mysql – database design problem without duplicate data

I have a customer database which contains customer data and a user table. I store customer data (organization details) in the customer data table and store user data in the Users table which stores user emails and hash for logging in. I am creating a database on the registration of organizations. Now this user can add more users who may have login information and others not. I don't understand where to store these unregisterable users. I have a userid as the primary key in the clients.users table. I store this identifier in the personnel table of the organizations database. I'm looking for emails in the clients.users table when logging in to the user. At the same time, I have the ID of this user in the staff organization table. but where should I store this non-recordable personal data. I cannot store them in the staff table of the organization, because this table uses clients.users userid as foreign key.
How can I be able to store non-recordable personnel data?

I store the user details in the clients table and the organizations table. I check the customer table during authentication. But storing the same data in two tables is not a good way. I want to store the user details in the organization database and use this identifier as a foreign key in the customer database. But I don't know which user belongs to which database. I can't search them in the customer database as it only contains the user ID as a foreign key. How to verify their credentials in db clients?

security certificate – Intermittent problem establishing a secure HTTPS connection to my site

Your DNS has two IP addresses specified for your site. Only one of them has a server with correctly configured security certificates.

When you have two A registers for the same host name, it is known as DNS "round robin". Customers will randomly try to connect to one or the other. Some modern browsers may try both to see which one works, which may explain why you don't see the problem in some browsers.

$ dig    7069    IN  A    7069    IN  A

the the server is running:

$ curl --head --resolve ''
HTTP/2 200 

But the is not:

$ curl --head --resolve ''
curl: (35) error:14094438:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert internal error

To resolve this issue, you must either delete the DNS A records pointing to or you need to fix this server so that it handles HTTPS requests correctly.

computation – Problem of function substitution to find the normal field of unity

I'm trying to find the normal unit field n on S. Where S is the ellipsoid $ 2x ^ 2 + 2y ^ 2 + z ^ 2 = 2 $
However, I am stuck trying to replace f in the $ | nabla f (x, y, z) | $.

My steps:

(i) I calculate n with $ n = frac {( nabla f (x, y, z)} {| nabla f (x, y, z) |} $

(ii) Using partial differentiation, I find $ nabla f =<4x,4y,2z>$

(Iii) $ | nabla f (x, y, z) | = { sqrt ((f_x) ^ 2 + (f_y) ^ 2 + (f_z) ^ 2)} = { sqrt (16x ^ 2 + 16y ^ 2 + 4z ^ 2)} = {2 sqrt (4x ^ 2 + 4y ^ 2 + z ^ 2)} $

The next step is where I'm stuck. I think they replace the $ f = 2x ^ 2 + 2y ^ 2 + z ^ 2 = 2 $ in the formula, but they don't match well and I don't know how to deal with it.

I believe that $ n = frac {<4x,4y,4z>} {6} $ should be the answer.

Thanks for any help!

excel – Problem with "range" and double cells

Hi i have this in my excel here i put the range of cells which cannot be empty to run the macro


but the problem is that my excel has double cells enter description of image here
For example, the first cell in the image is B11, but since it is double, it occupies the space of C11, so that the range detects that C11 is empty and the macro does not run. does she have any idea?

Problem After activating the child theme, the website cursor has disappeared [closed]

In the parent theme, the cursor is displayed, but when I activate the child theme, the cursor is gone, there are also layout issues when activating the child theme
Why is it so ????

