How do I revert Firefox to a previous version and keep my profile intact?

How do I revert Firefox to a previous version and keep my profile intact? – Super User

bitcoin core – How to create a double spend to prioritize a new transaction over a previous unconfirmed transaction?

I’d like to generate a double spend transaction and increase the gas fees over the previous, unconfirmed transaction that has been stuck for a week. I know there’s other answers regarding double spend but I’m looking for more of a technical answer specific to my thought process and sample code.

I understand the general premise is to recreate the originating transaction in its entirety. I’ve started by utilizing bitcore-lib to perform a getRawTransaction of my currently stuck transaction. From here, I’m iterating over the vin and performing a getRawTransaction of the vin’s txid to retrieve the parent. I’m then parsing the parent, iterating over each vout and looking for vout.n to match the previous vin.vout. Once I find a match, I’m generating a utxo which effectively looks like this:

const utxo = {
    address: output.scriptPubKey.addresses(0),
    txId: vin.txid,
    outputIndex: vin.vout,
    script: output.scriptPubKey,
    satoshis: output.value

I then use these utxos to generate and sign the transaction as follows (sorry for lack of full class, but the actual process of signing transactions is fully functional):

const transaction = new Bitcore.Transaction();

targets.forEach((target) => {, this.amountToSatoshis(target.amount));

So my questions are…

  1. Is my thought process correct in how I could go about regenerating the original transaction for submission by bitcore?
  2. Is there an easier way to regenerate the transaction and increase the fees than how I’m trying to do it?
  3. When attempting to replicate/duplicate the previous utxos, would I want to also provide the sequence number in the utxo?
  4. Will this even work or will I even be able to submit this transaction to my same core node?
  5. If it won’t work, would it work if I ran -zapwallettxes on the core node first?

Validating REST API requests against previous requests as part of a larger process

I am building a REST API for warehouse inventory picking.

I have a very shallow understanding of REST, so to me that just == stateless and try to make your URL mappings nouns instead of verbs.

The picking process looks like this:

  1. Scan QR on a the shipping instruction sheet which contains an order number along with all SKU’s and their quantities. This could be
    thought of as an aggregate for the entire picking transaction, kicking
    off the order as “in progress”.

  2. Iterate the following steps until all SKUs are picked

    2.a: Scan QR on the physical location being picked from

    2.b: Scan QR on the inventory container at the location

    2.c: Scan QR on the customer label that will be attached to the inventory container

  3. Scan QR on the physical delivery location and drop off the order

Each one of these steps has it’s own API endpoint and needs to validate things like

  • Does the order number match the order this user is currently picking?
  • Is this location allowed to be picked from for this order number?
  • Is this a valid inventory container for the order? (SKU not already picked, SKU actually on the order, correct quantity, that sort of thing)
  • Does the SKU on the customer label match the SKU that was previously scanned on the inventory container?

I don’t understand how I could create a stateless REST API that meets these requirements. Without state, how do I validate the integrity of every request to make sure the order is being picked correctly?

I had the thought that maybe I’ll just have the client pass in the current state of the order on every request (giving me all the data I need to validate a request) but then that assumes I actually trust the client to maintain the correct state, which of course is a bad idea.

Or maybe I could maintain the state of the order on a backend database, and have the client pass me the order number on every request to look it up? This just seems like state with extra steps.

Or maybe I need to move past the idea that this HAS to be a stateless system and break the rules of REST?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

seo – How do you remove the trash left by previous domain name owner?

Your website is (it would have been simpler to say so immediately at the start of your question insteady to rely on screenshots that are difficult to read, impossible to search on or to quote, even so much here that the important parts are just text lines that you could have pasted as is).

The software you show in screenshot seems to try some random not existing URLs such as If you go there, and look at source code, you see:

    <script language="Javascript" src=""></script>

This seems to be a default “404” handler that will generate a page for any random URL not existing, hence explaining your “which are not present on the root directory of my server,”.

