php – Button to print a PDF

I need help because I'm stuck on something.

I use the mPDF and php libraries to generate a contract with some dynamic data from a database with PDO. When consulting a client, send me his credits. What I'm looking for is that when I click on "Generate a contract" if it's in the first row, I printed 1 contract and if it's in the second row or second position, it's is the one with the status V and the amount 5000 and the credit ID 100074923, in fact, the identifier of this credit is the way I identify them and with which I generate their contract

enter the description of the image here

This is the Generate Contract button and sends to the Contract () function;

And the function is the following ….

Contract function (CreditoID) {

var n = $ (# clienteid). val ();

if (n! == & # 39;) {
key var = n;
var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();
xhttp.onreadystatechange = function () {
try {
if (this.readyState === 1) {
$ (# Result #); html (& # 39;
Client validation ... n
& # 39;); } if (this.readyState === 4) { if (this.status === 200) { //alert(this.responseText); var data = JSON.parse (this.responseText); if (data.Estatus === & # 39; V & # 39;) { $ (# Creditoselect #); val (CreditoID); document.getElementById ("resultForm"). submit (); } else { alert (data status); var divit = document.getElementById (& # 39;); divtit.innerHTML = Invalid Friend & # 39 ;; var divmsj = document.getElementById ('msj'); divmsj.innerHTML = & # 39;

Please make sure you are a friend with an approved credit.

& # 39 ;; divmsj.className = "alert-warning alert"; $ ("# myModalv"). modal ("show"); } } } } catch (err) { alert (err); //alert(this.responseText); var divmsj = document.getElementById (& # 39; result & # 39;); divmsj.innerHTML = & # 39;

If there is an error, please try again later

& # 39 ;; divmsj.className = "alert-warning alert"; } }; ("POST", "./app/controller/pagare-controller.php", true); xhttp.setRequestHeader ("Content-type", "application / x-www-form-urlencoded"); xhttp.send ("act = read_status & cli =" + password); } else { var divit = document.getElementById (& # 39;); divtit.innerHTML = & # 39; Complete information missing & # 39 ;; var divmsj = document.getElementById ('msj'); divmsj.innerHTML = & # 39; Missing friend key & # 39 ;; $ ("# myModalv"). modal ("show"); } returns false; }

Well this way I send to call the word that becomes pdf with the variables

$ templateWord = new TemplateProcessor (& # 39; ./ app / view / docs / CONTRATOCONVIVE_00000.docx & # 39;);
$ url = $ urlbase. "/App/controller/pagare-controller.php?&act=read_one&cre=". trim ($ creditoid);
#obtain the result
$ obj = json_decode (trim (file_get_contents ($ url), " xEF  xBB  xBF"), true); // print_r ($ obj); go out;
if (isset ($ obj['NombreCompleto'])) {
require_once & # 39; ./ app / core / mpdf60 / mpdf.php & # 39 ;;
$ mpdf = new mPDF ();
$ mi_url = & # 39; ./ app / view / docs / CONTRATOCONVIVE_00000.html & # 39 ;; // This is the URL of the PDF file, but the one I need is the CONTRATOCONVIVE_2.html
$ fo = fopen ($ my_url, "r") or die ("The page could not be found.");
while (! feof ($ fo)) {
$ payreHTML. = fgets ($ fo);

How to print HTML in the HTML tag of all MediaWiki web pages?

How to print HTML in the HTML tag of all MediaWiki web pages?

In /skins/mySkin/includes/mySkinTemplate.php I did not find anything to do with .

I have not found any global template file and I prefer not to use a hook for this.

Is there another way?

print – Printer will not print .pdf, .png, and .ps files on Ubuntu 18

I was able to print any type of document at the start. Now and for several weeks I have not been able to print graphic files, .pdf files or screen capture files for my desktop or from the Internet. **** I can print all the text files that I create with Libre Office Write. I use the printer that I have installed and that I have used perfectly in the past. It is installed as a USB printer, used locally and was installed via the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS). It's a Brother model HL-L2300D printer. Today was the day of installation of the operating system update. I saw some downloaded CUPS files for installation and I thought that my printing problem would disappear once the update process was completed, but that's not the case. . The problems are the same. I played with the printer configuration. There is not much to change in terms of configuration and I have not seen any change in performance. I'm using a dual-boot Dell computer running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18. I can print all the same files via Windows 10 without any problem. Can someone advise me what to do, please? I am an intermediate user of Linux.

front end – How to make sure that print messages appear immediately on the console when they are in a long loop?

I've noticed that something has changed, I do not know when it started, whether with 12.0 or 11.3.

I like to use Impression inside either Make or Table for debugging. All impressions are sent to the console that I have opened to see how far the calculation has gone.

When the number of iterations is large, the front end does not indicate at all the print instructions in the console, until the end of the loop. which defeats the purpose of the impressions since I want to see them while the loop is running.

It is either that the console does not scroll automatically, or that the messages are buffered but not emptied.

What is the right way to do the Impression to report immediately? I found that adding one Pause[0.1] after each print, displays the print at each iteration. A smaller value of Pause this 0.1 did not work as well.

But that means the loop is now taking longer.

Here is an MWE that I used now.

Erase everything[x,y,t,n,m]
L = 20;
H = 30;
c = 3/10;
f1[x_]: = By pieces[{{1,48/100 L<= x<= 52/100 L},{0,True}}];
f2[y_]: = By pieces[{{1,48/100 H<= y<= 52/100 H},{0,True}}];
numberOfTerms = 200;
res[n_,m_]= N @ integrate[f1[x]* f2[y]*Peach[(n Pi)/L x]*Peach[(m Pi)/H y], {x, 0, L}, {y, 0, H}


And now the loop.

