Driver with switching problems with redirects between a reader and Google [on hold]

What is the IRQL driver code less than or equal in the Windows 10 program and is there a wizard program to run new software for the program set up and running?

Problems Identifying the AppStore / Apple

I'm trying to buy an app with my Apple credit and its saying to check my Apple ID (shown below). When I do it, it sends me to a site unrelated to the AppStore, what should I do?

convex optimization – proof of the min max theorem, equivalence of duality problems, how to do it?

I'm trying to prove the min-max theorem. In this one, I have to prove the following equivalence of the linear program (one is the duplicate of the other):

$$ max {x_0 mid textbf {1} x_0 – A ^ T x leq 0, sum x_i = 1, x
> geq 0 }. $$
$$ fs $$

$$ min {y_0 mid textbf {1} y_0 – A y geq 0, sum y_i = 1, y geq
> 0 }. $$

How to do ?

Foreign Qualification Center can help students solve problems

Many people, even international students, do not know what problems the degrees earned abroad can help students solve. Here and everyone popular.

1. Assist international students to process academic transcripts abroad
If the transcript is lost, you must contact the school to obtain a new publication. For foreign academic qualifications, you must have a formal and complete transcript. If you do not have a complete transcript, you will not be able to complete the certification.

2, to help international students complete the degree If the certificate obtained is lost, to the contact school to re-issue, or to issue a certificate to study and obtain a degree in the school, if you can not to issue it, it is more difficult to apply for foreign degrees.

3. Assistance to foreign students for the reissue of their passport In case of loss of the passport, the applicant must provide: the autographed passport of the applicant can not be submitted during the period of study abroad. Reminder: there is a certain time limit for passports of foreign students studying abroad.According to the regulations in force relating to the certification of keeping in service, the replacement of passports must be dealt with in the. year following graduation and will not be reissued after the deadline.
Again, we must remind all international students that we must keep all documents during the study period, as they may be related to your university degrees after your return to China. …

Foreign Qualification Center can help students solve problems


lo.logic – Does this pure class theory about the ordinals and their relations raise problems with respect to its arithmetic validity?

The following theory is a class theory, where all classes are either classes of ordinals, or relations between classes of ordinals, that is, classes of ordered pairs of Kuratowski. However, the size of his universe is poorly inaccessible. Ordinals are defined as von Neumann ordinals. The theory is formalized in a logic of first order with equality and belonging.

extensionality: $ forall z (z in x leftrightarrow z in y) to x = y $

Comprehension: if $ phi $ is a formula in which the symbol $ “ x "$ is not free, so all closures of: $$ exists x forall y (y in x leftrightarrow exists z (y in z) land phi) $$; are axioms.

Ordinal matching: $ forall text {ordinals} alpha beta exists x ( { alpha, beta } in x) $

To define: $ langle alpha beta rangle = { { alpha }, { alpha, beta } $

Ordinal addition:: $ forall text {ordinal} alpha exists x ( alpha cup { alpha } in x) $

Reports: $ forall text {ordinals} alpha beta exists x ( langle alpha, beta row in x) $

elements: $ exists y (x in y) to ordinal (x) lor exists text {ordinals} alpha beta (x = langle alpha, beta row) $

Cut: $ ORD text {is weakly inaccessible} $

Or $ ORD $ is the class of all element ordinals.

/ Definition of the completed theory.

Now, this theory can clearly define various arithmetic operations extended on elemental ordinals. This also proves transfinite induction on elemental elements. In a sense, this can be considered as an arithmetic extensible to the infinite world. Of course $ PA $ is interpretable in the finite segment of this theory.

In that response, Nik Weaver in his response raised the concern of ZFC as being arithmetically unfounded.

My question is this: assuming this theory to be consistent, is the problem of its arithmetic calculation identical to that of ZFC?

The reason for this question is that it seems to me that the above theory is only a naive extension of numbers to the infinite world, it has no power axiom nor equivalent. We can say that this theory is in a way purely mathematical in the sense that it only concerns numbers and their relations. Would this raise the same kind of suspicion about the non-arithmetic calculated with ZFC.

My reasoning on this point is that, in general, when one raises the concern about the arithmetical inadequacy of a theory, especially if this theory is welcomed by mathematicians working in set theory and the foundations, there must be a technical or intuitive argument behind this suspicion, otherwise this suspicion would be unfounded. Suspicion should not depend solely on the strength of the theory in question. Otherwise, we would define no stronger theory than $ PA $ based on such concerns.

According to Nik Weaver's answer, it seems to me that his concern is based on the fact that ZFC does not intuitively capture a clear concept. However, this theory is based on an intuitive concept generally similar to that which defines the arithmetic of finite sets. He extends it intuitively very clearly, the higher ordinals are defined precedents successively, and it does not generally seem to be so different from the intuitive foundations of arithmetic in the finite world. The question is therefore whether this theory is still the prey of the arguments on which the concerns about the arithmetical non-compliance of ZFC are based.

Connection problems

I do not remember my password and when I tried to use my email or phone, I did not receive anything. No code. Nothing at all. How can I get the code to reset my password. Keep telling me to log in but nothing shows up.

Problems with Hostinger | Promotion Forum

Note: This observation is what it seems to be. However, I do not try to slander Hostinger directly. I might have forgotten things.

The accommodation is very affordable. Nevertheless, some important things happen. On the one hand, the auto installer (it's a non cPanel file manager.) Does not delete any / none of the files when you uninstall any software; In addition, the file manager is tricky, because when you extract a zip file, it gives you a new folder, but the target folder is still under this one! O.K., finally, the auto installer does not seem to delete the database during an uninstall. This must be done by hand just like you have to delete the old files by hand.

Whatever it is, knowing these tips can save you a lot on accommodation. However, they must be learned the hard way (unless you read this) – and they could so disturb people – that they would choose another accommodation.

