macbook pro – Can not start Windows 7 bootcamp after resizing the partition

I have decreased the size of the partition of my macbook and on Windows, I have used the partition wizard to increase the partition of my windows, but once the process is over, I will not be able to use it. I could not start Windows (it could not start and a 0xc000025 error occurred). I can still see the Windows disk at launch by pressing the command and I can also see it on the mac osx partition, ie my files are there, it will not boot. Please help!
13-inch MacBook Pro mid-2009

macos – Internet sharing from Macbook Pro has a limit of 5 devices?

I'm trying to share the internet connection (wifi) from a Macbook Pro 15 inch 2019 on OSX version 10.14.6 (18G1012) using a USB Ethernet connector and the built-in WiFi chipset of the. device as my "router". The first 5 devices all work (2 iPhones, a PS4, an iPad, a Macbook Pro 2015 on 10.15), but as soon as I connect any other device that I have (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Macbook Pro 2013), they will all do so in a predictable way with a generic error message that can be summarized as "can not connect" and will ask for the Wi-Fi password again. I share the connection of my USB Ethernet adapter as:
Internet sharing settings

If I switch the shared Wi-Fi connection and start everyone, if I choose a device that has failed to connect before the others, it will work until 5 devices are connected, and # 6 and beyond appliance will still fail. Even though he previously knew the network! If I disable Wi-Fi from a currently connected device, a faulty device will connect. It is pretty clear that there is a limit of 5 devices on the sharing laptop.

I've done some research and it seems like others have no problem connecting more than 5 devices to a Macbook's wifi, so what do I do? wrong? Do not they connect simultaneously as I am? I'm not afraid of the terminal or gather more information, but I do not even know where to start. The sharing screen is not terribly talkative.

MacBook Pro 2017 has problems when booting live from USB in Parrot Linux distribution

I've used the Balena Etcher software to flash my USB with the image / iso of linux parrot distro the security edition. the live start went well but when everything was started, I could not move the mouse or do anything! Can someone help me?

Thank you

I will install the Astra Pro Agency package for $ 10

I'm going to install the Astra Pro Agency Pack

ASTRA is an ultra-fast and lightweight WordPress theme with SEO optimization in mind and ELEMENTOR is a super friendly WordPress page builder that requires ZERO Knowledge in code.

Why ASTRA + ELEMENTOR? It's just because it's the perfect combination for creating a high-speed website and a great, great website.

I've bought all the themes and plugins for life. That's why I'm going to install all the themes and plugins mentioned with the license enabled at a single price for a lifetime.

I will install in $ 10

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macbook pro – "HID event of the power button – proactive rinsing" – what does this mean?

I have reviewed the log file of my system on my MacBook Pro.

I came across this diary entry "HID Event of Power Button – Proactive Rinse". Does this just mean that the computer has been turned off by holding down the power button?

Thanks in advance!

8 – Can I use the Migrate module to synchronize a Drupal website / database with a Filemaker Pro database?

I just want to know if it's possible to get data from a Filemaker Pro database and insert it into the database of my Drupal website.

Ideally, I would like to configure this so that Drupal periodically checks the Filemaker database and inserts the new data (or updates) into the Drupal database.

macbook pro – Broaches in the headphone jack recessed inside, is it possible to remove the metal sheath and fix them

So, one of the pins of the headphone jack of my MacBook Pro has been inserted, and the use of a toothpick is not a problem, so it is possible to disassemble the l? computer, to remove the metal case from the headphone jack and push back the pins?

This is an old laptop (2012), so it's not covered by the warranty.

[FREE] Ready Pro WordPress Plugin Price Tables | NewProxyLists

[FREE] Ready Pro WordPress Plugin Price Tables

Hi guys, I bought the pro version of the Pricing Tables Ready plugin yesterday for $ 19, maybe useful for some of you.

Sales page

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Is there a keyboard that allows the iPad Pro 11 to be in portrait mode?

I can not find a keyboard for my ipad pro 11 "that allows the ipad to be in portrait mode when typing. I would think it's a no-brainer. How could companies create a keyboard without allowing the iPad to go into portrait mode? It seems so incredible to me. Anyone using the iPad knows that some apps only use portrait mode.

MacBook Pro: How to open the last tabs of the terminal when restarting?

On my Macbook terminal, a window opens with 4 tabs.

When I restart, it asks to "end the process" once I click on the reboot of MacBook Pro.

The terminal opens with the basic profile only.

How can I open my last windows 4 tabs again.

I do not find in preferences.