reflection – Prevent ghosting of sun at sunrise

I took picture of sunrise in the mountain and the sun appear inside the mountain.

Pointe Percée - Aravis - French alps - taken from roc Lancrenaz

What the name of this effect? is this ghosting due to high luminosity? how can I prevent it ?

My setting was :

  • camera : Nikon D750
  • lens : 85mm f/1.8D
  • ISO : 320
  • aperture : f/11
  • speed : 1/2000
  • UV filter with lens hood on

As suggested by this answer is it related to the fact that I have a UV filter on ?

The mountain name is “Pointe Percée” from the Aravis in the French Alps taken from “roc Lancrenaz”.

Full image :

Pointe Percée / Aravis / French Alps taken from roc Lancrenaz

filters – How to prevent WordPress from updating the post modified date?

I asked this here because I am going to change categories for 100+ posts. But I don’t want to change the modified date(I use the quick edit feature). So I am looking a way to temporarily disable updating the modified date?

Is there any filter for that?

url shorteners – How do I prevent our content editors from posting short URLs

Is there a general regex or regularly updated list of short URL domains I can use to validate that links our content editors post on our website aren’t using URL-shortener services? We want people to post the original link; since we’re also not wanting editors to post visible URLs, there’s no need for short URLs. And where there is a legitimate need for a short URL, such as for print or giving over the phone, we want it to have our domain on it for branding (we have a way to produce internal short URLs).

It would be easy to blacklist known .com URL-shortening domains such as tinyurl and digg. But with two-letter top-level domains, it seems like it would likely be a game of whack-a-mole, with new URL-shortening services likely to pop up all the time. Perhaps we could only permit two-letter top-level domains by whitelist, at the risk of slowing the ability of editors to post some legitimate links.

Are there any open solutions that are out there for this? I tried searching on “block url shorteners” (without the quotes) but only got results for URL shortening services or which mention that this site or that block posting such links, without saying how they do it.

A Drupal 7 or CKEditor solution would be ideal, but a generic code solution would work as well.

Prevent any direct internet traffic when OpenVPN is down

If OpenVPN down how to prevent any direct internet traffic (http or whole tcp) on MacOS except local network?

magento2 – How to prevent dropdown menu from closing when moving between top level items?

We’re using a dropdown menu modified from snowdog and magento, and our top level items have 6 options. It’s a pretty standard menu; when hovering over the top level items it drops down and shows the subnav items. However, when moving in between the main items, the menu briefly closes before reopening with the options for the next item. My initial thought was to write some javascript to detect when the menu is already open, and if so, prevent the event from bubbling up the DOM, but I have a feeling the answer is probably more simple than this solution. Maybe using a transition delay to make the hovering more forgiving?

If I were to try adding a transition delay, would this be done in our navigation.less file? I inherited this code base and things are a little messy, so I’m not positive how to start going about this.

windows 7 – How to prevent NegativeScreen from making Point N Click flicker?

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Why didn’t Trump lock the country down in January to prevent deaths?

@Moon Shot: “When he wanted to quarantine NY and you called him a tyrant?”

When the F’k did that happen?

Donald J. Trump and the Alt-Right snowflakes are blaming W.H.O for their inability to not only lead but read making claims that the World Health Organization LIED about COVID-19 when in reality W.H.O announced that there was evidence of human-to-human transmission on January 22, 2020.

January 2020: “WHO mission to China issued a statement saying that there was evidence of human-to-human transmission in Wuhan but more investigation was needed to understand the full extent of transmission.”

Donald J. Trump has been recorded to have made 132 tweets on January 22, 2020, none about COVID-19 which is odd since Trump was briefed on the potential pandemic IN NOVEMBER. President Donald J. Trump was interviewed in Davos that same day yet didn’t relay this critical information to the public simply saying that ‘there was a plan by the CDC and him in regard to COVID-19’. The Donald would later say COVID-19 might be ‘a democratic hoax’/’just the flu’ downplaying the pandemic and claim CHINA/World Health Organization ‘lied’ and said human-to-human transmission wasn’t possible.

“Despite pressure, (Republican) Ron DeSantis refused to order the closure of the state’s beaches amid the COVID-19 pandemic, effectively leaving the beaches open to spring breakers.

For weeks DeSantis resisted pressure to issue a stay-at-home order or shelter in place order. By the end of March 2020, Florida had 6,741 confirmed cases of covid-19, however DeSantis still declared that he would not issue a statewide “stay-at-home” order because the Trump administration had not recommended that he do so. Then on April 1, DeSantis ordered that all Floridians stay home for 30 days with exceptions for essential services and activities.

DeSantis received criticism for stating on April 9 that he believed that no fatalities under 25 had been caused in the United States by COVID-19, despite this being false.”

BUT BUT Democrats caused the spread of COVID-19!

“He was listening to the CDC”

The F’k he was.

design – Prevent users cheating a view count

I wrote a small video library app. It renders private Vimeo videos for paid subscribers.

The owners of the app would like to reward users who watch videos. My first implementation was to trigger a watched mutation at 80% of the video playback (this was not ideal but clients demand features). Users have figured this out and are cheating by skipping to 75% and letting it tick over then moving onto the next video. Users only score one watched event so replays aren’t a concern.

I can think of a few ideas to stop this behavior but would be interested in other answers to this. It doesn’t have to be YouTube levels of fake engagement prevention.

  1. Check n times through the watch, if user sets m/n (they are allowed to skip a bit) they are granted their reward
  2. Check start playback time against time at 80% and have they spent enough time on the video.

If it matters I am using React and Apollo.

encryption – Prevent Access Windows System Drive from Another Windows Installation

I have a laptop with single SSD drive with 2 partitions. Each partition has a different Windows installation.

Imagine that user1 which has Administrative rights on Windows Installation 1 can connect Windows Installation 1 with remote desktop. Also, user2 has Administrative rights on Windows Installation 2 can connect Windows Installation 2 with remote desktop.

Both users don’t have physical access to laptop.

What I want to do is; prevent user1 access to parititon2 which has Windows installation 2 and prevent user2 access to partition1 which has Windows installation 1.

Is this possible?

passwords – Security measures to prevent thermal imaging intrusion

I am looking to determine the best security measures to prevent unauthorized access to my network by an attacker using thermal imaging through a window/wall. I know there is thermal imaging can that detect subtle enough fluctuations in heat to monitor your keyboard strokes through a wall.

But how sensitive is the detection really?

Is it sensitive enough to detect hand writing as you are writing sensitive information down on paper?

Is there enough heat fluctuations on a monitor between colors to be able to detect information on a monitor?