replication – change of domain name for Mongodb principal

When attempting to initialize my replica set, the primary node has a specific domain: port matching. what I want is:

"vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64: 27022"

but what I receive is:

"localhost: 27022"

This is the command I use to start the mongo instance:

sudo mongod –port 27022 –dbpath / db / config / data –configsvr –replSet config

That's what I use to access the mongo instance:

mongo –port 27022

I tried modifying my host file to add the domain name to the default domain of, but it did not work. localhost vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64
# The following lines are desirable for IPv6-compatible hosts
:: 1 ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
fe00 :: 0 ip6-localnet
ff00 :: 0 ip6-mcastprefix
ff02 :: 1 ip6-allnodes
ff02 :: 2 ip6-allrouters
ff02 :: 3 ip6-allhosts

How can I get the specific torque "vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64: 27022" when I initialize the mongo instance?

Is principal principal $ 1 billion of principal amount? On the one hand, a capital of $ H $?

If no, is there an easy counterexample? Are there any restrictions on $ G $ and $ H $ as it is true?
If so, does anyone know a reference?

A dependent has obtained the British visa .. The principal applicant has not yet received (applied together in the priority service)

I have applied for a UK priority visa for Level 2 ICT for me and my wife as a dependent. Yesterday, my wife received her passport stamped as a dependent, but I have not yet received updates from UKVI.

Date of submission of the biometrics and the document: February 14, 2019
Buffered passport received by the dependent: February 20, 2019

Do you have any idea why this happened and when should I expect a decision on my application?


A service principal with the name User Details Custom API for SPFx

I consume an Azure API application based on its consumption in the SharePoint Online reast application.
I am this article. But when I try to approve the application limits on the management page of the SharePoint Center Administration API.

I receive the following error

[HTTP]: 400 - Bad request [CorrelationId]: d3dfb69e-402d-7000-64e6-ba81277edcf1 [Version]: - A service principal with the name helloworld-webpart was not found.

The code in the package solution is

"$ schema": "",
"Solution": {
"name": "helloworld-client-side-solution",
"id": "acd09ed8-ebcd-4477-a763-ec8544f9175f",
"version": "",
"includeClientSideAssets": true,
"skipFeatureDeployment": true,
"WebApiPermissionRequests": [    
        "resource": "helloworld-webpart",    
        "scope": "user_impersonation"    
        "resource": "Windows Azure Active Directory",    
        "scope": "User.Read"    
"paths": {
"zippedPackage": "solution / helloworld.sppkg"

On the web part, I added the following code

.getClient (& # 39; 85540847a-e29a-4843-9154-cf80513f7d92 & # 39;)
.then ((customer: AadHttpClient): void => {
.get ( ;, AadHttpClient.configurations.v1)
.then ((response: HttpClientResponse): Promise => {
return response.json ();
.then ((responseJSON: JSON): void => {
// Display the JSON in a table
var claimsTable = this.domElement.getElementsByClassName ("azFuncClaimsTable")[0];
for (key var in responseJSON) {
var trElement = document.createElement ("tr");
trElement.innerHTML = `$ {key}$ {responseJSON[key]}`;
claimsTable.appendChild (trElement);

When I run swallow serve on the Webpart appears but no data appears. Can any one confirm if the GUID in the .getclient The method is the application ID of the Azure API.