Pay attention. Before performing this loop below, be sure to back up all your work. As the front-end can lock up until the end of the loop, it can take long minutes. So, if you do not want to wait, you may be able to stop the assessment.

Anm = Table[Print["n=", n, ", m=", m]; (*Pause[.1]; *)
Assess[res[n, m]], {n, 1, numberOfTerms}, {m, 1, numberOfTerms}];

Now, while the above is running, watching the console shows that nothing is printed, as long as the loop is not completed, all messages will be displayed at the same time.

Use of 12.0 on Windows 10 with 64 GB of RAM.

8 – How can I print the name of the vocabulary instead of the referenced term in a node model?

You can install the Devel Kint submodule, then in your model {{kint ()}} to get a nicely printed image of all available variables.

Unfortunately, I did not find the label / name of the vocabulary. Only the field label:

{{Content.field_taxo_fruit['#title'] }}

The @ 4k4 response below prints only the machine name of the vocabulary. But not the label / name. But I finally got the name of the vocabulary in a preprocessing function MYTHEME.theme from where I sent it to Twig:

function MYTHEME_preprocess_node__article (& $ variables) {

$ node = $ variables['node'];

$ vid = array_values ​​($ node-> field_taxo_fruit-> getSettings ()['handler_settings']['target_bundles'])[0];

$ vocabulary =  Drupal :: entityTypeManager () -> getStorage (& # 39; taxonomy_vocabulary & # 39;) -> load ($ vid);

$ variables['taxo_fruit_vocab'] = $ vocabulary-> label ();

And in node - article.html.twig then it is:

{% if taxo_fruit_vocab%}
Vocab: {{taxo_fruit_vocab}}
{% end if %}

60×40 canvas print and resolution

I would like to know what resolution do I need to print a 60×40 canvas? I would place the canvas print about 7 feet high and be seen about 10 feet away. Is the 4082 x 2836 resolution sufficient?

print – Mac continues to lose printers, must restart

this has been a recurring problem. For some reason, Aiprint stops working and I have to restart the computer to restore it. Then, after a few weeks, it does not work anymore. The computer "can not find" the printer and no printer appears in the preferences panel. It started on a 2013 iMac, with 10.13, continued on 10.14 and now on a 2019 iMac. So it's clearly a software problem. Something has gone wrong and now it is just transmitted to each new update, which obviously does not solve the problem. The printing works with the USB by the way. "Nowadays, there is no" clean installation ", what can I do? Thank you.

print – How can I create an application / macro in Sharepoint to print my calendar?

put on hold as unclear what you ask by Mohamed El-Qassas MVP 3 hours ago

Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it stands, it's hard to say exactly what you're asking for. Refer to the How to Ask Questions page for help clarifying this question. If this question can be rephrased to fit the rules in the Help Center, edit it.

list manipulation – print the 4x4x4x4 tensor as a 4×4 matrix of 4×4 matrices

I would like to print the LeviCivitaTensor[4] tensor as 4×4 block matrix of 4×4 matrices

The following code works to display the LeviCivitaTensor[3] tensor as a 3×1 vector of 3×3 matrices.

MatrixForm / @ Normal[LeviCivitaTensor[LeviCivitaTensor[LeviCivitaTensor[LeviCivitaTensor[3]]// MatrixForm];

$ epsilon text {=} left (
begin {array} {c}
begin {array} {ccc}
0 & 0 & 0 \
0 & 0 & 1 \
0 & -1 & 0 \
end {array}
right) \
begin {array} {ccc}
0 & 0 & -1 \
0 & 0 & 0 \
1 & 0 & 0 \
end {array}
right) \
begin {array} {ccc}
0 & 1 & 0 \
-1 & 0 & 0 \
0 & 0 & 0 \
end {array}
right) \
end {array}

I would like something similar for the LeviCivitaTensor[4]

image quality – How to print with as much precision as possible a physical image?

I do not want to be rude, but I will be honest. Your expectations are unreal.

even the smallest micro details to show

What is the microphone for you? Most of the texture you see at a "magnifying glass" level is given by the paper. For example, a cotton-based paper is almost impossible to print because its roughness is specially designed to receive pigments in aqueous form.

The oily feel of an oil-based paint has volume and brilliant reflectivity that only an oil painting can give.

You have chosen a support for the painting because of the materials of the painting.

Almost all reproduction systems rely on a limited amount of inks selected in one way or another to simulate gradients. It's the difference between your continuous and semitone.

Would I use offset or digital printing?

…! … do you need one? or a thousand? This is the setting to decide Digital vs. Offset.

Process or accompanying colors?

…! … This digital discard all together … Is your painting monochromatic? opt for a Pantone … if it is not …

Ink specially made?

Does your painting have a strange finish not reproducible by a standard printing system?

I do not know what you want as ink … You can use the chocolate muse if you wish … but you might need screen printing for that.

I want the colors to be as similar as possible

If it's a real question …

Use a color-calibrated workflow.

  1. Light with a good CRI index.

  2. Use a color chart for reference.

  3. Choose a good lighting technique.

  4. Get a good camera and lens. There are other posts on the forum about it.

  5. Calibrate your editing software with the profile you have with point (2)

  6. Use a good quality printer, probably based on inkjet.