query – Problem using the “listagg” function to produce the desired result in Oracle PL-SQL

I’m working with listagg and I have a problem here. It does not give the desired result and I just do not know where the problem is .

The deposit_query might be like this :

sum (dep_balance) >1 and
sum (turnover)    >1 and
DEP_BRANCH_COD     = -1 and

or it might be like this (without sum):

DEP_BRANCH_COD     = -1 and
CURRENCY_DESC      = -1 

The desired result for first condition is :

DEP_BRANCH_COD     = -1 and 
group by customer_num
having sum (dep_balance) >1 and
       sum (turnover)    >1 and

and for second condition is :

DEP_BRANCH_COD     = -1 and 

What I’ve written so far is the query below and the problem is that the final result has theGroup by customer_num having in the second condition.


   deposit_query varchar(1000) := 'DEP_BRANCH_COD     = -1, 
                                   DEPOSIT_GROUP_DESC = -1, 
                                   DEPOSIT_TYPE_DESC  = -1, 
                                   CURRENCY_DESC      = -1';
   actual_query varchar2(1000);


   select listagg(case
                    when stm not like '%sum(%' then stm end,
                      ' AND ') within group(order by stm) 
                    when stm like '%sum(%' then stm end, 
                      ' AND ') within group(order by stm) || ' Group by customer_num HAVING ' 
  into actual_query
  from (select regexp_substr(deposit_query, '(^and)+', 1, level) STM
        from dual
      connect by regexp_substr(deposit_query, '(^and)+', 1, level) is not null);



I was wondering if you could tell me how to modify my query to have the desired result.

thanks in advance

oc.optimization and control – First Order Conditions concave optimization problem

I am self-studying optimization and I came across the following problem in an example

$$begin{array}{rl}max_{w,z} & z quad text { s.t.} \ f_{j}left(w_{1}, w_{j}right)-z & geq 0, quad(2 leq j leq N)end{array} \begin{aligned} sum_{i=1}^{N} w_{i} &=1 \ w_{j} & geq 0 quad(2 leq j leq N) end{aligned}$$

where $f_j$ are concave functions.

The First Order Condition provided in the solution for the optimal point $w_j^*$ are the following:

$$begin{aligned} 1-sum_{j=2}^{N} lambda_{j} &=0 \ lambda_{j} frac{partial f_{j}left(w_{1}^{*}, w_{j}^{*}right)}{partial w_{j}} &=gamma quad j=2, ldots, N end{aligned}$$

$$sum_{j=2}^{N} lambda_{j} frac{partial f_{j}left(w_{1}^{*}, w_{j}^{*}right)}{partial w_{1}}=gamma \
lambda_{j}left(f_{j}left(w_{1}^{*}, w_{j}^{*}right)-zright)=0 quad j=2, ldots, N$$

for some $gamma,lambda_j$, for $jin(N)$.

Can someone explain how these conditions are derived or point out some reference from which I could derive these? Thanks a lot

coalgebras – This is a problem about infinite order permutation groups

That’s the problem :let A be an infinite set.let D be the subgroup of Permutation group of A which move only a finite number of elements of A and let A be the set of all elements x∈D such that acts as an even permutation on the finite set of points it moves.prove that A is an infinite simple group.
My confusion :Prompted me to prove that each pair of elements of D is in a finite simple group of D.I think this means that every element in the D is in a finite single group of D and I think the finite single group will be an alternating group.But isn’t there a odd permutation in D

plotting – Problem with a finite sum involving HurwitzZeta Function

I’m trying to reproduce some plots from the analytical expression:


I need to plot $f(-4x)$ for several values of $beta$ and with $theta=0$ and $theta=1$. In the attached picture, the left panel is what I have to get (ignore the blue curves), but Mathematica gives me a lot of noise.

Left: correct results. Right: My result.
My code is:

f((Beta)_, (Xi)_,M_, (Theta)_) := ((2/(Beta)^2 -1) + (((Theta) Exp(-(Beta)))/2 - 1/2) (Xi) + Sum(((-(Beta))^n (Xi)^(1 + n/2))/n! HurwitzZeta(-(n/2), 1 + 1/(Xi)), {n, 1, M}));

Plot({f(0.5, -4 x, 60, 1), f(0.5, 4 x, 60, 0), 
  f(0.8, -4 x, 60, 1), f(0.8, 4 x, 60, 0), f(1.1, -4 x, 60, 1), 
  f(1.1, 4 x, 60, 0)}, {x, -6, 6}, AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}, 
 PlotStyle -> {Green, Green, Red, Red, Black, Black}, 
 PlotRange -> {0, 8})

Do you have an idea of what is going on?


