Los Angeles – DDoS Protected VPS Hosting – Fast Processors – 4TB Bandwidth – Starting at $ 7.99 / month

Swiftnode.net offers dedicated performance, voice and game servers. All of our support staff has experience in server administration, networking, ddos ​​mitigation. All staff have at least 5 years of experience in a fast paced support environment. We limit hundreds of DDoS attacks to our customers every month, with no downtime. Our network is constantly monitored for anomalies and attacks. We can mitigate volumetric attacks (layer 3/4) as well as application layer attacks. (Layer 7) We maintain a 99.9% monthly availability across all our sites, we have service level agreements that allow for quick hardware replacement, and none of our support staff are outsourced.

Swiftnode LLC is a company registered in the state of South Carolina.

About our services

  • 20 Gbps DDoS mitigation included FREE
  • Native English support staff available July 24, 2007
  • Optimized routing (via Noction or InterNAP FCP)
  • Transparent monitoring of the uptime (provided by the Uptime robot)
  • All servers put into service within 72 hours. (Average deployment time: ~ 12 hours)
  • Public Availability Statistics

Small VPS
CPU vCores: 1
CPU speed: 3.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Burst memory: 768MB
Hard disk: 10 GB SSD
IP block: / 32 (1 usable IP)
Link: 4000 GB / month at 500 Mbps
Price: $ 7.99/month

Average VPS
CPU vCores: 2
CPU speed: 3.5 GHz
Memory: 1.5 GB
Burst memory: 2 GB
Hard disk: 15 GB SSD
IP block: / 32 (1 usable IPs)
Link: 6000 GB / month at 500 Mbps
Price: $ 14.99/month

Large VPS
CPU vCores: 4
CPU speed: 3.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Burst memory: 4.5 GB
Hard disk: 30GB SSD
IP block: / 30 (2 usable IP addresses)
Link: 8000 GB / month at 500 Mbps
Price: $ 29.99/month

VPS storage
CPU vCores: 1
CPU speed: 3.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Burst memory: 768MB
Hard disk: 500GB Hard Disk
IP block: / 32 (1 usable IP)
Link: 5000 GB / month at 500 Mbps
Price: $ 9.99/month

Additional IP addresses available on request, e-mail sales [AT] swiftnode.net for IP.

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Test our network with our mirror: https://lg.swiftnode.net

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directx – How do game developers optimize their games for new processors / architectures?

I've learned that DirectX helps developers program games on various hardware. However, it's the visual / graphic side of things.

How do game developers manage new processors or processor architectures? Is there another API for this? Do they use DirectX for this too? Or do they need to learn the ins and outs of the architecture and the program accordingly?

Thank you.

Earn money with Monese application – Payment Processors

Would like to offer you a simple way to earn extra money just by using your phone. This is only for people who have not used the Monese phone application. So, you need to:

* Be 18 years old or older (you will need to provide documents)

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* Valid documents, such as passport, identity card or driver's license

* A patient for the verification process

* EUR 10 in your bank account (you will get them back)

How it works:

* Download the Monese app on the Google Store or App Store, BUT DO NOT REGISTER WITHOUT CODE, YOU LOSE 5 ADDITIONAL EUROS (Code: DANI269)

* When registering, enter the invitation code: DANI269

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* Then you can offer it to other people and for 1 guest you will receive 10 EUR on your Monese account. You can make money as much as you can.

Short video TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/4TVxIYzZA7k

Do new processors (intel) really have a back door?

such a question noob …

how is? in fact, the "secret services" can still enter?

How can we talk about privacy or security when "strangers" of chips hidden in the processor can enter, regardless of the system (Linux, Windows, Mac) installed on my computer?

Dedicated server with Xeon (R) at 2.60 GHz (64 processors) [4 processors] Memory: 256 GB

Most half-decent suppliers will be able to build a custom system, but they usually require a slightly higher budget, which seems like an opening on you.

Normally, custom servers require a commitment period of 1 to 2 years or an upfront payment to reduce some monthly costs.

I would suggest consulting the offers section and seeing which providers you like to contact on their sites to see who you feel best with.

Another option is to split the system into two systems, whether it's an option or not. Most people do not need a quad server, which makes it harder for them to resell later or if you leave the vendor early.

I hope this will help you, good luck in your search.