Argentina – Get a bank card (virtual, prepaid or debit) in Argentine pesos, from abroad, for foreign citizens

Is there a way to sign up for an Argentinian bank card, prepaid card or a virtual card in Argentine pesos for people who are not citizens / residents of Argentina?
Should pass the IIN validation as shown on the list:

I have consulted Revolut, TransferWise, but they do not support that.

a bit of context: looking to buy some domestic flights in Argentina. Tickets from Norway are cheaper in Argentine pesos than in USD or GBP. But at the last stage of the reservation, there is a check for the credit card number, and it only accepts Argentine bank cards ("There are only the silver cards that are issued by the emirates in Argentina ".

Hetzner id verification with prepaid payment Paypal?

I therefore need a powerful Dedi for video encoding with ffmpeg. After some research, I consider 4 suppliers, OVH, Reliablesite, and Hetzner. They all offer good specifications with reasonable prices. After another search, it turns out that OVH and Hetzner need a copy of their identity card or passport for verification of their account. Concern about privacy, theft of identity, etc. I decided to choose Reliablesite or

But then I came across a reddit comment from the Hetzner representative.…tzner_hosting/

Why do we ask for a copy of your passport? Let me explain:

Because of our very low prices, at Hetzner Online, we unwittingly attract many fraudsters and spammers who try to abuse our servers. Our servers are powerful machines. Therefore, once they are in the hands of a crook / spammer, they can do a lot of harm. That's why we have to be very careful about the orders we accept and those we reject. We have the responsibility to protect others on the Internet. This is why we take very seriously the verification of the identity of a customer. If we are unsure of the authenticity of the potential new customer, we ask him to send us a copy of his passport or other identity document to prove it. Of course, they always have the option of sending the documents in an encrypted mail.

In addition, we now offer an option available to people whose new accounts are marked but do not want to send an ID or whose ID was not helpful for our team. They have the option of making a prepaid payment with Paypal as a new authentication method.

This is good news, at least I thought.
Since Hetzner offers more powerful dedi at the same price, I decided to accompany them. I have created an account and yes, they have two verification options: send a copy of their piece of ID or make a prepaid payment of 20 € with Paypal. I have therefore paid 20 € with my verified Paypal account. Then you received a welcome email, etc. I thought the verification process was over. I proceed with order and have the server minutes later.

Then I received another email:

Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you for creating an account with Hetzner Online GmbH.
As a new client, we kindly ask you to provide us with a copy (scan / photo) of your passport or identity card for authentication purposes. You can scramble or block information that is not necessary for authentication.
Please send the document by fax or as an attachment to this email address. The submitted document will be deleted from our system with immediate effect after verification.
Please send us the documents as soon as you can. If we do not receive them within 48 hours, we will see your account locked.

To which I replied:

I have already checked my account with a deposit of 20,00 € by Paypal.

They replied:

Dear Sir or Madam,
with the 20 € you have activated your account. However, please send us your identity card.

Now, I am confused. What is the purpose of prepaid payment if they still need a copy of their ID card?

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cell phones – Is there a prepaid SIM card for 2 weeks in Germany?

I consider buying a prepaid SIM card in Germany for no more than 2 weeks.

Something in the middle of 1000 minutes of conversation, 1000 SMS and up to 10 GB Web bandwidth.

The cases I have found so far last at least about a month, but do you know a mobile phone provider (anbieter) in Germany that allows such a package for only two weeks?

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Which prepaid card for online purchases do you recommend?

Hello, I'm looking for a prepaid virtual card.
This can be recharged at ATMs.
What do you recommend?

Thanks best regards