magento2.3 – The module to display shipping prices on the product page only works after adding the product for the first time

I am developing a module to display shipping prices on the product page, I followed this link:

(Short question)
When I request a quote for the first time, it doesn't work as expected, but when I add a product to the cart, it works normally!

First request during an anonymous session

After adding a product to the cart:

Second request after adding a product

(What I tried 🙂
In Postman (same behavior)
If I use in the Cookie header with a PHPSESSID value (only PHPSESSID plus no other value in the cookie is needed), of course, it does not work the first time, if I keep it as is and if I go to the browser and add a product to the cart, it also works in Postman.

I use a third-party module to calculate delivery costs for Brazil (the only one I will use in store, once it is sold only in Brazil):
IDK this problem only occurs with this module

Cookies in the browser:
First request:
Firefox, first request

Second request: (from now on, using the PHPSESSID value, works even in Postman)
Firefox, second request

I can put my module in github what someone to try it out (let me know)

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applications – How to allow the user to choose from a set of prices while being compatible with volume purchase and family sharing

I want to allow the user to choose the subscription package that best suits their situation, as does SAAS, for example:

enter description of image here

I want it to have 3 levels: free, standard, pro

As I want to distribute it exclusively in the App Store (to avoid setting up my own payment framework, backend, etc.) I am limited on the payment options.

I was thinking of creating 2 in-app purchases (Standard & Pro) but that means that users will not be able to use family sharing or make volume purchases.

The only solution I can think of is to create 2 additional versions:

  • MyApp (free to download and with IAP available for upgrades)

  • MyApp Standard ($ X to download, not IAP)

  • MyApp Pro ($ Y to download, not IAP)

Besides the additional work of management and maintenance of 3 applications (despite any automation that I could do), there is still the problem of cannibalization of notes and the number of downloads which affect the ranking of the main application.

Is there another way to do this?

My apologies for the confusing title, I don't know how to simplify it.

Thank you

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Google sheets – Split text in the following cells and use VLOOKUP to recognize their prices in the appropriate cells

I am creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets for my business. My business is service based, but I have extensions that the customer can add as an additional service. I have used Google forms to capture customer requests and in the forms where I have the addons, the customer can select multiple selections. For example, I sell a basic cake, but if the customer wants additional frosting and candles, these come at an additional cost. The problem I have is in the spreadsheet, I want to use the SPLIT function to separate the selections and VLOOKUP to find the correct prices and put them in the correct cells. Is it possible?

JSON data printing represents Bitcoin prices using Python and the CoinDesk API

In this Python code, I used an API called CoinDesk to get the price of Bitcoin with JSON.
I try to follow the best coding practices.
So I used logging and I use a code formatter in my editor.
Please note that any improvements to this code will be appreciated.

    # Project Idea: Bitcoin price program using CoinDesk API with Python.

    # Importing libraries
    import requests as rq
    from datetime import datetime
    import logging
    import objectpath  # Read the library doc:

    def get_api_data():

        LOG_FORMAT = '%(levelname)s : %(asctime)s - %(message)s'
                            format=LOG_FORMAT, filemode='w')  # , datefmt='%d-%b-%y %H:%M:%S'
        logger = logging.getLogger()

            API_LINK = ''   # CoinDesk API Link
            API_Data = rq.get(API_LINK)
            logger.debug("Getting API data - Done")

            api_data = API_Data.json()
            logger.debug("Converting API data to JSON - Done")
            return api_data

        except Exception as e:
            print("Exception occurred: ", e)
            logger.debug("Exception occurred.")

    def main():

        # Getting the data from API
        data = get_api_data()
        tree_data = objectpath.Tree(data)

        time = tuple(tree_data.execute('$..updated'))

        usd = list((tree_data.execute('$..USD')))
        price = dict(usd(0))
        price_usd = price("rate")
        price_description = price("description") + ' - USD'

        print(f"The price in {price_description}: {price_usd}")
        print(f"Time of the price: {time}")

    if __name__ == '__main__':

Thanks everyone

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