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Hi Friends,

Recommend me a good pps host. I was using Filejoker. But Its a cheater host. Its shaving sales like anything. And I have got proof from my visitors, who bought Premium but it never got counted. When I complained, they threatened me not to post anything negative review. I deleted all my files from there. Avoid this Filejoker shit. These are same people who were running Filehost Oron. Totally scammers.

Filelox – PPD ( 50USD ), PPS (90% inital sale / 70% rebill)& Mix PPD 60% and sale rebill 35% | NewProxyLists

HAHA! Can’t even log in, Fix your site.

Internal Server Error​

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Filelox – PPD ( 20USD ), PPS (55% inital sale / rebill)& Mix PPD 40% and sale rebill 30% | NewProxyLists

I’d like to introduce Filelox to fellow members of wjunction. Filelox is file sharing website sister of Vidlox, which can be used to share your files online over both mobile and desktop. Registered users can take benefit of our affiliate program and earn huge money with it.

What makes Filelox Different from others ?

Less and quality ads.
Better user interference
Payout within 48 hours.
Refer a people and earn 15% from each referral.
No Shaving, you get what you earn.

Below are some of the benefits for our affiliate program:-

PPD – 100% of Downloads.
PPS – 55% of Sales / Rebills.
MIX – 40% of Downloads and 30% of Sales / Rebills.


If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to contact us.

Skype: live:.cid.3e5b353c8bf145c

Launch bonus: We are giving out 10% extra as a bonus on your 2nd payment. All you need to do to get this is Post your 1st payment proof in this thread and you will get 10% extra on your second payment. Or $10 as a bonus who post first payment proof, choose any one benefit from above.

Hurry up! Only first 50 users who will post there payment proof will get this benefit.

Please note: File is currently in beta stage, so most of the features are working but bugs can be there. Please report if you find any and we’ll fix it. Lets make Filelox best together :) – Earn 60% Initial Sale Commission with Our PPS Affiliate Program | NewProxyLists

Hello WJ users,

I’m Affiliate Manager at & I’m here to introduce you new File Hosting Service for your file sharing needs with Affiliate Program.

What We Offer:

  • 60% Initial Sale Affiliate Commission + 50% Rebill Commission with Our PPS Affiliate Program
  • 500GB Storage for Registered Users (We Extend Storage Space for Active Affiliate Partners)
  • 10GB Upload Size for Registered Users & 20GB Upload Size for Premium / Affiliate Partners
  • Support FTP Upload & Browser Upload
  • Support Remote Upload with Ability to Leech Torrent to Your File Storage.
  • Free Premium for Active Affiliate Partners
  • Advance Affiliate Analytics
  • 60 Day Inactive File Deletion for Free Users & Lifetime Storage without Deletion for Premium / Affiliate Users
  • High Speed Download for Premium / Affiliate Users & Limited Speed for Free & Anonymous Downloads

Affiliate Rules:

Click Here to Register With Our Service then Start Sharing :)

* You Must be a Active / Reputable Uploader or Webmaster of Good Website to get Free Premium

  • We Pay Monthly & We Pay Every 2 Weeks After You Successfully Complete Three Payouts.
  • Minimum Payout Amount: 50 USD
  • We Currently Support: BTC, Paypal (we will add more option in future)
  • We Don’t Offer PPD or Any Mix Plans for Affiliate Partnership
  • You Can Earn 60% Commission for Sales & 50% for Rebills


We Do Allow Legal Adult & NSFW Files but We Strictly Prohibit Uploading Child Abusive & Other Illegal Material. Affiliate Partner Should Agree to Follow Our TOS otherwise We have to Suspend user from Our Service & Report to Legal Authorities.

You Can Report Abuse via &

networking – What is the bottleneck in determining a Server PPS in typical FPS online game?

