September Bitcoin Price Trends – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

September Bitcoin Price Trends – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

worksheet function – Online Double Bed Price in 2021-22

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Combine Catalog Price Rule and cart price rule

In Magento 2, I want to use a catalog price rule and exclude the Cart Price Rules.
For example, I want to add 10% discount in some products and the user couldn’t use a coupon code for extra discount.
Any advice? If this has been asked before please advise.

Thank you in advance,

Why are some hotels asking you to book through instead of matching the price at the front desk?

As someone who runs an events business that regularly organises to resell bulk quantities of rooms with hotels, I can offer one reason colloquially from experience that builds off other answers:

While other people have identified that reception staff may not have the capacity to actually change the price to match, they may want you to use the website so that the room is booked under the block of rooms available to at that price. Yes, you can argue this technically goes under the umbrella of “accounting/bookkeeping reasons” but it’s very likely that there is an agreement between the hotel and that X number of Y type of rooms will be able to be sold at Z rate (discounted) for a certain date range – they probably don’t want to sell all the rooms in the hotel at that (probably) low rate. The reason the deal exists in the first place is for various advertising reasons brought up in other answers.

In practice, it’s likely that there will be a cap on the number of rooms for a certain date range can sell at that price. If the front desk matched the rate, that wouldn’t necessarily decrease the number of rooms at reduced price available to, resulting in an overall reduction in revenue for the hotel in a scenario where the marginal room-night was going to be sold anyway.

So for example in a figurative tiny hotel with 15 rooms available on 1 night (scale up to real life in your head as necessary), where had the rights to sell 5 of those rooms at USD50 per night, whereas the normal price was USD100 per night – in the scenario where the front desk matches the price, and all rooms are sold, the hotel loses USD50 in revenue (because after selling you a USD50 room, they still have to let sell 5 USD50 rooms). Whereas if they tell you to use, your USD50 room is one of the 5 sold through and if enough rooms are sold, the hotel does not miss out on revenue.

The potential follow up of “but why can’t the front desk just count it against’s block” is some combination of communicating with people is hard/time expensive, the contract may or may not allow it, and again non (upper?) management staff may not have the capacity.

database – Save websocket price stream to local DB

database – Save websocket price stream to local DB – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Cardano smart contract testnet kicked the price to $3 | NewProxyLists

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Gambling website for sale [Price Lowered]

Why are you selling this site?
No longer have time for this website.

How is it monetized?
No monetization

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Type: Gambling Information
Expiry – 2024-12-11
Traffic – Barely any
Domain Age – 15 yrs old
Registrar – Namecheap
Minimum – $300
BIN – $370

I am also open to offers via pm.


❕NEWS – Bitcoin’s Price Revival Sparks ‘Double Top’ Speculation, Crypto Community Expects Another BTC Price High | NewProxyLists

Four months ago on April 14 2021 the price of bitcoin (BTC) reached an all time high of 64,654$ per unit. The price has languished between 29 and 31 percent below the ATH in previous months but has just rallied back to that level.BTC is up 326.6 percent year to far and it has gained 51.6 percent in the last month alone. While the bearish cycle has taken a little more than three months a lot of proponents and analysts have stated that the bull market is not yet gone. Furthermore others speculate that the bitcoin bull run in 2021 will be comparable to the 2013 bull run which had a double top pattern.

This discussion has remained relevant as BTC has reached new price levels in the last month, including ones not seen in 98 days. Essentially, the crypto asset makes two successive price highs after a long negative consolidation period with a small drop in value before the last high.

Over the Past Year, the Price of an IP Address Has More Than Doubled

IPv4 DollarAccording to information published IPv4 Global, a IP address auction service, the price of IP addresses between August 2020 and August 2021 has more than doubled.

Their data shows that at the end of August 29, 2020 the price per IP was $23.24. As of August 29, 2021, the price was $47.50.

IPv4 Global handles auctions, escrow, and related transactional services for IP block auctions. For example, you can buy a /22 in ARIN, a /23 in RIPE, etc. The fact that they handle so many IP address transactions gives them an excellent base of data upon which to draw trends.

IPv4 Prices


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❕NEWS – Altcoins see massive increase in light of bitcoin price rises | NewProxyLists

As we all know, there is a correlation that exists between bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrency coins, and from what I have seen it seems that that is generally in the sense of a direct proportionality relationship. Therefore, when the price of bitcoin increases, there are also increases in some other cryptocurrency coins as well. Some of the most notable cryptocurrency prices rises due to the bitcoin bull run that we have being seeing recently include, IoTeX which actually saw a three digit percentage rise of over 185 percent. WINk had a lower price increase, however was still classified among the two 7 highest percentages changes over the last 24 hours, coming in at just under 64%. What are your thoughts on the price increases that we are seeing in these altcoins, and are these cryptocurrencies that you have invested in previously?

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