battery – Gmail doesn't respect system preferences in dark mode on iOS 13

Since dark mode can really improve battery life, I'm looking forward to implementing it.

Although all of my other IOS / IPADOS 13.3 Applications appear to respect the "System Preferences">"Display and brightness">"Appearance">"Dark", I noticed that gMail did not do this for some reason.

Google offered these tips for setting up dark mode:

For iOS 13:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app
  2. At the top left, tap Menu Menu, then tap Settings.
  3. Tap Theme.
  4. Choose Light, Dark, or System Default.

From the menu item "Theme"was missing in my gMail settings, I gave up trying to configure Dark mode– it was not possible to follow the instructions to get a correct result.

My gMail settings are as follows:

GMail settings dialog: BROKEN dark mode

Luckily, I noticed that my wife was using the dark mode in gMail. Since we have the same iPad Pro (2019 12.9 "), I decided to try to implement dark mode again.

By doing a comparative analysis, I studied how our iPad configurations varied.

Here are my wife's gMail settings. When you compare the graph below of its correct parameters with mine in the previous graph, notice (2) things:

GMail parameters dialog: dark mode OPERATION

How else do the two iPads vary?

Noticing this difference, I made the following changes to my iPad to reflect the functional iPad (my wife's):

  • Deletion of the gSuite gMail account to exclude the possibility of a problem with domain permissions. This did not solve the problem of the broken dark mode

  • GMail removed and reinstalled itself. It also didn't solve the problem

So both iPad Pro use the same versions of gMail, but the iPad with dark mode works AT the "Theme"menu in settings, the other with the broken dark mode does DO NOT.

mac – Lock Screen Saving in Confidentiality (System Preferences)

I have created a standard account to try to put a password in the system preferences. When I go to privacy, everything is locked except "Screen Recording". I can change "screen record" without having to unlock with the administrator password. Anyone know why this is? And how to fix it? I wish the standard account could not change anything in the system preferences

gui design – Is it a bad practice to use the sample text "Lorem Ipsum" in a text preferences screen?

Choose a text generator suitable for your field and use it instead. Lorem is not good for layout / typography, it has never been done (see the other answers to find out why this is not the case, unless you are in a real printing company, Gutenberg & co-style). If you are looking for the font / typography, use a pangram for the language you are looking for (hello localization!), As @ratchetfreak said in its response.

I cut the generated texts for the sake of brevity. Your options include – but are not limited to:

Not Lorem Ipsum

Corpus of text with some meaning, trying to resemble the jargon of the real world. Note: do not Random. Bonus: every pro worthy of the name will know that this is a dummy text.

More than 50 areas, among which hairdressers, doctors, florists, you name it.
Exemplary areas:

Quote for start-up (for clarity, the product is called Ooooh)

Here are some of the magazine reviews we have had:

"Ooooh. That says a lot. ”★★★★ One of the magazines

"Which product. Why did no one think about it earlier? "★★★★★ Another

"Take it out and buy it if you are a customer and store it if you are
a retailer – you wouldn't be crazy to do it! "★★★★★ Another magazine

Ipsum Except

Random text generator based on a few texts you choose: Pulp Fiction, Monty Python and Holy Grail as well as a few others.

I completely agree with @DewiMorgan on the use of random text and professionalism (fit like a fist and a nose). Why I add this: it allows you to create your own ipsum from a custom corpus that you provide more than English). You can use NotLorem with this for random if you wish.



King of whom?

Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem. 


What's wrong with her? She's beautiful. She's rich. She's got huge... tracts of land. 

Nasty, nasty and nasty zoot!

So, we French fellows outwit you a second time! 

No one will pass.

Sir Robin the-not-quite-so-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot, who had nearly fought the Dragon of Angnor, who had nearly stood up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol, and who had personally wet himself at the Battle of Badon Hill

A strange formatting of this quote is due to the copy / paste of bullets and my attempt to recreate the list format using nested quotes. Feel free to change.

Picksum ipsum

Movie-based text generator quotes quotes from famous actors.

