windows – How to prevent most disk writes before you trigger a “CrashOnCtrlScroll” crash

You’ve just enabled a useful developer feature named CrashOnCtrlScroll. You’ve enabled it on your primary machine, which you use every day. Not on a spare PC, and not on a virtual machine.

For various reasons, some people struggle to get the feature to work.

You want to test the feature out, to make sure that it works for you. You’ll see whether or not it can crash successfully.

Unfortunately, crashes might occasionally cause data loss and/or data corruption. Therefore, you want to crash the machine at a time when it’s probably idle. You don’t want to crash it while it’s writing to disk.

How can you do this?

htaccess – How to prevent a specific PDF file from being indexed by search engines in WordPress?

In a wordpress multisite installation, I would like to block indexing of a specific pdf file using HTTP X-Robots-Tag response header using htaccess file.

Any of the indications found in previous related questions (i.e. this one) didn’t work in my case.

I used the instructions but all checks and every online checkers don’t shows the headers I’d need

These are my htaccess configs
my htaccess configs

These are real headers in browser inspector
enter image description here

vignetting – How can I prevent my lens hood from causing dark corners?

You don’t have to abandon the lens hood!!! Hoods are good a blocking the sun, eliminating solar flares AND most importantly protecting your glass.

Do this…set your camera on a tripod (or table or pile of books or anything stable) and go to your widest angle avaible to you, with the lens hood on, and shoot a picture. Then zoom in a touch and do it again. Then again and again until you have you lens zoomed all the way out.

Now, go back through your images. Somewhere within the focal range of your lens the vignetting (dark corners) will disappear. Check the first image that is clear of the hood and check your meta data for the focal length. This will give you an idea of how wide you can go without the problem.

A couple of points:

1.You may have the wrong hood for that lens. A shorter hood may work better for you.

2.Some hoods have two long flanges and two short ones. If yours does, then try placing the long flanges on the top/bottom side of the lens rather than the left/right. Because of the native aspect ration of your film plane (chip, sensor, pick a name) (i.e., it is a horizontal rectangle) the long flanges will appear at the left and right of the frame rather than the top and bottom. This is because there is less sensor to “see” the hood on the top and bottom.

Good luck…don’t give up.

unity – How to prevent an object with high velocity from passing through a collider?

Problem Statement:
Consider a simple 2D platformer. I have a box collider on the player object and a tilemap collider on the ground below(grid). I created a jump script for the player through which the player object jumps and comes back to the ground, clean. But when the player object goes relatively high and comes down with a high velocity, it doesn’t collide with the ground(grid) instead it goes right through the tilemap collider and into the void.
How can this behaviour be prevented?

How can I prevent collapsible to be collapsed?

I’d like to prevent main categories filter to be collapsed thus I’d like it "always fixed". How can I achieve it?

I tried something like:

$('.filter-options-item').collapsible({ collapsible: true})

but it’s still collapsible.

enter image description here

How to prevent partnership future conflictions?

Being in a partnership doesn’t mean that you both will supprot each others till death, in fact, issues and troubles with a partner is worse than having your own issues, what steps could you do to protect yourself from those troubles and if any of it happens ?

7 – How prevent authorized users from responding to comments?

How do I ensure that only administrators can reply to comments in sites such as content type? That is, if an authorized user views a node of the “content” type, he can leave a comment on it, but cannot reply to other comments, and a user with the administrator role can reply to all comments. How do I do this in Drupal?

website design – How to prevent downloading low-res images?

Context: I run a photography business that encourages people sharing photos without restrictions. My websites contains galleries of thumbnail images where each image links to the original, high-res version. For example, a gallery page may look like this:

Screenshot of photography website showing many small thumbnails

The webpage uses PhotoSwipe.js that switches the browser to full screen mode when the user left-clicks an image, showing the full resolution version of the image. This all works nicely both for viewing and downloading images. Users can simply right-click the high-res version and select “Save Image As…” from the context menu. Alternatively, they can right-click the thumbnail image and select “Save Link As…” to accomplish the same thing.

However, I recently found out that some users attempt to download images by right-clicking the thumbnail image and selecting “Save Image As…”, which results in downloading a low resolution version rather than the original image. This has resulted in my photos being shared and displayed by others in low resolution, something which they did not intend to do.

How can I improve the UX of my photography website to prevent users downloading low resolution images?

formulas – How to prevent row/column insertion/deletion from breaking links to other sheets?

Earlier I asked this question : How to create a link with content bound to other cell’s content in Google sheets?

And untill now the provided solution was working perfectly for me but now, the problem is : I just realized that whenever I insert/delete a row/column from my referenced sheet the links generated using the aforementioned question’s answer will become broken and will link to an other cell/range.

Here’s an example to reproduce :

  • On a first sheet, fill A1 with some text
  • On a second sheet, create a link to A1 (using the aforementioned question’s answer)
  • Use the link to come back to the first sheet, you should have your cell with text selected
  • Insert a row above row 1
  • Come back to second sheet and try to use the link again : it now selected an empty cell on row one instead of selecting the cell with your text

How can I overcome this problem and have “stable” links that always send me to the same cell using its “reference” and not its location?

How to prevent multiple post with same meta value being created simultaneously in WordPress (with ajax)

I’m trying to make my own appointment system for WordPress. For this, I created a post type called “appointments”. When users select a service from the service list, the available dates and times are listed. When the available date and time are selected and the appointment is created, a meta key named “appointment_datetime” is added for this appointment. Here is where the problem started.

Two different users should not be able to make an appointment for the same service at the same time. Therefore, when a user tries to create an appointment, the following method is used to check whether the date and time he chose are available.

$already_reserved = new WP_Query(array(
    'post_type' => 'appointments',
    'fields' => 'ids',
    'meta_query' => array(
        'relation' => 'AND',
            'key' => 'datetime',
            'value' => $date_time, // timestamps
            'type' => 'numeric',
            'compare' => '='
    'tax_query' => array(
            'taxonomy' => 'services',
            'field' => 'id',
            'terms' => $service_id,
if ( !empty($already_reserved->posts) ) {
    $response = 'Sorry, this date is full.';
} else {
    // create new appointment post
    // ...

And here is the ajax code I used:

var $response = jQuery('#response');
$('#createnew').click(function () {
    var service = document.getElementById('service').value;
    var datetime = document.getElementById('datetime').value;
    $response.html("<div class='loading'>Waiting...</div>");

        type: 'POST',
        url: myajax.ajaxurl,
        data: {
            action: 'new_appoitment',
            service: service,
            datetime: datetime,
            // ... another customer details
        success: function(data, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) {

After all; When two different users click the button at the same time, they can create an appointment for the same date and time. Is there any way I can prevent this?