Heart Failure Process and Notes After Cardiac Surgery – Everything Else

With regard to surgical services, especially lip surgery, we absolutely can not help but mention the VietCharm beauty salon – the main address in the field of plastic surgery. Let's discover the process Cut the lips of the heart and notes after heart surgery

1. The process of cutting the lips of the heart is standard

Step 1: Visit and directly consult the team of specialists. Since then, the direction of change is appropriate.
Step 2: Overall health check, ensuring the safety of the implementer.

Is in a database

Step 3: Sterilize and measure the lip area
Step 4: Anesthetize the lip area and proceed Surgery of the lips of the heart
The doctor will intervene on both sides of the lips, removing a part of the mucous membrane to form the lips of the heart, thinning the thick lips to make them more fragile.
Step 5: Relax for a few days
Step 6: Re-examination after cutting the lips


2. Note after the operation to cut the heart

To quickly ensure an effective and neat aesthetic, you can apply the following methods. Cut the lips of the heart Take care of the following:
+ Apply ice patches around the lips to quickly reduce swelling. Be careful not to let water heal open wounds.
+ Day 3 after aesthetic should use hot bags to apply the lipstick, constantly maintain 10 times / day
+ Must refrain from easily feeding the inflammation (beef, sticky rice, spinach)
+ Use antibiotics and pain relievers as directed by doctors
+ Re-examination on time

I wish you success!

process scheduling – Segmentation with pagination

A virtual memory system uses both paging and segmentation. Process virtual addresses consist of a total of 32 bits. The page size is 1024 (210) bytes. A page table can occupy at most one frame and its size is 4 bytes. A single process can have up to 64 (26) segments.
How many levels of page tables are required for translating virtual addresses into this system?

Two levels are required because there are 216 pages per segment and the 28-page table entries can fit into a single page table.

Could you please explain the answer?

Build marketing strategies to strengthen the development process – Other opportunities to earn money

Optimization of the application service is necessary to ensure that the application is easily accessible online, and that customers have access to it and is able to attract as many customers as possible to the store applications.

the ASO optimization is really necessary because it is useful to attract a potential customer directly to the application.

How does the ASO work?

The optimization of the ASO ensures that as soon as the keyword is placed in the search area of ​​the most searched applications, it will be displayed. We see that every time you type the name of the application in the search list box of the reading store, the most searched applications are displayed on the screen, which helps the customer to choose the better among the given applications and to download it.

Once the developers have created the application, it is necessary that the actual marketing of the application starts when one has to set up strategies in order to have a potential customer as well only traffic on the app store. If you are also a developer and are looking for different ways to make sure that the application's marketing strategy is working properly, it is necessary that you expect the optimization.

the Marketing Services for Mobile Apps are readily available to people who provide various strategies to ensure that the application is easily downloaded at any time.

With mobile services, it is easily possible to download applications to the software, either on the Apple software or on the Android software. With the help of online marketing strategies, it will be very easy for people to download the application directly from the game store as soon as the application is available to the help of the keyword.

the ASO optimization helps to find together the different keywords to find the right application to display on the screen.

It is also necessary to take into account all the values ​​required by the customer. Artificial intelligence therefore plays a very important role in finding the right applications by means of various advertisements posted online that control the execution of different applications.

This is one of the perfect ways to get traffic to the app store as well as conquer potential customers to increase the market value advertising of the latest app, also known as the pre-market strategy. -launch.

Windows C ++ – Start the process through the service as a administrator of a user without administrator privileges

We have set up a Windows service running as a user SYSTEM and has administrator rights. If our client is run by a user with administrator rights, he can start the processes through the service as an administrator without problems. The service borrows the identity of the user and starts the process with administrator rights.

But now we must do the same for a user without administrator privileges.
I did not find any documentation.

Does anyone know if this is possible and where to find documentation?

UK visa download process: I forgot to download a letter of assistance

I forgot to download the main document of my UK visa application (letter of assistance) and I submitted all the downloaded documents via the TLS service. Is there a way to add the document (for example, pay on the spot in the claims center or cancel the application and start again), otherwise I can not get the visa?

martingales – Exponential of the sum of a stochastic process

Consider the following exercise, from Lawden Stochastic calculation:

Let $ X_1, X_2, dots $ to be independent random variables and identically distributed with
P {X_j = 1 } = q, qquad
P {X_j = -1 } = 1 – q.

