used search function using textinputbox.In the search function, when i am trying to set the field name it is showing error.(more info:for the field names i have used relationships such as project.name).

How to create an item in Sharepoint list and immediately update it using a flow through a PowerApps button?

I have a custom made Power App.

What should happen is: Add some info -> press a button and it should
a) create a new item and b) update one of the fields. ( and then do some other stuff, not relevant for now..)

This is the flow: It gets the highest AnalysisNumberCounter, adds one, padds it and adds ‘A#’ in front. Finally it appends it to the AnalysisNumber field.

So for example, if the highest AnalysisNumberCounter is 1587, then this appends A#001588 to AnalysisNumber

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The flow on its own works.
But when I call it from inside a PowerApps button it doesn’t append the output to the field.

This is the action of the button

The important thing is that the item must be created and right afterwards updated, while still in the PowerApps, so that some other buttons can work on the newly created AnalysisNumber.

Am I missing an argument or something here?