2016 – Add a user to a group if the name partially matches PowerShell's help

I have a very large and complex SharePoint 2016 site with hundreds of groups.
I write a PowerShell script to add a specific user to a group if the group name matches text.

For example, I need to add UserX to any group that has the word "English" in the group name.

I have the following code that works to add the user to an individual group, but I do not know how to loop and add them only when the partial text matches.

$ site = get-spsite https: // site
#get web object
$ web = $ site.RootWeb

#Enumarate groups of sites
$ web.SiteGroups | select the name
#get user object
$ user = $ web.EnsureUser ("domain  user")
#Get a group object
$ group = $ web.SiteGroups["Year 10 ENGLISH Staff"]
#add a user to a group
$ group.AddUser ($ user)

Thank you for any help