Is there any method to make PDF print out nicely for highlighting on Google Chrome?

This problem happens on Google Chrome but is also on the Mac, so I am not entirely sure if it is a Mac related issue or Chrome issue.

For some webpages, such as Google Chrome can print it out as a PDF, but the first highlighting would show the highlighting is off. This has been happening for more than a year:

enter image description here

It doesn’t happen if it is printed by Safari, but Safari sometimes has some issue such as the content column quite narrow. Is there a way to make it print out suitable for highlighting if it is on Chrome? It might be a Google Chrome issue or it might be somehow related to how macOS support printing but as a PDF file. Since printing as PDF is particular to Mac but not on Windows, so I am asking this on Ask Different.

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windows 10 – Can I re-print a past print without having the source document?

On Windows 10, I printed a document last night and, through pure carelessness, didn’t save it (I was in a hurry and thought it’d be a one-off) and don’t have the print to make a copy (it was a cut-out router template for some woodworking stuff, it’s sawdust now), and now I want another copy of it.

I checked my printer (Brother MFC-9340CDW) but afaict it doesn’t remember past documents for reprints. I also checked the software I made the document in (it does have auto-save capabilities) but, long story short, no luck there.

My question is: Does Windows cache these somewhere or maintain a history? Can I print another copy without having the source document available any more?

If it matters, it was the last thing I printed.

deletion – Print sensitive info without leaving data on the printer

I’m not sure if there is already a question here about this because I can’t find anything. But I’m wondering if there are any “safer” ways to print sensitive information without leaving traces on the printer (sensitive data in caches, internal memory, etc.), or at least ways to reduce those traces.

Suppose I need to print some codes, passwords, secret data, or anything sensitive anyway. After you have printed the data, you can put the sheet in a safe place (like a safe), but the printer is going to remain in its usual place where it could be accessed by a malicious actor (I don’t think many people lock their printers in a safe).

This might be equivalent to asking how to delete any data left in the memory of a printer, or at least reduce the probability of leaving any sensitive data in it. Maybe printing some more megabytes of documents after the sensitive data will help “overwriting” the memory on the printer? I have no idea.

Custom Print block on Magento

I am using Magento 1.9. How can I allow showing Short Description block on print function? I can edit only the CSS file…

I couldn’t find any solutions.

Thank you!

c program to print number of letters entered

i have been trying to solve this assignment given to me for the whole day, i have tried every code that came to my head but non of them gave me the wanted result, i’m a beginner in the C language so i’m still practicing but i’m literally stuck now so if someone can just explain to me what should i do i would be really thankful.

enter image description here

c – Locale-independent float print function

The objective was to write a locale-independent function that prints floating-point numbers (i.e. one that always uses . as a decimal point regardless of the locale) that was going to be used in a library that was meant to produce JSON. I was aiming for the following:

  • Implementation simplicity
  • Ability to be used on different sorts of streams (writing into a file, a string, etc)
  • Reasonable corrrectness

Here’s the main code:

#include <inttypes.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>

typedef int (*printfn_t)(void *, const char *, ...);

#define print(...) if (printfn(stream, __VA_ARGS__) < 0) {
    return false;

static const int PRECISION = 15;

static int count_digits(double n) {
  return floor(log10(n) + 1);

bool print_number(
    printfn_t printfn,
    void *stream,
    double number
) {
    if (number == 0) {
        return true;
    if (number < 0) {
        number = -number;
    uint64_t integral = 0, decimal = 0;
    int exponent = 0;
    if (number > 9007199254740991) {
        exponent = count_digits(number) - 1;
        number = number / pow(10, exponent);
    } else if (number < 1 / pow(10, PRECISION)) {
        exponent = count_digits(number) - 1;
        number = number * pow(10, -exponent);
    integral = number;
    decimal = round(fmod(number, 1) * pow(10, PRECISION));
    print("%" PRId64, integral);
    if (decimal != 0) {
        int decimal_length = count_digits(decimal);
        for (int i = 0; i < PRECISION - decimal_length; i++) {
        print("%" PRId64, decimal);
    if (exponent != 0) {
        print("e%i", exponent);
    return true;

And here’s how you use it:

int main() {
    double input = 0;
    scanf("%lf", &input);
        (printfn_t) fprintf,

php – Retrieve some post which match a specific taxonomy and print their url and some relative taxonomy/field in a file?

as specified in the title I should create a (php?) file to upload to the server that retrieves the url of the posts that correspond to a certain taxonomy and simply print the url of these (and some other datas) .

Can you give me a tip or suggestion?

Thank you all

samsung after removing apps with ADB. print crashes

i removed bloatwares of Samsung f41 using adb and now whenever i click on print in chrome, it crashes. it seemed to be a chrome bug at first but after trying other browsers, i found out that i might have accidently deleted some important app.
help me to find out which app should i reinstall.

Print in page in html

I am create a print button. It is printable but the error is "Table head is repeat at the page end at the time of print" which is shown in below image.
enter image description here

how to remove or set the repeated "table heading".

Here is my code-
enter image description here