A big problem

A big problem
I have a problem with months I could not find a solution.
Our site dramatically declining in the Google search engine, and could not be ousted from the fund in Google .

What are your suggestions
My site: https://pagearabic.com

60 SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

Dear all,

I hope I am in the right forum. If not, please forgive me and point me in the right direction

I am using a shared hosting account with CPanel as control panel. Below the info I can get about the server.

I am running TinyTiny-Rss, which is basically a feed reader. It fetches articles from different sources so that I can read them without having to visit every single website. To do so, I believe it uses Curl.

Everything worked smoothly, until this morning, when some feeds stopped updating, with the error:
“60 SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired”

If I visit the original URL, the certificate is not expired at all.

From what I gathered after some googling, it seems that the issue is related to some curl configuration.

Being on shared hosting, there is nothing I can do, so I opened a ticket with my provider, and they insist I have to tell them how I can reproduce the error, which I can not, as the error is generated by the script.

I can connect via ssh to the server, but I have very limited knowledge in this field. I tried to “curl” the feeds with the error, but I believe I am missing some parameters that would trigger the error.

Is there anyway you can help me to reproduce the error or provide me with some further documentation that would convince my provider to correct the issue?

Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

Wish you all a nice weekend.


cPanel Version 86.0 (build 21)

Apache Version 2.4.43

PHP Version 7.2.30

MySQL Version 10.2.31-MariaDB-log-cll-lve

Architecture x86_64

Operating System linux

Path to Sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl

Perl Version 5.16.3

Kernel Version 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.32.el7.x86_64

oc.optimization and control – How to solve this non-continuous optimization problem?

I hope you are well. I have a non-continuous optimization problem as follows;

  *The Goal: max ∑i lotsize(i).(35f(i)-30)
  Constraits: lotsize(i) >=0.1,
              lotsize(i) is not continuous.*

where i represents ith trade , f(i) function is as follows;

          *f(i)= 1  ; if a trade is successfull,
                0  ; if a trade is not successfull.*

I try to create a lotsize function. So, I wonder if there are any ways to obtain lotsize function from the aboved optimization problem.

Thanks for your help!

Murat Y.

Problem with stripe (money frozen) Question

Hello all,

Three weeks ago I started using stripe as a payment provider. After selling a few products (worth of 30k gym equipment) and requesting a payout from stripe, I received an email from stripe three days before the payout was scheduled with the following text:

Thanks for using Stripe!

We’re writing to request some additional information that we couldn’t verify using your account. In order to continuous transferring funds to you on time, would you mind providing the following information:

  • a copy of the invoice or contract for (py number)
  • a photo of the primary products, goods, or services being sold (please ensure that the photo includes a sheet of paper that notes the date that the photo was taken)
  • a copy of the tracking numbers for the shipment of your goods

    Any documents or photos can be attached in your reply to this email. As soon as we can verify these details, your account will be all set to again automatically transfer funds to your bank account.

I responded within 24 hours and delivered everything they asked for. After this I got a response the next day: We’ll go ahead and check your business website/account and we”ll definitely get back to you for update. After me asking how long this will take because I need the money for new inventory purchasing, I got the answer: I’m afraid that there’s no exact time frame for the review, but we’ll work to make sure this review is completed in a timely manner.

What does that mean? Will this take days / months / years? How difficult can it be to verify my account with all the clear documents I added. It’s now the third day.. (PS I am from Europe if that matters)

Anyone with the same experience? Or does anyone know what is taking so long for verification? It feels so painful to see my money frozen in the stripe account, with their power over it, I feel like I have to kiss their ass to get my money back.. This really s**ks.


What’s the problem here?

enter image description here

What is the problem here and I hope the solution because it concerns me a lot

Inequality problem – Mathematics Stack Exchange

What are the values ​​of $B_1, B_2$, and $B_s$ so that the following inequality is satisfied with any value of $U_1$ and $U_2$? where $B_1, B_2, B_s, U_1$, and $U_2 in mathbb R^+$

$ B_1 U_1^2 + B_2 U_2^2 < B_s (U_1-U_2)^2 $