3D Object Unity VS ProBuilder Object – Physics

I recently started in Unity and developed a game with a colleague. Long story, I was thinking about using Blender for 3D models, but I discovered ProBuilder and I tried it. Here is my problem / question …

Take this code for the test:

    Rigidbody public rigiBody;

float public float;

// Start is called before the first update of the frame
empty Wake up ()
rigiBody = GetComponent();

// The update is called once per image
void Update ()
if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Jump"))
rigiBody.AddForce (Vector3.up * jumpForce, ForceMode.Force);

When I create a 3D object in Unity (right click on the panel of the hierarchy -> 3d object -> sphere, scale[x:1,y:1,z:1]) and add a rigid body component and the script above the sphere jump feel about right.

When using a ProBuilder object (New tool Shape -> Cone [Radius: .5, Height: 2, Number of Sides: 32] -> Build Cone) and add a rigid body component and the script above the cone drops quickly and the applied jump force has almost no impact. The rigid body parameters are the default settings for both objects. Do I need to add something to a ProBuilder object for it to behave like Unity 3D objects?

Thank you in advance.