IMO, good for luck and to really make the text clear is not important.

jimcarrey & michaelcaine

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Choose your ipsum

Last but not least, for a greater wealth of choice: a site that collects "ipsum" generators:

Again, this is not all you have as an alternative to Lorem Ipsum.

Why does not indicate my content preferences?

Before 2 days, I could see my content preferences from
Here is a screenshot of's current screen.
enter the description of the image here

Then I downloaded the Twitter application, but here I am able to know my content preferences (such as science news, US military news, auto news, etc.). -Dessous. Here is a screenshot of the Twitter application.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

So, how can I repair and even change that of the Twitter application in you in advance.

Profiles icon in system preferences

I just noticed in the system preferences a new icon "Profiles". When I click on it, it says "AdminPrefs", then in "unsigned" red letters, the details have a lot {, (symbols, and. Default search lines.

The com.BlueStacks.AppPlayer.plist file is not in the preferences to resize the BlueStacks window

The com.BlueStacks.AppPlayer.plist file is no longer in the ~ / Library / Preference folder. Does anyone know where to find this or how to resize the window in Mac OS-Catalina?

preferences – Application-specific setting for "Use font smoothing when available"?

Historically, this setting (System Preferences -> General) controls
sub-pixel font anti-aliasing.

Since Mojave depreciates the rendering of subpixels, he controls
The anti-aliasing in grayscale is applied. That is, the text looks bolder
when checked.

Is it possible to modify this parameter by application (defaults write stuff), especially for the menu bar?

Algorithm for efficiently sorting large lists based on user preferences

I will begin with this question by saying that I have trouble formulating the problem, so my explanation may be fuzzy and / or I may lack some obvious solutions.

I have a list of 479 books that I would sort according to a "blur" criterion such as "which books would I read before the others on this list?".

I've tried to solve this problem by storing a record for each book in a database and pre-filling a rank column with a unique sequential number of 1 at 479. For a particular rank, I would like to read the corresponding book more than a book with a higher rank number. If the rank number is closer to 1, the corresponding book is the one I want to read earlier.

I've created an interface that presents me with a choice between two randomly selected books in the database. After clicking on the book that I would prefer to read first, here's what happens:

  • If the rank of the selected book is already lower (more interesting) than the other, I do not change the rank of any of the books;
  • If the selected book has a higher rank (less interesting) than the other, I change the rank of the selected book so that it is identical to the other book and adds 1 in the rank of all other books where the rank is greater or equal (including the other book, which would now be ranked directly below the selected book).

Finally, for each book, I also store a counter of the times evaluated. After making a selection between two books, this counter increases for the two books that have been presented. This allows me to avoid presenting books that have already been evaluated a number of times before all other books have been evaluated the same number of times.

I found the algorithm totally ineffective: after going through all 479 books, I looked at the ranked list and noticed that the list absolutely did not reflect my own perception of how I ranked these books.

I am looking for an algorithm that:

  • Allows me to organize the list in an order that I would perceive to be accurate based on my personal notion of the books I would like to read first;
  • Can prioritize the above list with the least effort required (ie an algorithm that requires the user to compare each book with all other books in the list to obtain a valid sort order is not ideal).

Mac – Setting Wacom Table Preferences Prior to Using MacOS 10.14 or Later

This is an update of an older question: Is it possible to use the old Wacom tablet on 10.11?

I am not allowed to comment on some of the correct answers, therefore asking a new question.

I followed the suggestions (answer from @RemBem) and I was able to open the Wacom preferences pane with the help of a combination of the latest driver supported for my Intuos2 tablet and an updated info.plist.

However, most of the preference pane is gray and is not useful. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion.

Here is what I observe.

Preferences panel with an empty gray area

upgrade – MacOS displays a badge notification in System Preferences. How can I make it disappear?

The badge notification is because he wants me to go to Catalina. I never want to upgrade to Catalina because my hardware is too old to perform under a newer version of MacOS than I already have.

How can I reject this notification or have the notification badge disappear?

I've tried System Preferences -> Notifications, to see if I could turn off all badge notifications from the System Preferences application, but that does not seem to be an option. And really, I do not want to disable all System Preferences notifications, I just want to tell him to stop harassing me about Catalina's upgrade.