I have been reading about networking for a few days trying to learn what it really takes to make a realtime interactive game (akin to Online FPS). So I have two points that, I hope, are easy to any experienced game networking programmer to clarify for me. And I hope this is the right place for this kind of question.

a. Is it actually possible to make the time interval between two UDP packets significantly smaller than the RTT between the server and certain client. Say an RTT of 100ms and we send 10 packets within that period (100 pps). And does that usually give a smooth yet late game state-assuming few packet loss happens, or does it mean that we are wasting packets?

b. What is the bottleneck(s) usually in determining packets per seconds out of the server toward the clients. In other words, is it the server/client ability to process datagram within game logic itself is the expected bottleneck, or is it the server/client sheer ability to send and receive certain packet size at certain rate, or is it the network capacity (throughput). I know it can be multiple factor, and I know it can be better explained on a case-by-case basis, but let’s say for example that today CSGO, wanting to go from 64 to 128 pps, what would be the expected bottleneck that would prevent them from say 128 to 256 or higher. What is the first and major limiting areas of such theoretical increase in game server-to-client pps?

PPS International LLC – one more fly-by-night processing company. Stay away from them!

We started processing with PPS International LLC in the end of fall 2019. Their manager Paco Controre promised us good approval ratio and st… | Read the rest of

Detailed info about prices and commission on all PPS sites | NewProxyLists

So most file hosts writes the premium price excluding processing fees and taxes, meaning that either the customer pays extra, or the uploader recieves less. Sometimes both.
I think it would be a good idea to gather statistics from the PPS sites people are using, so that we can compare them in a more fair way.
I can start with WDupload which I’ve been trying out. (announced commission: 85%)

Payment method Announced price Actual price Your earning Earning in %
Card €14.95 €24 €12.7 53%
Paypal €14.95 €24 €12.7 53%
Bitcoin €14.95 €20 €12.7 63.5%

Please do this with the file hosts you work with and post here. Use the prices for 1 month premium. Try the different payment methods (card, paypal, bitcoin preferably), but don’t finish the payment, just to check the total price. If there are several ways to pay with the same payment method, use the cheapest one. Also post how much you earn from 1 month sales from the different methods. – 70% PPS 70% Rebill! Daily Payouts! Adult Allowed! | NewProxyLists

good day,please can you say me what is the message:

Proxy/Fake_Download/Bot = $ 0,000000000 = NO Earnings look:

Every day this message is that more show in my account, more that the downloads until 30-40 daily why?
always poublish my post in the sites of always, and you service now for first time show this error, in true not understand, else
you no pay ADBLOCK, no pay download incomplete, no change the TIER for files in space in disk, and now this of: Proxy/Fake_Download/Bot, Please fix this


urgent need file hosting with only pps i want share 100%

i no want to spam file hosts threads on this forum so i ask here
i want file host with 100% pps and 100% rebills
i can bring many good sales daily
no need for ppd

Share-Online.To (ex .biz) is back with PPD / PPS / MiX | NewProxyLists

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before continuing.

Share-Online.To (Ex is back from Belize


  • The minimum payment is 10 €

  • Sponsor another user and earn 15% of each of your referral benefits

  • Payments are made via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

  • Payment fees will be deducted from the users balance

  • Payments are sent once a week, large amounts may take longer


  • Any type of child pornography is strictly prohibited and will result in a lifetime ban

  • Abusively generated downloads (like Blogposts) will result in a lifetime ban

  • Downloads from suspicious sources or without any source will not be paid

  • If the download IP is a proxy or generates a large number of downloads, we have the rights to your traffic source. If you do not submit valid sources, we have the right to ban your account without any pending payments

  • Downloads generated by visitors with an ad blocker are not credited

  • Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed

  • We reserve the right to change our rewards program and payment date at any time without notice

  • File size must be 100KB + to be rewarded

  • We only count 3 downloads from unique IP addresses per 24 hours

  • Images / photos are not allowed

  • We do not allow links and linking images

  • Attempting to earn income by using deceptive / unethical methods, such as spam, will result in an immediate ban

  • All affiliates must accept and comply with Share-Online's terms, copyright, and privacy policies

  • DMCA Reports: If your downloaded file is protected by copyright and reported by the file owner, your file will be deleted from our servers

  • Files without views / downloads will be deleted 30 days after the last download

  • Share-online reserves the right to check your traffic source each time you request a payment to avoid fraudulent downloads and income