Parent theme activation

Child theme activated

fit – Understanding and solving a problem with FindFit

I have a dataset which I give here

data = {{0.294320000000000026`7., 23.8843734496254604949`7.}, {0.6795160000000000089`7., 23.8843611997525542279`7.}, 
   {1.0502000000000000224`7., 23.8843489498796444082`7.}, {1.4071700000000000319`7., 23.8843367000067381412`7.}, {1.7511799999999999589`7., 23.8843244501338318742`7.}, 
   {2.0829300000000001702`7., 23.8843122002609220544`7.}, {2.4030499999999999083`7., 23.8842999503880157874`7.}, {2.7121499999999998387`7., 23.8842877005151095204`7.}, 
   {3.0107800000000000118`7., 23.8842754506421997007`7.}, {3.2994699999999999029`7., 23.8842632007692934337`7.}, {3.5787100000000000577`7., 23.884250950896383614`7.}, 
   {3.8489599999999999369`7., 23.884238701023477347`7.}, {4.1106400000000000716`7., 23.88422645115057108`7.}, {4.3641500000000004178`7., 23.8842142012776612603`7.}, 
   {4.6098699999999999122`7., 23.8842019514047549933`7.}, {4.8481500000000004036`7., 23.8841897015318487263`7.}, {6.8864700000000000912`7., 23.8840672028027718454`7.}, 
   {8.4512300000000006861`7., 23.8839447040736949646`7.}, {9.6903000000000005798`7., 23.8838222053446180837`7.}, {10.6958000000000001961`7., 23.8836997066155447556`7.}, 
   {11.5281000000000002359`7., 23.8835772078864678747`7.}, {15.6127000000000002444`7., 23.8823522205957097242`7.}, 
   {17.1147999999999989029`7., 23.8811272333049551264`7.}, {17.9021000000000007901`7., 23.8799022460141969759`7.}, 
   {18.3740999999999985448`7., 23.8786772587234423781`7.}, {18.6981000000000001648`7., 23.8774522714326842276`7.}, 
   {18.9327000000000005286`7., 23.8762272841419260772`7.}, {19.117100000000000648`7., 23.8750022968511714794`7.}, 
   {19.8338999999999998636`7., 23.8627524239436006326`7.}, {20.0574000000000012278`7., 23.8505025510360333385`7.}, 
   {20.1506000000000007333`7., 23.8382526781284624917`7.}, {20.2182999999999992724`7., 23.8260028052208951976`7.}, 
   {20.2663000000000010914`7., 23.8137529323133279036`7.}, {20.3024999999999984368`7., 23.8015030594057606095`7.}, 
   {20.3335000000000007958`7., 23.7892531864981897627`7.}, {20.359200000000001296`7., 23.7770033135906224686`7.}, 
   {20.3817999999999983629`7., 23.7647534406830516218`7.}, {20.5414999999999992042`7., 23.6422547116073644702`7.}, 
   {20.6695999999999990848`7., 23.5197559825316808713`7.}, {20.7867999999999994998`7., 23.3972572534559937196`7.}, 
   {20.9030999999999984595`7., 23.274758524380306568`7.}, {22.0936999999999983402`7., 22.0497712336234528152`7.}, {23.4103999999999992099`7., 20.824783942866591957`7.}, 
   {24.8888999999999995794`7., 19.5997966521097346515`7.}, {26.5626999999999995339`7., 18.3748093613528737933`7.}, 
   {28.4742999999999994998`7., 17.1498220705960164878`7.}, {30.6789999999999984936`7., 15.9248347798391591823`7.}, 
   {33.2490999999999985448`7., 14.6998474890823001004`7.}, {36.2854999999999989768`7., 13.474860198325442795`7.}, 
   {39.9273000000000024556`7., 12.2498729075685837131`7.}, {44.376300000000000523`7., 11.0248856168117264076`7.}, {49.935099999999998488`7., 9.7998983260548673258`7.}, 
   {57.0788999999999973056`7., 8.5749110352980082439`7.}, {66.5995999999999952479`7., 7.3499237445411500502`7.}, {79.9188999999999936108`7., 6.1249364537842918566`7.}, 
   {99.8800999999999987722`7., 4.8999491630274336629`7.}, {133.0889999999999986358`7., 3.6749618722705750251`7.}, 
   {199.2379999999999995453`7., 2.4499745815137168314`7.}, {393.9680000000000177351`7., 1.2249872907568584157`7.}}

And I'm trying to adapt to a model. To do this, I have the following:

fitfunction(x_) := a + b*Log(c*x + d*x^2)
sltnmodel = FindFit(data, fitfunction(x), {a, b, c, d, e}, x, MaxIterations -> Infinity)
Show(ListPlot(data, PlotRange -> {{-170, 500}, {-0.1, 25}}, PlotMarkers -> Style("(FilledCircle)", 11, Red), BaseStyle -> {13, FontFamily -> "Times New Roman"}, 
   AxesLabel -> {"!(*SuperscriptBox((g), (2)))", "!(*SubscriptBox((M), (B)))/!(*SubscriptBox((f), ((Pi))))"}, Joined -> False), 
  Plot(fitfunction(x) /. sltnmodel, {x, 0, 600}, PlotRange -> {{-170, 500}, {-0.1, 25}}, PlotStyle -> {Dashed, Black}))

The result of the tracing is illustrated below.