Try and you will get the same page and same error.

Some security tool are testing random pages like that to search for vulnerabilities.

But this page served is reported as having “HTTP served in HTTPS”
because you are serving a page over HTTPS that includes elements (here a Javascript) served over HTTP. This should be fixed because nowadays browsers will at least flag that, if not even refuse to load this HTTP content, as otherwise it creates a security risk (the security of a whole system is the security of its weakest link: if you run “inside” and HTTPS page a Javascript downloaded over HTTP, this cancels the security you gained with HTTPS as that script over HTTP could have been completely hijacked in transit)

Your solutions in no specific order nor are they exclusive of each other:

  • look if the above content served over HTTP can be served over HTTPS and if so, fix that URL
  • look at your configuration and why you are serving those kind of pages in case of 404. Do you really need them? Specifically because right now besides showing a spinner they fail to do anything useful. Remove this specific “404” handler or have one not depending on HTTP resources.

All of this has nothing to do with previous content. Your current content is what is above and generates the errors of “HTTP in HTTPS”.

git – How to execute a command automatically based on the result generated by the previous command on command line?

Example usecase:

I have a usecase where I clone Android Studio projects using git clone <urL> and upon cloning I get all folders from a repo including .idea folder.

This .idea folder is located inside repositoryName/.idea generated after git cloning

This .idea folder is not useful for my usecase and most times I have to delete it to import a project into Android Studio otherwise, it shows error.

What is expected:

I expect a command which does this:

Clone a GitHub repo and automatically delete the repositoryName/.idea folder.

Solution could be Windows based or Linux.

accessibility – Is it accessible to have lists without a heading, assuming previous lists do?

Assume this HTML structure:

<h2>Our latest News and Events</h2>
  <li>news item 1</li>
  <li>news item 2</li>
  <li>news item 3</li>
  <li>event item 1</li>
  <li>event item 2</li>

My question is whether the above structure is accessible and good enough, or whether I should merge the 2 lists into one so it becomes:

<h2>Our latest News and Events</h2>
  <li>news item 1</li>
  <li>news item 2</li>
  <li>news item 3</li>
  <li>event item 1</li>
  <li>event item 2</li>

Note that in both cases the heading semantically covers all subsequent items (news and events). Also, both cases would have the exact same presentation (i.e there wouldn’t be a visible gap between the 2 lists in the first case).

how to recover previous created verified link

Hello all

Need Help, Today after GSA SER update and restarted, the previous created verified and submitted link list are disappear . How can I recover it


formulas – How to calculate probability in Google sheet based on previous years data

I was trying to get a leave taking trend and predict based on the trend that which dates are more likely to have higher number of leaves.

I have a data set of date wise leaves taken by hundreds of employees over the two years. I have calculated all week number and date name for all the leave dates. My objective is to find a pattern or trend or probability based on this data where if I input a particular date in future, it can show me how many leaves will more likely be taken on that particular date.

Here to be mentioned, as the total headcount of the employee is increasing day by day or year by year, their should be a growth factor to be considered for future prediction.

This is what I have done with the leave data:

Leave data

I have another sheet with the date wise employee headcount for the last 2 years which can be used for considering growth factor.

I am confused with the data if I can find out any trend to predict for a future date. How to use any probability functions here or any distribution functions.

New project vs previous project same amount of links? โ€” ๐Ÿ‘‰ GSA SEO and Marketing Forum ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Hi, how are things! I have a question:

I just created roughly 10k verified links from a single project.

I want to use those 10k links and upload them to another new project.

If I import from the previous project, in theory, the new project would have to generate the same amount, is that correct?

PS: The new project will have the same configuration.


How to remove my previous emails & phones from google contact recommendations?

A friend of mine added my new phone & email. Then google recommended every phone & email I’ve used since 2010. It has my phone numbers from 4 different countries. That is scary!

How can I permanently delete these old records from being recommended?

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