BTW: Hostinger is the paid update to 000webhost (free hosting), so the file manager is probably the same.

javascript – Problems when assigning value to the text box after an AJAX call

I have a view where several products are ready. Through an AJAX call and the OnChange event, I consult the value of this product to display it in a text box.

The value of the product I save it without problem, my problem is at the time of the attribution because it attributes the same price to all the products. I know it's because they share the same kind of CSS.

How can I capture the position of the Select I work with so that it is not affected to all products?

List of products

This is my JS method

function setProduct (id) {
$ .ajax ({
type: "GET",
url: "http: // localhost: 3000 / products /" + id,
dataType: "json",
success: function (answer) {
product = document.getElementsByClassName (& # 39; product & # 39;);
inputPrice = document.getElementsByClassName (& # 39; price & # 39;);
for (let i = 0; i <producto.length; i ++) {
$ (inputPrice[i]) .val (answer.pro_costo);
//document.getElementsByClassName (& # 39; price & # 39;). value = answer.pro_costs;
console.log (answer.pro_costo);



javascript – I have problems with scrolling in JQuery

Hello, I use the scroll function present in the document JQuery, everything goes well, at least as long as I'm in the component with the href to scroll, but when I leave this component, the following error is displayed each time. a parchment: ERROR TypeError: Unable to read property & top; d & # 39; undefined

Navbar component

NavbarComponent export class implements OnInit {

// navigation bar
opacityNavbar: number = 0;

constructor () {}

ngOnInit () {
this.animateScrolling ();
this.activeOpacityNavbar ();
this.activeNavbar ();

onNavbar () {
$ (& # 39; navbar-collapse & # 39;). collapse (& # 39; toggle & # 39;)

animateScrolling () {
$ ("a"). one ('click', function () {
leave select = $ (this) .attr ("href");
letAux = $ (select) .offset (). top;
leave position: number;
if (select == "#home") {
position = 0;
} else if (select == "#about") {
position = positionAux - 73;
} else if (select == "#services") {
position = positionAux + 127;
} else if (select == "#contact") {
position = positionAux - 43;
$ ("html, body"). animate ({scrollTop: position}, 600)

activeNavbar () {
$ (document) .scroll (function () {
var opacityNavbar = $ (this) .scrollTop ();
if (opacityNavbar> = ($ ("# home")) offset (). top) && opacityNavbar < ($("#about").offset().top) - 73) {
      } else if (opacityNavbar >= ($ ("# about") offset (). top - 80 && opacityNavbar < ($("#services").offset().top) + 127) {
      } else if (opacityNavbar > ($ ("# services") offset (). top) + 126 && opacityNavbar < ($("#contact").offset().top) - 44) {
      } else if (opacityNavbar >= ($ ("# contact") offset () up) - 43)
$ (".home-nav"). removeClass ("active");
$ ("about-nav"). removeClass ("active");
$ (".services-nav"). removeClass ("active");
$ ("contact-nav"). addClass ("active");

activeOpacityNavbar () {
$ (document) .scroll (function () {
var opacityNavbar = $ (this) .scrollTop ();
if (opacityNavbar> ($ ("# about") offset (). top) - 40) {
$ (". navbar"). addClass ("opacity-navbar");
} else {
$ (". navbar"). removeClass ("opacity-navbar");

Component Sections for Scrolling

Component that is not part of the sections and where I get the error


Routes (app-routing.module.ts)

const roads: Roads = [
    path: '',
    component: MainComponent
  }, {
    path: 'login',
    component: LoginComponent
  }, {
    path: 'access-denied',
    component: GuardsErrorComponent
  }, {
    path: 'admin',
    component: AdminMainComponent,
    canActivate: [GuardsService],
the children: [
      { path: '', redirectTo: 'home', pathMatch: 'full' }, {
        path: 'home',
        component: AdminHomeComponent,
        canActivate: [GuardsService]
      }, {
way: & # 39;
component: AdminAboutComponent,
canActivate: [GuardsService]
      }, {
path: "posts",
component: AdminProjectsComponent,
canActivate: [GuardsService]
{path: "home", redirectTo: "pathMatch:" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;,
{path: & # 39 ;, redirectTo: & # 39; & # 39;; pathMatch: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;}
{path: 'services', redirectTo:', pathMatch: 'full',
{path: 'contact', redirectTo: ', pathMatch:' full ',
{path: "###, component: NotFoundComponent},

@NgModule ({
imports: [RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { useHash: true })],
exports: [RouterModule]

AppRoutingModule {} export class

Urgent British Visa with small problems

I am a PhD student. I will attend a conference at the University of Warwick, UK.

The conference will begin July 22, I have just returned all the documents to the British Council. As you see, I need to get my visa as soon as possible. I have two main problems:

  • First, I do not know what I need to do to get the visa quickly,
  • Secondly, I have made mistakes that I explain below.

I took a letter of invitation from the organizer mentioning the cover of my accommodation, a letter from my university mentioning the cover of my trip, a statement from my account. In addition, I took a letter that showed that I was a PhD student, but it was not A4, so the secretary did not accept it. Although I made a copy of my study, then I gave it (after she gave me a checklist) and she accepted it. She has given me a checklist that relies on evidence of employment and evidence of studies. However, the letter of support from the university mentioned that I am a PhD student.

Does anyone know how lucky I am to get a visa?

Unfortunately, I did not notice that I had to apply on, not visa4uk. I asked the lady who was the secretary there, she told me, it was better to apply not visa4uk.

My question: Is this a big problem with Visa4Uk? [here] (Visa4Uk or AccessUk) said, I had to apply for Do you have an idea of ​​what I can do now?

I have to get a visa, otherwise I lose 177 euros.