The parcel

The fitting therefore requires a little more work.

The problem is that if adding something to the existing log adjustment, it gives the following error message.

enter description of image here

I have tried to use the answer that was given here, but that does not solve the problem.


virtualization – Restart the host machine from the virtual machine, should I report this problem and where to report it?

Excuse my ignorance because I don't work in infosec.

I ran reboot inside a Linux virtual machine using VirtualBox on Mac and it rebooted my host machine. I'm trying to reproduce the problem but I haven't fixed it yet.

If I can reproduce the problem, should I report it and to whom should I report it?

programming languages ​​- Is there a term for the psychological problem of "code loss" for programmers?

(Note: I wanted to publish this in the "Psychology" category, but there was no corresponding tag.)

I am a programmer. I just deleted a huge amount of code that I thoroughly researched, thought about, coded, then improved and fixed while bugs were brewing for a long time.

All of this code, which took a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and general "mental work," has now been replaced by a very small number of lines that essentially exploit the built-in "ICU" functionality of PHP to produce properly. numbers, money sums and date / time in the right way for every combination of language, locale, currency and time zone imaginable.

Before, I didn't know it already existed, so I reproduced a large part of it myself, and I now realize how far it was from being perfect. But still, I did, and this code had in my mind "hardened" or "settled" like "golden code" that I never thought I'd touch again …

Basically, I'm crying for my now useless, replaced, and obsolete pieces of code. I am annoyed with myself for doing all this unnecessary work and it took me a lot of mental struggle to finally convince me to continue.

Is it common among programmers and does it have an established term? Such as "code loss" or "code loss"?

Basically, even though I have really improved my application / library / framework to an extreme degree, I still feel like I have "lost all that work" because the number of lines is so reduced at once. It is not a pleasant feeling.

problem with deleting recyclerview item with Firebase

I have the following problem. When you try to delete an item from a recycling view that takes its Firebase data; in the database the item is deleted correctly; but in the recycling view it is not updated properly. I interpreted that the problem was that I was not implementing "notifyDataSetChanged ()" correctly, but other than that, after the list, the items stored in the bbdd are again added. So I thought the solution would be to refresh the recycling view so that it was reloaded with the updated data, but I can't find a way to do it. I would appreciate some advice. I leave the bind code in which I hosted the event

   fun bind(datos: ArrayAsuntosPropios) = with(itemView) {
        if (datos.yearAP == yearActual && email == {
            fechaAP.text = datos.fechaAP
            if (datos.diaDescanso) {
                yearAP.text = "Descanso"
            } else {
                yearAP.text = "Trabajado"
            val fechaSeleccionada = datos.fechaAP
            val store: FirebaseFirestore = FirebaseFirestore.getInstance()
            val diasASuntoPropiosColeccion: CollectionReference = store.collection("diasAsuntosPropios")
                .whereEqualTo("fechaAP", fechaSeleccionada).whereEqualTo("email", email).limit(1)
                .addOnSuccessListener { documents ->
                    for (document in documents) {
                        val idDocumento =
                .addOnFailureListener {
                    Toast.makeText(context, "error al encontrar el documento", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

Troubleshooting – Problem with debris stuck to my Pentax K-7 sensor

I am currently experiencing serious difficulties with my Pentax K-7 sensor having an excessive amount of flocking from a very dirty lens. Pieces of black, pointed and pointed objects seem to be glued to the sensor and I have no idea how to remove them. Objects appear in my images, so there is no option but to have them deleted.

I tend to believe that debris can also be integrated into the body because every time I trigger the shutter, the sensor becomes more cluttered with debris. Obviously, I no longer use the culprit lens. What can I do about it?