Let $ S_0 = $ 0 and for $ n ge $ 1, $ S_n = X_1 + X_2 + cdots + X_n $. Let $ Y_n = e ^ {S_n} $.

  1. For what value of $ q $ is $ Y_n $ a martingale?
  2. For the other parts of this exercise, let's assume $ q $ takes the value of
    Part 1. Explain why $ Y_n $ satisfies the conditions of the martingale convergence theorem.
  3. Let $ Y_ infty = lim_ {n to infty} Y_n $. Explain why $ Y_ infty = 0 $. (Hint: there are at least two
    ways to show that. We are to consider $ log Y_n $ and use the law of the great
    Numbers. Another is to note that with a probability a $ Y_ {n + 1} / Y_n $ Is
    not converge.)
  4. Use the optional sampling theorem to determine the probability that
    $ Y_n $ never reaches a value greater than 100.
  5. Is there a $ C < infty $ such as $ E[Y_n^2 ] C $ for everyone $ n $?

For the first question, we have to check that $ E (Y_ {n + 1} | mathcal {F} _n) = E (Y_n | mathcal {F} _n) $, or $ mathcal {F} _n $ is the filtration generated by $ X_1, dots, X_n $.
begin {align}
E (Y_ {n + 1} | mathcal {F} _n) & = E (Y_n e ^ {X_ {n + 1}} | mathcal {F} _n) = Y_n E (e ^ {X_ {n + 1}} | mathcal {F} _n) \
& = Y_n left (qe + (1-q) e ^ {- 1} right).
end {align}

Therefore $ Y_n $ is a martingale so summer
qe + (1-q) e ^ {- 1} = 1,

which gives
q = frac {1-e ^ {- 1}} {e – e ^ {- 1}}.

For Part 2, we need to verify that $ E (| Y_n |) <C $ for everyone $ n $. I guess it comes from the law of the subconscious statistician:
E (| e ^ {S_n} |) = E (e ^ {S_n}) = e ^ {E (S_n)}.

E (S_n) = n (2q-1),

who is not independent on $ n $, since $ 2q-1 $ is not zero.

For Part 3, let's consider $ log Y_n = S_n $and the density function of $ S_n $ can be found for example by the moment generating function of $ X_i $:
M_ {S_n} (t) = M_ {X_i} (t) ^ n = left (qt + (1-q) t ^ {- 1} right) ^ n

and I guess the limit $ Y_ infty to0 $ can be justified by noting that $ M_ {S_n} (t) to0 $ as $ n to infty $. Indeed, with the binomial formula:
M_ {S_n} (t) = sum_ {k = 0} ^ n {n choose k} q ^ kt ^ k (1-q) ^ {n-k} t ^ {k-n}

it's pretty obvious like $ q ^ k (1-q) ^ {n-k} $ tend to zero and $ t $ is in a neighborhood of 1.

For point 4, I think it might be easier to change the question to the equivalent: what is the probability that $ S_n $ never reaches the value $ ceil { log100} = $ 5?

By the optional sampling theorem:
begin {align}
E (S_n) & = E (S_0) = 2q-1 \
& = 5 P {S_n = 5 } – a P {S_n = -a } = 5 P {S_n = 5 } – a (1-P {S_n = 5 }).
end {align}

This gives:
P {S_n = 5 } = frac {2q-1 + a} {5 + a},

so the probability that $ S_n $ never reached 5 (and that $ Y_n $ never reaches 100) is:
lim_ {a to infty} frac {2q-1 + a} {5 + a} = 1,

therefore, sooner or later, the stochastic process will reach the value 100.

With regard to point 5, by repeating a reasoning inspired by point 2, I would say that such a constant does not exist, but I am not sure.

Any help on this problem would be much appreciated (especially if there are faster and more normal ways to do it).

design process – How does a UX designer work in a data science project?

I am a UX designer in a research team on AI in the banking system. We run half of the projects focused on data science and half of the research on AI.

Most of our projects are based on credit or customer score forecasting, financial distress forecasting, etc. Rather, they are projects focused on data science. I am the only UX designer on our team. It is interesting to participate in the data science project and to learn new things. However, I had no experience working with data scientists.

