bookings – Rebooking same hotel for cheaper price – ethical?

bookings – Rebooking same hotel for cheaper price – ethical? – Travel Stack Exchange

dnd 3.5e – Price for an item that lets you assume a single fixed disguise, as disguise self

The player of a kobold PC wants a magic item that lets them disguise as a gnome for convenience’s sake. I figure this should be a slotted magic item that works using disguise self. With no limitations, the guidelines would put that at 3,000 gp — but a single fixed form is obviously a huge limitation. I’m leaning toward a flat 1,000 gp. Is this reasonable?

N.B. I am banning/nerfing the Hat of Disguise for being disgustingly underpriced.

python – Display crypto price in a table using django and cryptocompare

I’m trying to make a simple webpage in django where I can display the price of some cryptocurrencies. The user stores in the database the name of the crypto and its initial price. Then I want to fill a table with the ticker and the initial price taken from the database and the current price of each crypto taken with cryptocompare.

This is where the problem begin: the value of ‘current price’ is taken using cryptocompare, but how can I dinamycally display the value of the current price of each crypto in the table? Maybe the problem is easy to solve but I’m really new and I’m stuck, thanks in advance!
If you need more information ask me!

This is how the table in the index look like. I need to fill the last column with the daily price of the crypto
enter image description here

from django.db import models

# Create your models here.
class crypto(models.Model):
    ticker = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    initial_price = models.FloatField()

    def __str__(self):
        return self.ticker

from .models import crypto

def index_view(request):
    chart = FuncAnimation(plt.gcf(), animate, interval=1000)
    ticker_list = crypto.objects.all()
    return render(request, 'cryptochart/index.html', {'chart': chart, 'ticker_list': ticker_list})

and last, in a file called I wrote the functions to get the price

import cryptocompare
#get price of cryptocurrency
def get_crypto_price(cryptocurrency,currency):
    return cryptocompare.get_price(cryptocurrency,currency=currency)(cryptocurrency)(currency)

#get fullname of the cryptocurrency
def get_crypto_name(cryptocurrency):
    return cryptocompare.get_coin_list()(cryptocurrency)('FullName') 


<table style="width: 100%;">
            <th>Prezzo Iniziale</th>
            <th>Prezzo Giornaliero</th>                
        {% if ticker_list %}
        {% for ticker in ticker_list%}
        {% endif %}

Show Tire Price In Descending Order

Is there way to show magento 2 tire price in descending order?Like in picture.The maximum Disocunt row come at top .

enter image description here

magento2 – Magento 2: Hide price from the upsell and related products block

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magento2 – Price per customer via external system

My customer wants to have custom prices for each customer. He already has an existing system where he holds such data where we can invoke an API call to retrieve it based on the customerREF and SKU.

How can i do this in Magento2 itself? I see a lot of plugins but most of them are way too much overhead.

I thought below steps are needed but no idea where i need to implement this:

  • Ensure that no prices are shown on the category index pages and such. I can overwrite this method? MagentoCatalogPricingRenderFinalPriceBox:wrapResult
  • When a product detail page is opened i invoke an API call to retrieve the actual price. I can add some basic caching for lets say 5 min to ensure that there is not too much overhead
  • How can i ensure when a product is added to the cart, that specific price is also used?

I know there are some events as well. No idea how to get the actual price there then though:

  • checkout_cart_product_add_after
  • checkout_cart_product_update_after
  • sales_quote_item_qty_set_after
  • checkout_cart_product_update_after


api – Read Price from Dex and show in the page

api – Read Price from Dex and show in the page – Webmasters Stack Exchange

remove minimum and maximum price of product bundle magento 2

I’m configuring the bundle products, and I needed to configure it in an exact way, and the minimum and maximum value kept appearing, how can I leave only one value like in normal products? below I’ll put a picture of what’s happening.

enter image description here

looking for the good price for hongkong server?

i want 8G 10M 1ip. what are you recommand for the server?… | Read the rest of

history – Is there something I’m missing about the Bitcoin price and “extreme volatility”?

I keep hearing about how Bitcoin goes “up and down” in crazy ways all the time and “has done so since it was born”.

Then I look at the historical chart: (be sure to click “All”)

I see like two spikes in total for the entire time that Bitcoin has been traded.

From what I hear, it sounds like it goes up to the moon and then back down to $0.1/Bitcoin every other day. But that’s obviously not the case. Just look at the chart. Any possible “real gains” that could potentially have been made were in two very specific periods of time, in the end of 2017 and 2020. All of the rest is just very mild ups and downs that don’t really matter unless you are extremely rich and are dealing with thousands of Bitcoins. (Which is not a lot of people.)

So what am I missing? Is that chart lying? Are they talking about trading within the hours and gambling with huge amounts of Bitcoin and being very lucky, consistently, guessing whether it’s going up or down in the very short term?

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