Probability theory – Complexity / hardness of a generalization of a problem of inclusion / exclusion

For each element of $ S $, count the number of times that he is a member of $ A_i $, $ 1 the i the n $. If this number is $ m $we add 1 to the count. The final count is what we wanted.

The algorithm above takes $ O (tn) $ time if the calculation cost to check the membership is $ O (1) $. It takes $ O (ttn) $ time if the cost in calculation to check the membership is proportional to the size of the set, which is at most $ t $.

So, you can see that the problem is in $ P $. This has nothing to do with this general principle of inclusion – exclusion.

html5 – Scroll Redirection Problem in the Menu

First, I ask you to ignore the failures of the scroll bar on mobile devices, I am adapting the Web.

I use a vertical scrolling navigation system, when you click on a part of the menu, you redirect to your #id and go to this section. The problem I have is that when you use this menu without scrolling down (directly after loading the page, without doing anything else before), it goes to a different (incorrect) position by report scrolling and then using the menu. (which is good), I do not know if I explain myself. It's as if the menu was eating a bit higher, which changes the position of the move when the menu is used.

You can check it here:


Yonguno YN600EX-RT and synchronization problem between the Canon T6 high speed and a lighter band horizontally

I manage to run HHS on the Canon T6 with the Yonguno flash, but when I change to 1/4000, ISO 100, and f1.8, the image appears with a horizontal band lighter than the rest of the image. .
I can not find out if there is a flash fault, where it flashes several times during the curtain sequence, or something of the kind with the camera Photo. Using Yonguno YN-E3-RT as a trigger.

By playing with the settings even at 1/1000, ISO 400 always gets this horizontal band lighter. When the built-in flash is used regularly, no problem.

Ideas? Could it be due to a material defect or am I neglecting something?

Random contact problem!

Huawei G8
In this phone, when I do heavy things, like playing a game or being random twice a day, my phone touch becomes irresponsible. The reboot from the power button does not work even when I touch even restart!
Dragging to the screen does not work as a slip unlock or swipe the notification bar. although the launcher pages have slipped. I go to the home screen either by unlocking the fingerprint, or by opening the camera and then by going to the home screen.
It is fixed after a forced reboot.
So, I want to know what kind of problem is this. Soft side or hard?

Problem of exploration and indexing – [Link Building Not Making Effect On Keyword Growth]

SEO is the best technique to increase the visibility of a website or web page. The first step (building links) must be followed to get the power of the keyword in order to obtain a higher position. But when we get there, the search engine did not check the search link or indexed after a few days.

Do not have an appropriate solution why this happens. If you have a better answer, please provide a solution.

optimization – Problem of traveling salesman with local guided search

I'm doing week_4 from
stuck in the resolution of TSP.
Since there are many methods to solve, I'm coding
Guided Local Search
This essentially penalizes the longest edge and performs repeated searches in this neighborhood until no improvement is found.
To search for the neighborhood faster, it uses the local quick search that marks an inactive vertex if no enhancement movement (2-Opt) is found.

My problem is that I notice an improvement of the movements after the first quick fast search (FLS).
Any ideas on this?

Also what is suggested method to solve TSP in order to facilitate.
As I know these are methods
– Simulated annealing with reheating.
– Integer Mixed Programming (MIP) with Gomory Cut.
– heuristics LK (Lein-Kerninghan), LKH, ILKH
– GLS + FLS (I find it easy to start)
– Hybrid approaches such as MIP + SA.

Complexity Theory – NP Integrity of the PROCESS PLANNING PROBLEM

I have to prove the NP-Completeness of the following problem:


Entry: Jobs $ P_1, …, P_n $ with duration $ t_1, .., t_n $ and slots $ l_i, r_i $ for each job, which means that the job must start and end in the interval $[l_i,r_i]$. There is only one processor and it can only do one job.
Result: Is there a schedule so that each job can be done on time?

For example:

enter the description of the image here

The answer is yes, because there is a timetable for all jobs.

My idea is a reduction of Partition Problem to PSP.

So, given a partition instance $ a_1, a_2, .., a_n $ with $ sum_ {i = 0} ^ n a_i = 2A. $ Is there an index-set $ I subseteq {1, .., n } $ such as $ sum_ {i in I} a_i = A $?

So I have a partition instance $ a_1, …, a_n $ are jobs $ J_1, .., J_n $ with times $ a_1, …, a_n $ and $ l_i = 0, r_i = 2A + 1 $ for each work 1 to n.

We add a new job $ J_ {n + 1} $ with $ t_ {n + 1} = 1, l_ {n + 1} = A, r_ {n + 1} = A + 1 $.

Is this construction correct?
So, the idea is that I force the last job to be between A and A + 1, so I have a separation of 2 and it only works if there are two sets that have A as the sum.

updates – Resetting factory settings did not solve the problem of malware on my ZTE zmax blade. What am I doing at this point?

Surveillanceware or a worm of this type stole my account on Android, Facebook and my email accounts. I can not scan with my Premium Plus Lookout account because the virus has disabled Lookout and does not allow me to activate it. The Facebook application is uninstallable, which, in my opinion, is one of the infected applications. My phone did not already come with Facebook preinstalled, but it now appears as a system file. I have reset the factory and I still have problems. I am being asked to reset my password on my Gmail Facebook login page when I know that I just reset it and enter it correctly. My photos are gone. Please, help me. How can I bring my Android back to health if my antivirus application can not even be activated? Looking at my list of applications, I notice applications that I have not even installed and that I can not delete them. I started in safe mode and proceeded to uninstall Facebook, but Facebook was not listed, but when I run the applications, Facebook indicates that the application is being run. 39; execution. Help me please, somebody?

multivariate calculus – Problem of comprehension of the linear integrals of the formula of the fields of vectors

In my manual, he explains that "the wok is made by a variable force $ f (x) $ by moving a particle of $ a $ at $ b $ is $ W = int_a ^ b {f (x)} dx $. "It makes sense for me, but we have reached the section where we have to calculate work on a curve.

Now, suppose that $ vec {F} = $ is a continuous force field on $ mathbb {R} ^ $ 3 … We wish to calculate the work done by this force by moving a particle along a smooth curve $ C $. We divide $ C $ in underwater with length $ Delta s_i $. … Yes $ Delta s_i $ is small, so the particle is moving roughly in the direction of $ vec {T} (t_i) $, the tangent vector [at that point]. So the work done by force $ vec {F} $ by moving the particle[through[across[├átravers[across$ Delta s $]is about $ vec {F} (x_i, y_i, z_i) cdot [Delta s_i vec{T}(t_i)]$.

Finally, he explains the integral to be $ W = int_C vec {F} cdot vec {T} ds $.

I guess that makes sense, but why is not the formula simply $ W = int_C vec {F} (x, y, z) ds $? Why is the tangent required if $ ds $ is infinitely small? Is it better to consider the tangent as the distance $ W = vec {F} cdot vec {D} $? and if so, what does it mean? $ ds $?

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