primaverabss – SPRING V.10 WebAPI – adding a special line

I'm trying to add a comment line to a WebAPI sales document.

Similar to what I already did in .NET Motor.Vendas.Documentos.AdicionaLinhaEspecial(ObjDocVenda, BasBE100.BasBETiposGcp.vdTipoLinhaEspecial.vdLinha_Comentario, , "Teste");

I guess doing the same via WebAPI is by calling {{apiUrl}}Vendas/Docs/AdicionaLinhaEspecial/1//Teste with the following request body (POST):{
"TipoDoc": "FA",
"NumDoc": "5",
"Entidade": "0001",
"TipoEntidade": "C",
"Serie": "2019"

The parameter "1" in the URL refers to the corresponding value of the ENUM of BasBE100.BasBETtypesGcp.vdTypeLineSpecial. By acting as a comment line, the second parameter (PrecUnit) is empty and the third parameter is the comment.

Explained what I am doing, the result is the following error:

{"Message": "An error has occurred.",
"ExceptionMessage": "Can't bind multiple parameters ('clsDoc' and 'TipoLinha') to the request's content.",
"ExceptionType": "System.InvalidOperationException",
"StackTrace": "   em System.Web.Http.Controllers (…) }

What am I doing wrong?

primaverabss – JASMIN CLIENT UPDATE and product failure sold

I had a problem integrating with Jasmin. The goal is to update customers and sales products on Jasmin via the system to integrate with it. But I do not see anything referenced in the documentation and I can only insert specific fields. Is it a limitation or am I doing something wrong?

primaverabss – Failed to save user fields in Sales Editor

When the article is identified, it makes all the changes below. When I save the sales document, it does not correctly save the changes made to the document. When I load the saved document later, some fields remain empty or incomplete.

  • All the CDUs below are as nvarchar and are also present in LinhasDoc.
  • CDU_Boxes is written correctly (int)
  • CDU_Lote only saves 10 characters (nvarchar 20)
  • CDU_Variety does not register at all and is in the database as null (nvarchar 50)
  • The description is correctly recorded

When the article is identified:
The article is identified

When the saved document is loaded:
The saved document is loaded


public override void ArtigoIdentificado(string Artigo, int NumLinha, ref bool Cancel, ExtensibilityEventArgs e)
    base.ArtigoIdentificado(Artigo, NumLinha, ref Cancel, e); 
    DocumentoVenda.Linhas.GetEdita(NumLinha).CamposUtil("CDU_Caixas").Valor = 30;
    DocumentoVenda.Linhas.GetEdita(NumLinha).CamposUtil("CDU_Lote").Valor = "0123456789A";
    DocumentoVenda.Linhas.GetEdita(NumLinha).CamposUtil("CDU_Variedade").Valor = "Nova-Vila L";
    DocumentoVenda.Linhas.GetEdita(NumLinha).Descricao = "Descr";

primaverabss – Saving user forms in the Extensibility menu does not display forms

I have an extensibility project (user forms) in C #.

In the local installation on my machine, when I try to save the forms to later add the menus that call these same functions, I had no problem to add.

However, when I install on a test server from a client with the same version, I do not see any form.

Previously, a recompilation of the project was enough to solve this question, but it does not work anymore.

Product Version: 10.0007.1030
Platform version: 10.0007.1033
DBM version: 10.0007.1027
Version Conf. Base: 10.0007.1014

primaverabss – Detailed analysis in the CRM

I need to thoroughly analyze CRM contacts, sales opportunities and activities

Currently, the documentation I have is for maintenance and logistics editors, but nothing of the CRM module

I need to know the ModuloNotificado (which I suppose will be the CRM), the event, the type of search and the values ​​(stdBEValoresStr) to be defined for these cases.

Thank you

primaverabss – How to assign more than one seller to an article or a line of sales editor

Email sent to a Spring consultant. But another source of help is welcome.

Good Mr. Nuno here at JMR.
I'm doing a V9 extensibility job in the spring. I am now stopped and I need a solution if I have to put more than one supplier for an article in the sales editor. Programming in vba with the help of the vba editor.

The solution is at a clinic that uses spring, they have some items where the components can be Ex: Operations, childbirth, etc. Daily activities of the clinics, these activities require the participation of certain actors such as doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, among others, as well as their percentage.
So these players in the spring are considered sellers.
But spring for every line or article is tied to a seller.

My idea was to replicate the line item that requires actors based on the number of stakeholders and edit the unit prices of each line replicated to 0 so that they are not calculated. and the seller and commission assigned to the values ​​of the selected stakeholders in a form created.
but the inserted replicate articles do not appear in the invoices because the unit price and the net price are equal to 0.

My question is how to put these sellers or actors in the article that needs actors (seller).

primaverabss – Creating a link to PRIEmpre

Good afternoon

I needed to connect to ADM from VB.Net to list businesses and users.

To establish the normal connection, use the following code:

engine = New ErpBS ()
OpenCompanyWork ( Empresarial, PRIEmpresa, PRIUser, PRIPass)

But for ADM, I do not understand, how should I do it, since I have the following code to give an error:

Dim engine like AdmBS
PRIEMPRE (EnumTipoPaptaforma.tpEnterprise, PRIUser, PRIPass).