The main difference between a software development project and a data science project is that, for a software development project, we build elements that meet the needs of the user, and there is always a delivery . However, in the data science project, we do not know if it is possible to predict something because scientists have to experiment and try to find the information from the data. Data science solutions do not always come with a delivery.

I found that it is relatively easy to identify the users of a software development project because we have specific requirements to define, while it is difficult to ################################################# 39, identify the users of a data science project, because sometimes people just want to see if it is possible to do something. with data science, the target is so ambiguous.

Most of my work focuses on designing dashboards in analysis tools such as Tableau, as a designer of UI. Sometimes it's also repetitive, I'm tired of these things. I want to do more interesting things, such as researching users, knowing what they think, how they behave and then experimenting.

Here is my dilemma:

I am interested to work in such a data science team, however, I do not know how to work with data scientists and what is my role as a designer in the data science project in addition to one? user interface designer.

Does anyone have this experience and share some of your ideas or ideas with me, please?

Thank you 🙂

HUAWEI P20 LITE -ANE- LX2J. I can not get rid of this installation process

I was trying different shortcuts using the default Launcher while alternating, for easier access to certain channel files.
"Do not forget that my phone has been correctly configured for months and that it works fine"
At the time, the call of the "Store Shortcut Store" app from the Play Store was also open in the background; I did not know which hidden shortcut I had activated .. but I can not get rid of it now. I've cleared the Android package cache, I even let it run for a reasonable amount of time, many times to see what would happen and you'll have guessed it … it just stays there in the notifications.

tl; dr
Basically, I've accessed something I do not know what and I can not get rid of this notification or the windows that follow, I select it. pictures..

Sorry guys, it will not allow me to download screenshots of images, so go ahead, take a look at it.

This happens after you launch the game, but the phone is fully functional and the reboot does anything but make money.

Device Info

sudo – Kill process as root: unauthorized operation

I'm trying to kill a process by a user other than me on macOS High Sierra, but I still get an error even with sudo:

$ sudo kill 108
kill: 108: unauthorized operation

The PID exists:

$ ps ux -p 108
_sentinel 108 3,6 1,5 5364180 245992 ?? Rs 23may19 149: 15.88 / Library / Sentinel / sentinel-agent.bundle / Contents / MacOS / sentinel

How can I diagnose why kill sudo is failing? Is it because of the protection of the integrity of the system? If so, how can I disable the relevant attributes on the process so that kill sudo successful?

I am do not tries to disable SIP globally because the process in question belongs to SentinelOne (do not a pre-installed basic MacOS application).

linux – Can not start the Mongos process: address already in use

I'm working with Debian 4.9.168 and I want to configure the monitoring of mongoDB replication sets via Google Cloud and the best solution is to use bindplane bluemedora (currect me if I'm wrong).

I have therefore deployed my mongo replica and I have to start an instance of mongos. I started it with this command:

sudo mongos - config rs0 / 27019. 27019 --bind_ip

and I get this error:

2019-06-09T14: 18: 07.899 + 0000 I CONTROL  [mongosMain] options: {net: {bindIp: ""}, share: {configDB: "rs0 /: 27019. 27019 "}}

2019-06-09T14: 18: 07.900 + 0000 E SHARDING [mongosMain] Failed to configure the listener: SocketException: address already used.
2019-06-09T14: 18: 07.900 + 0000 I CONTROL [mongosMain] Closing with code: 48

I have therefore checked if there was a process using this address, and there is none:

netstat -tuna | grep 2701
tcp 0 0* LISTEN
tcp 0 0 STABLES

my /etc/mongod.conf file (created automatically via the mongoDB application in the Google cloud – https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/click-to-deploy-images/mongodb):

                # mongod.conf

# for documentation of all options, see:
# http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/configuration-options/

# Where and how to store the data.
storage room:
dbPath: / mnt / mongodb / db
activated: true
# engine:
# mmapv1:
# wiredTiger:

# where to write the log data.
system log:
destination: file
logAppend: true
path: /var/log/mongodb/mongod.log

# Network interfaces
# MongoDB 3.0.x * debian * packages set bind_ip to by default
# Compute Engine public addresses are properly protected by a default firewall
# fix bind_ip to to emulate the behavior prior to 2.6 easing maintenance
port: 27017

#process management:

#authorization: enabled
#keyFile: replace_me


replSetName: rs0


## Options reserved for companies:



I really appreciate any help. Thank you 🙂